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For centuries, the astronomy of interest to many people. Young children often notice the dark skies in contrast to adults who have little interest in space. If children see in the night, very many stars will be to peer at the moon, then be sure to ask questions. Not every parent knows the answers to all the questions. Astronomy for a child is a very exciting subject. Here parents will be able to break away from everyday problems and plunge into the study of nature, to remember his childhood. Below is a lot of fun options to study astronomy.

Involved the night of the stars


Even 20-30 years ago, parents put the children to bed at 8 or 9 PM. In our days it has remained a saying "that's Amateur hour". Especially in summer, when the sun sets quite late, almost unable to wait until midnight to enjoy the stars. Best the child to learn starry sky in summer, when warm. So the family circle will appear entertaining astronomy for children of preschool age. The ideal option would be the month of August, because it gets dark early and very cold did not come. Besides, it was at this time the chances to see meteor showers.

It is Desirable to monitor the weather forecast to plan a camping trip. In big cities and illuminated the settlements makes no sense to watch the stars. If there is a house in the village or dacha, it is better to go for one cloudless night. Astronomy for the child Should be interesting. In the open field you can see a lot. Watching from the attic of the house is also convenient if you do not interfere with the trees and the burning lamp. Can the child say: "Look, what a beauty! What are the stars bright! To our right the Moon is a satellite of our planet Earth". A child may ask a lot of questions.


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What is the Moon and why it is so different

If you regularly within a month or two to observe the Moon, the child will notice that it is lit differently. He can ask the relevant question. To answer it better with the means at hand. A parent puts on the table a lighted candle, takes in her hand an orange and asks the child to look at the fruit, standing or sitting opposite. So he sees the full moon. To show your child the phases of the moon, it is better to ask him to get up from the table and look at the orange on the sides. You need to ask him if he sees the shadow on the orange. If so, we can safely talk about the lunar phases. In conclusion, it is sufficient to explain to the child that he was looking at an orange and a candle as well as "sees" this Land is our planet.

fun with astronomy for kids

Live on a round planet

Well, if the house is the globe. If not, then you can draw yourself. It is even more exciting. Homemade educational items about the planets is a very interesting and developing astronomy to children. Solar system Is studied in the manner of the game. For starters, parents need to demonstrate to Land. You can take an old ball and paint it with acrylic paints. Let the child color the ball blue. When the paint is dry, adult paint white paint caps of the poles. The child will observe and listen at the same time. Well, if the parents remember a little geography and be able to depict the continents with green paint. When the globe is ready, it can be a child again to tell you about the continents and show where you live. This is something to note or stick a small object. Astronomy for the child Began with the study of the starry sky and continues with the study of the planets. If you start with the study of the Earth, it will look incorrect. The child simply will not understand what he was saying. He has to show interest.

kids astronomy solar system

Books to help the curious

When the kid will understand how to look like the earth, the Moon and the Sun, then you can introduce him to other planets. It's hard to explain to a child the size of all the planets relative to each other. At the same time, it should tell you how the Sun is a huge star. The demonstration will not only help the ball with the orange but also various other circular objects. It is better to lay them on the floor or table. Poor parents may be confused, because astronomy does not know everything. We want decent knowledge, and see if they can help it in life. Save the position of the great illustrated encyclopedia. Astronomy for kids Should be taught in book format and not through a laptop screen. Children need to learn to love books.

Other worlds

When the encyclopedia is open to the desired page, it is better to offer your child to help to pick up round objects. Together you can build entire Solar system in one table. For example, as the Sun may be large orange or yellow ball. The small and distant planet Eridu (data on extreme celestial bodies constantly differ) is to demonstrate the pea. Entertaining astronomy for kids continues the fact that the Sun is very hot, it is impossible to get. The planet mercury is uninhabitable for the same reason. It's really hot. Only to man on Earth to live well, because the heat. Following the Earth are cold. The farther away, the colder. Breathe on other planets is nothing, there's no oxygen. If you have the opportunity and desire, and especially a child's interest, you can complement story, telling about the satellites of all the planets. Rings of Saturn can be built out of a hat. Enough to put the planet on her bottom.

encyclopedia astronomy for kids

And in outer space

Children can ask if there was anyone in space? You need to tell them first about the first dogs-traveler Belka and Strelka, who successfully flew into space and returned to Earth. It is desirable to find pictures in the encyclopedia or other sources to children to know what they looked like.astronomy for clever kids

After a time, flew into space the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It is useful to show a picture of it. Children should know these things. When they grow up, will be able to distinguish between months and years, it will be easier to learn the dates, specific events. Definitely need to talk about Sergei Korolev as the Creator of the world's first missile, which was taken into space and safely brought Yuri back to Earth.


Any child would want to see the moon and the Sun closer. It's one thing to see pictures and another to see yourself, no frills. Other planets can also be of interest to young people. You need to tell him what a telescope. If it's gone, no family, no friends or acquaintances, you first show in the encyclopedia. The child is still too early to tell the differences between refractor and reflector telescopes, astronomy is clever for older children. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict what telescopes are all different, not everyone can see the world. There are special binoculars for observing the stars. If you were able to find a telescope, then an adult needs to set it up so that the child under different angles could see a celestial body. For example, the moon or the Sun won't have long to look in the eyepiece, they are large. First, it is helpful to examine whether there is Sun spots if you can see the craters on the moon, and then show the kids and explain.

astronomy for kids stars

Camping in the planetarium

Should Not restrict itself to home experimentation. Children, it is helpful to bring in a planetarium to learn about the Universe the more. If the city has an Observatory open to visitors, it is useful to go there. Children should be led in public places in conscious age when they are already aware and interested. It makes no sense to drag them in the hope that they will attract all curious adults. Not everyone has the chance to visit Star city, where they teach future astronauts. But if it appears, then you should definitely use it. Astronomy for the child is the same science as everyone else in terms of perception, therefore, need to be able to explain simple things, or he lost interest. Children's programs are usually planetariums and museums.

The Study of the constellations

After the self-study of planets and stars, trips to interesting places, it is possible to return to the country. For example, in August was made the first study of the sky and space, in the cold season went into the Observatory and planetarium, and in the spring you can re-examine with the naked eye the abyss. Only a good idea to arm yourself with sky map. The child together with the parents will look for the right constellations to learn to locate them. It is advisable to purchase colorful star map or download to your smartphone. Fortunately now there is a app called "Astronomy for children”. The constellation is shown there not just because they are superimposed on the translucent these images. The child will be interesting.

astronomy for kids constellations

About asteroids, comets, and galaxies

Perhaps children of preschool age will be harder to explain what are comets, galaxies and asteroids. Much better to show them just pictures from the encyclopedia "Astronomy for children". Stars and Galax...

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