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Without such a garment like shorts, can not do any fashionista with an attractive figure. In most cases, preference is given to practical jeans or trousers, elegant skirts and dresses. But autumn and spring are increasingly on the streets there are girls who dared to dress in flashy and cropped leather shorts. The main thing is to combine them with other items of clothing and accessories.leather shorts

A Little history

This garment fashion spread recently. She came to us from abroad, with well-known fashion shows. Improved technologies for processing such an unusual and dense material allowed modern masters to make it not only stylish clothes, but also lingerie and other wardrobe items. Demand superiority relevant but leather clothing requires a specific approach when worn. What should I consider? Now about this talk.

Worth to buy or abstain?

Many people think that leather garments look vulgar and too provocative. So typical of the brutality is considered a clear sign of nonconformists. Some girls, women are afraid to be mistaken with the quality of the leather and to buy something low quality at high cost. But due to the fact that this material undergoes a specific way of dressing, clothing from it is strong and durable.

Leather shorts will be a good winter alternative to denim counterparts, are made to wear in the warmer months. They are an excellent tool for experiments to create new and interesting images. And girls with good shapes experts strongly recommend to try on similar garments. Because when using them you can create completely unexpected and striking ensembles for all occasions.


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what to wear with leather shorts

How to wear and choose?

The Main and fundamental task is to decide what to wear with leather shorts. If we are talking about the cold time of the year, they should pry off thick tights or leggings.

Initially, it is advisable to try on leather shorts in dark colors. If their length is disastrously short, it is better to hook the dark tights. In the case of aesthetically acceptable length would be appropriate and transparent "bezrazmerno”.

Tight-fitting models are designed for owners of perfect body shapes and that full-bodied ladies it is better to use variations on the bigger size. It is worth considering that the products of the described dense material should be very carefully to choose the right, in this situation one quick fitting is not enough. Thing has a nice tight body, not to constrain movement.

What to wear With leather shorts? It's very simple. They go perfectly with loose t-shirts and tight tops, with a rough, one might even say, men's sweaters and shirts, basic jackets, jackets.

Now a few words about shoes. Depending on the generated style and time of year, you can use chunky boots, botfortas, classic leather boots or pumps. Black shorts versatile. They are suitable for casual urban party, a visit to the biker club.

What can be an alternative to shorts?

Look flashy, bright and at the same time extravagant and trendy will help the leather pants for women. A lady will not remain without attention of men. In contrast to the shortened predecessors, this garment is quite complex and very capricious in the selection of the right groups.

Choose the right mix

In the first place when the selection of clothing to combine with shorts, you need to consider. Tones, which are combined, should be in harmony and complement each other.

It is Important to remember that leather garments should not be present in multiple instances in a single image. You can't call everyday option the combination of these pants and leather jackets that will stand out separately, create a very flashy look. However, this combination of clothing is simply indispensable in the creation of Moto style.

leather clothing

It is Worth remembering that in the products of black leather there is a clear aggression. To add to the feminine touches, you should use accessories that literally exude softness. It can be neat and not causing sunglasses, textile gloves, or handbags, scarves or neckerchiefs. Best Supplement for skin will be cashmere, delicate silk, and other soft tissues.

As for clothes, combined with shorts, it may be free styles, with embroidery, drape.

As the leather look defiant, and this should not hide, it is expedient to choose things in which there is no sexual innuendo. It is not recommended to opt for a too-revealing blouses, sheer sweatshirts, tank tops Ala corset, gloves, fishnet.black shorts

That will seamlessly complement leather shorts or pants in the cold period? The gloves of a similar material, is executed in classical style, on which no vulgar spikes, rivets, chains and other elements. To those not include models with crudely trimmedfingers, because there is no way they will fit into stylish urban look.

Natural and artificial leather

It is Known that clothing made of natural material has quite a high cost. It can replace the similar products of faux leather. Many people think that artificially produced material is not as attractive, and it is fundamentally wrong. Leather has high strength characteristics, it does not lose its attractiveness when worn, retains its shape, color and cut.leather pants women

Leather Clothing - a true fashion statement

The Genuine leather products – is the choice of true connoisseurs of fashion trends. They look expressive and bright, advantageous stress generated images and point to the impeccable taste of their owners. And most importantly – they never go out of fashion and not wear out for a long time.

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