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Inorganic compound hydroxide of iron 3 has the chemical formula Fe(OH)2. It belongs to a series of amphoteric compounds of iron, which is dominated by properties characteristic of bases. In appearance the substance is a crystal white color, which at long stay outdoors gradually darken. There are versions of crystals of greenish hue. In the daily life of a substance can be observed by anyone in the form of greenish deposits on the metal surfaces, which indicates the beginning of the rusting process - 3 ferric hydroxide acts as one of the intermediate stages of this process.

The nature of the connection are in the form of makinita. This crystalline mineral besides iron, it contains impurities of magnesium and manganese, all these substances give makinita different shades-from yellow-green to pale green, depending on the percentage content of a particular element. Mineral hardness is 3.5-4 units on the Mohs scale and a density equal to about 3 g/cm³.

The physical properties of the substance should also be attributed to its extremely poor solubility. In the case where the 3 iron hydroxide is heated, it decomposes.

This ingredient is very active and interacts with many other substances and compounds. For example, having the properties of the base, it enters into the reaction of neutralization with various acids. In particular, sulphuric acid, iron hydroxide 3 during the reaction lead to iron sulfate (III). Since this reaction can occur by a simple calcination in the open air, a low-cost method of production of sulfate is used both in laboratory and industrial conditions.


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In the course of the reaction with hydrochloric acid and the result is the formation of iron (II) chloride.

In some cases, the hydroxide of iron 3 can show acidic properties. For example, when interacting with highly concentrated (concentration should be at least 50%) sodium hydroxide solution is obtained tetrahydrobiopterin (II) sodium falling in the form of sediment. However, for this reaction it is necessary to provide rather complicated conditions: the reaction must occur in the context of the boiling point of the solution in a nitrogen atmospheric environment.

As already mentioned, when heated the product decomposes. The result of this decomposition is the oxide of iron (II) and, in addition, as impurities obtained metallic iron and its derivatives: digesta oxide (III), chemical formula is Fe3O4.

How to produce iron hydroxide 3, the receipt of which is associated with its ability to react with acids? Before you begin the experiment, be sure to remind about safety rules when conducting such experiments. These rules apply to all cases, treatment of the acid-alkaline solutions. The main thing here – to ensure protection and avoid contact with droplets of solutions onto the mucous membranes and skin.

So, to hydroxide during the reaction, which interact with the iron (III) chloride and KOH-potassium hydroxide. This method is the most common to the formation of insoluble bases. In the interaction of these substances proceeds in a conventional exchange reaction, that results in a precipitate of brown color. This precipitate is the desired substance.

The Use of iron hydroxide in industrial production widely. The most common is its use as active substances in batteries Nickel-iron type. In addition, the compound is used in metallurgy for the production of various ferro alloys and in electroplating production, anomaliesare.

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