What to wear with a white skirt in the summer?


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White color is always associated with tenderness and purity. Hot and Sunny in summer, it looks great, and one of the main advantages is its amazing compatibility with any other color and tint, because white is one of the most versatile colors. White blouses and skirts always look spectacular and attract many glances. Have you decided on a purchase, but do not know what to combine? Don't despair, let's try to first figure out what to wear with white skirt.what to wear with a white skirt

Look to short models

Young girls often choose for hot summer a short skirt, perfectly demonstrating the dignity of the figure the owners of a beautiful floor. And if we wear her light blouse and white high-heeled sandals, admiring glances of passers-by are guaranteed. In these clothes you can safely go to a restaurant or cafe, or even visit his beloved girlfriend. It is difficult to decide what to wear with a white skirt to work? Just pick her milky coat, and you will receive an elegant business suit. Quite trendy right now is the nautical theme. Modern girls wear clothes in this style for the second season in a row and look amazing! What to wear with a white skirt every day? Top with blue stripes and ballet flats. Shoes can stick to a single color so as not to overload the image as a whole. For evening attire, you can replace the top on the red bar and to wear sandals with high wedge heels.

blouse and white skirtPencil Skirt 

This model always looks elegant and yet very sexy. What to wear with a white skirt that is so high? Perfect red blouse. You need to dress for the office? Then throw a light jacket and augment the image with bright red accessories.

Pleats, the pleats...

At the peak of popularity remain the pleated skirts - they create a surprising summer look. Donning a beige, blue or coffee jacket, you can safely go to work. Dress "White skirt + Bright satin top" brilliantly suited for parties.


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Flying models 

White lace skirt enjoyed a great popularity this season. To them, any girl will look sweet and romantic. Advantageous will look bright blouses - they are able to create an elegant image. Air easily looks and long skirt in the summer, but what to wear with white Maxi skirt? Yes, very much! She's quite versatile: you can safely go to work or for a walk with your favorite girlfriends. In the office you can wear a light jacket and a light shirt.what to wear with white skirt Try experimenting with the coffee or beige shades, but this on one condition - skirt needs to be white. Pick accessories that are in harmony with the upper part of your outfit. Sandals you can choose-heel and wedge - it depends on your own preferences. Complete your look with bright accessories and you will look stunning on a hot day.

There are many models of skirts for the hot summer. They can be worn for any occasion, the main thing - correctly to pick up the upper part of the ensemble. And we have learned to do it. You have no white skirts? Then don't think twice, go shopping right now!

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