Look into the future: what will happen in the year 3000, what will be the people?


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What will happen in the year 3000? Many would like to know for sure. With certainty is that we can only say that it will not be a leap year, which, according to the Gregorian calendar, will begin and end on Wednesday. And he will be the last in the XXX century and 3rd Millennium. But this, of course, not everything that is known about the distant future.

what will happen in the year 3000


If we talk about what will happen in the year 3000, it is worth noting that it will have the holding CCLXXVII (277-x) the summer Olympic games. and CCLXI (261's) Paralympic. A place where they will be held, will determine for 7 years before that, in 2993-m. This will occur within 1105-th session of the International Olympic Committee.

These Two events are not the only one in the field of sports. Also in the new year 3000 to be held 261-th championship of Europe on football. And 1064-th world championship on hockey.

Rich year will be in the political sphere. 3000-m will pass elections of the presidents of such countries as the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Burundi, Bangladesh, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, etc.

In addition, the expected two solar eclipses. They say they can be observed either on the Northern or on the southern hemisphere. The probability is 50%.

More precisely this year Gamma cephei because of the precession will be the polar star that will stay approximately up to 5200. By the way, the 3,000-m difference between the solar and Gregorian calendars will be equal to 1 day.

forward to the future


Looking ahead to the future, it should also be noted that at 3000-m should be the next end of the world. 729, to be exact. In accordance with the most common point of view, it is timed to the beginning of the new Millennium. But people who think with one, not zero, not counting on the end of the world. Since for them the Millennium starts next year after the 3000-th.


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The forecast was made and David Cameron, British politician. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said that this year the European Union “augmented” Turkey.

There are more unusual for us forecasts. Theorist Oliver Curry, part of the Darwin group, London school of Economics, argued that in the 3000-meters on the Earth will live not people, and cyborgs with a height of under two meters. And the term of their existence will average 120-150 years.

new year 3000


Talking about what will happen in the year 3000, it is also interesting to note that there occur events of the novel called “The battlefield — earth: a Saga of the year 3000" of the written science fiction of the mid-twentieth century Ronald Hubbard.

Even this far from the present time period dedicated to a song by the Jonas Brothers. It's called Year 3000.

Also known satirical animated series “Futurama” starts with a meeting of 3000 years. And in the novel by American science fiction writer Harry Harrison titled “the Road to the year 3000" describes the achievements of the people managed to achieve in the 3rd Millennium.

The tomorrow People

Perhaps the most interesting is the humanity 3000 years. What will happen at that time with people? What they will become? The forecasts are very different. They say people so will improve the technology that they will be able to use them to manage their own development. Genetic selection and bionic organs will enable potential parents to choose the characteristics of their child before birth. Which is good, because in this way you will be able to eradicate undesirable traits and defects.

And, most likely, pure race will cease to exist. Nowadays there is a strong national mix. What will happen in the year 3000? Most likely, a clean nation and race will cease to exist, and the visual differences between people are almost invisible.

people of the year 3000

Physiological changes

They are worth tell finally, looking ahead to the future. So, here are the changes, according to scientists, will happen to people to year 3000:

  • Head Size will probably change. More common version is that it will be less.
  • Most Likely, the pinky toe will disappear. From the evolution of fingers used for grasping. Then they began to decline as people began less to climb. The thumb holds the balance, but the little finger has no purpose. Here and version.
  • Memory will deteriorate. It has been observed. The Internet and technology has greatly facilitated our lives, and remembering large amounts of information ceased to be necessary. Perhaps the brain's ability to keep data completely atrophied to the next Millennium.
  • Wisdom Teeth will disappear. Even now in approximately 1/3 of the population they are not from birth. And they say that the teeth of the people of the year 3000 will be less. Indeed, over the past 100 000 years and so they decreased in two times.
  • Hair also can disappear. They initially performed a warming function. But it is outdated because in the modern world there are warm clothes and heaters.
  • People will be high. Over the past two centuries the average people "added" 10 inches in height. It is believed that this is due to the abundance of food available to us. More and more abundant than eat children – the more they have energy for growth.
  • Possible muscle atrophy. The need to develop strength disappears – a laborious task able to perform the technique. And muscle mass will be lost if people will continue to explore space. Even the modern astronauts spending a long time outside of the Earth, come back here, 40% lost of the capacity for physical work.
  • Will Worsen the immune system. People will become more dependent on medical technology and is susceptible to microorganisms of pathogenic character.
  • Pure race will cease to exist. Nowadays there is a strong national mix. What will happen in the year 3000? Most likely, a clean nation and race will cease to exist, and the visual differences between people are almost invisible.


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