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When a woman wears long earrings, it looks juicy and extravagant. The fashion for these accessories, in all probability, originates in the stone age. What is the secret of popularity of this item? It is difficult to answer simply and clearly, but interesting it is possible to tell much.

Long earrings

  • First, these accessories by themselves draw attention to its owner.
  • Second, if it is a long earring of gold, and they look truly luxurious.
  • Third, they are created by designers using a variety of materials. For example, from Swarovski crystals, metal elements, beads, glass, beads, textiles, ceramics, leather, wood, plastic. Therefore, it is possible to choose the option for any image.
  • Long earrings (jewelry or jewelry works of art) presented in a huge variety. So you can buy them at various prices.

Long earrings fashion jewelryThe Main thing is to choose long earrings because of the variety of the proposed models: the ones that match your appearance and the image you want to create. Talk about this in more detail.

First of all, what is usually called long earrings? Usually, it is those who have a length of greater than four to five centimeters.

Who prefer to wear long earrings? It is usually women who draw attention to themselves. They don't "go back". They are the center of attention. In addition, their movements must be calm, graceful and fluid. For women who have long neck, these earrings are perfect. For those who have short necks, long earrings - not the best choice. They also should not be worn if you have short hair.


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The selection of these earrings is important that you have an oval face. If a person has a triangular shape, you suit long earrings, widening toward the bottom. They harmoniously complement your image. If the shape of your face is oval, you'll like long earrings of any type. The owners of square face type will be beneficial to look elongated and inconspicuous earrings. If you have a round face, you'll look good earrings that taper downward or earrings in the form of chains. It is important to note that this kind of earrings elongate the face, but only if their length is not below the chin.

Long earrings of goldEarrings should also be correctly combined with the size of the ear lobe, eye color and hair color. If you have a very thin earlobe, prolonged wearing of heavy earrings, it can be stretched. At large ears will look good earrings flat shape. If you are a brunette and you have brown eyes, you will look decorate with bright colored stones. Blondes with blue eyes, fit earrings with white stones. Gold long earrings will look great on blondes and brunettes (regardless of eye color).

If you wear eye-catching long earrings, you should not at the same time to wear jewelry on the neck, calling attention to themselves. In a pinch, you can wear a thin chain.

Expensive earrings will look great in the evening light, in the daylight and in the workplace they would significantly lose its charm.

Depending on your choice, long earrings can Express elegance, glamour, mystery, a special grace.

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