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Almost all the ladies tend to pay special attention to their appearance and clothing. As for apparel, whatever style is chosen by the fairer sex, it tends to look fashionable and perfectly, and often feminine.

Dress belongs to the category of the most feminine outfits. Especially if it's a fitted dress. This style makes a more fragile woman with any body type. Most importantly, correctly select and properly combine with other clothes and accessories.

Look at history

Even in ancient times, women's costumes emphasized the waist. This is evident in the Greek dresses. They were created by cleaving two layers of fabric at the shoulders with pins and was tied with a belt at waist level. Thus, the ancient Greeks already wore the dress is fitted.fitted dress

It is Noteworthy that for a long time it was a universal item of clothing: it could be worn by both women and men. Only in the 15th century, the garment passes only in the female wardrobe.

Current trends

Currently fitted dress emphasizes femininity and charm of its owner. This kind of attire can create as strict a way to work and relaxed for a party, celebration or an informal meeting. Fashion is not passed and the everyday stuff: here form-fitting silhouettes.

The Designers produce several options of styles with an emphasis on the waist.

  • Sheath Dress with a fitted silhouette. There can be numerous folds in the waist area that are able successfully to disguise the figure flaws.
  • Style with a slinky top and a fluffy skirt. These dresses for girls young who prefer retro style.
  • Dress with asymmetrical bodice in Empire style. Often such variants have an inflated waistline and beautifully enhance the silhouette.
  • Short summer dress of light material (e.g., silk, cotton, linen, etc.). This is a great option for hot days in the summer season.

Now is also a popular style of dress with a dropped waist. It is suitable for those individuals who are trying to hide the flaws of the physique and want to feel in clothes freely.dresses for girls


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How to choose?

To dress this fitted would look favourably on the figure, you should consider some recommendations. So women with the body type ‘hourglass" you can safely wear this style because it will emphasize a narrow waist and hides large hips.

If the lady's shoulders are narrow and hips wide, more suitable dress with drapery at the top, and small shoulder pads.

Very skinny girls without a pronounced waist, the stylists are advised to choose a dress with a full skirt, as well as models made in the Greek style with a thin belt.

It is Recommended to wear semifitted dresses for girls, whose shape resembles a rectangle (hips and shoulders same width, and almost no waist). Such clothing visually you can change the silhouette more balanced.

slim dress with sleeve

In any case, the choice should pay attention to dress, not only helped to create a beautiful image, but the fit on the figure.

What mix?

If the choice fell on a fitted dress with sleeve, it is possible to pick up a nice belt. Depending on the cut and features of a Constitution of the strap can be of different width. In particular a wide belt of dark colors visually reduce the waist size.

If you selected to dress in business style and is designed to work in the office, then it is ideal thin strap low-key in color tone to the overall picture. Fashion trend are thin belts that you can double wrap around your waist. Knitted outfit combines well with fabric belt or braided.

Long fitted dresses for special occasions also look great with belts. But in this case in addition to belt it is necessary to add to the image of an elegant clutch, fine jewelry and footwear to the heel.

long fitted dresses

It is Worth noting that fashion experts today advise not to stick to the old rule that was necessary to choose the belt, shoes and bag the same color. Now the bag can be a separate outfit from the item, and the belt and shoes can be made in different colour schemes. It is important that all the elements were designed in the same style.

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