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Strapless Bra – an indispensable object of every woman's closet. To beautifully emphasize the Breasts under the dress, off-shoulder summer dress or other outfits, the underwear model is simply necessary. Let's talk more about the little women's tricks and definitely on underwear for different situations.

Buy strapless bra

If your wardrobe is t-shirts, tunics, dresses, tunic with thin straps or no underwear under the clothes, you must pick correctly. According to the rules of etiquette, the bra should not be visible. Peeking out from under clothes, the straps of your bra look vulgar and tasteless, even if the linen is the perfect color. So consider to acquire the right model of bra.strapless bra

It can be sold without straps, or straps with simple clasps can be fastened and unfastened.

The Second option is definitely preferable, due to its versatility.

Choose a strapless bra is needed under the same criteria as conventional. First, pay attention to the material.

The Inner part of the underwear should always be made of natural fabrics. The second important point – it's the size. In this case, an error in even a few inches can cost you dearly.

The Bra should ideally sit on his chest, and the volume of the cups and the underbust girth should be suitable for you down to the millimeter.

If you purchased a linen larger, then be prepared to constantly pull up. Also you run the risk of altogether losing so piquant braThere is one caveat: for women with curvaceous strapless bra to choose is almost impossible. In any case, this model of underwear is not able to support the Breasts is larger than the second. transparent braBut let Busty beauties do not despair, because there's always a way. You can buy a corset or bustier (corset cropped). Such models are well suited to Breasts of any size, and is also able to remove a couple of inches off your waist due to its dense structure.


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Open braopen bra

Let's Talk about another interesting model underwear. She's not so popular as the classic versions, but also needs to take its place in women's wardrobe.

Open bra only half, or less, covers the chest. Nipples always remain open. This model is ideal for dresses made of thick fabric with a deep neckline. And, of course, such variant of erotic lingerie will delight your loved one.

This model of bra has its own varieties. For example, the bra no cups. Chest supported solely by straps and bones. Also, the bra can only be half of the cups, which perfectly support it from below. On top of the cups often present a transparent strip of fabric forming the chest triangles. There is also a model for nursing moms - bra with removable cups.

Transparent bra

This is an innovation in the production of linen. Silicone bra has become increasingly popular, and in fact a similar model was previously only available to the stars.

Transparent bra is a only two cups made of gel. No straps and even backless this bra is not. Between the cups, however, there is a transparent clasp.

Silicone bra is attached with the adhesive backing on the inner side of the cups. Thus it can be washed with plain soap and not be afraid to spoil.

This is a great model for open dresses with a deep neckline or a cutout back. However, note that this underwear is suitable only to owners of a small chest.

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