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It is Known that most comfortable to play sports in the special underwear. Therefore, designers have developed models in which girls will feel comfortable and free during the fitness.

sports bra

A Sports bra is ideal not only women who are engaged in active physical exercise, but also girls with smaller Breasts as an option for everyday wear.

Underwear for sports should be chosen based on the characteristics of your body. There are several types which might be either a sports bra. There are the following degree training:

  • Super soft suitable for yoga and walking;
  • Reasonable – dance;
  • Intensive – to fight and horse riding.

There are two ways of fixing of chest compression or support. Models of the first category is made from a very dense and elastic tissue. In them there is no distinction between calyx. Bras of this type are ideal for sports activities with low intensity.bras for kids

Sports bra with support is divided into cups, which gives extra comfort and convenience during intense exercise. This model is ideal for girls with curvaceous.

Choosing a sports bra, you should always pay attention to the straps. They should be fairly wide, at least 3 cm, otherwise the straps will dig into the skin, creating discomfort. Regulatory clasp is very convenient, but they can RUB the skin, which is highly undesirable. The fabric should have good stretch and have a special mesh, which creates additional ventilation. Now more and more in stores you can see a sports bra with T back. These seamless patterns are very convenient, and it is preferable to make the choice in their favor for a number of reasons. The main ones are:


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  • The bra has no items that could RUB the skin;
  • The lack of straps does not require their adjustment;
  • Linen fits any size chest.bras size 0

Even if you buy bras 0 size seedless (for everyday wear), we should not forget about these rules. Any thing woman's wardrobe needs to be fitting, and bra – not the exception. Carefully check that when various movements he was sitting on you, conveniently, did not create any discomfort. This deeply breathe in deeply, squared his shoulders, then round the back and down. If you purchase a model for Jogging, stand still and jump. The presence of even the slightest discomfort when doing these movements is a reason to abandon the purchase.

By the Way, bras for children, too, should pick up, based on these simple rules. Everything else should add that bodice for girls should be made of natural materials, in any case not to compress the chest. The straps should not pull anywhere.

If after long wear on the body, leave deep marks and dents, this model does not suit you. Remember that the breast is a very vulnerable part of the female body and needs special care. This is why make choices in favour of comfort.

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