Repair gold chains at home and in the salon. Correction of the length of the product


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Gold chain – a classic piece of jewelry that can be as casual accessories, and a catchy thing for evening wear. Sometimes it breaks or it breaks the lock. But that's no reason to spoil your mood: you just need to ask for help to the jeweler who'll fix favorite gold chains

Why damaged chain?

Gold chains are damaged for a number of reasons:

  1. Low-quality alloy, due to which the product is stretched under its own weight.
  2. Wear time: the links are ground and decoration is broken. More often affects links near the castle or in the middle, where hangs a heavy pendant.
  3. Mechanical damage during twisting, cliff.
  4. Thinning of the legs that support the stones, causing them to fall.
  5. Rust in the lock: a spring in the locking mechanism are made not of gold, and therefore subject to corrosion. Therefore, the mechanisms according to the type of carabiner over time, fail. Also in the castle can begin to seize the tab (for long wear without removal).repair of a gold chain address

In any of these cases, the possible repairs. Gold chains, there are many, they differ not only in design and test, but also according to the type of wire and method of weaving. And some chains are damaged more often than others. For example, the product of a hollow tube will break much faster than a similar decoration from a single piece of wire, even if outwardly, they look the same. Important and the type of netting: strong and durable decoration will be made according to the scheme “anchor”, “spike”, “Figaro,”, “rope”. Traditional “herringbone” and "omega" are often twisted, which contributes to wear, and “snake” clings to clothes.

Repair chain in the home

Is it Possible to repair gold chains at home and to take money for it? You can, if you comply with all the laws of the Russian Federation on entrepreneurial activity. But your jewelry repair is possible for all, as it is not forbidden to help friends and acquaintances free of charge. This requires not only skillful hands and sharp eyes, but also a special device such as a miniature vise. The order of operations when repairing gold chains at home is the following:

  1. Determine the nature of the damage. If the lock is broken it to make it fail and it is better to buy ready-made. If the chain is seriously deformed, then home to fix it. Repair at home can be done with a simple damage – a gap or break with the strain at several levels.
  2. Remove the damaged units.
  3. To Prepare jewelry solder: 58 measures of gold, 11 measures of cadmium, 12 silver and measures 19 – copper. For the exact observance of the proportions you should use the Apothecary weights.
  4. Clamp the parts in a vise. If you want to solder one exploding ring, you can miss two neighboring link through the needle (a thin awl or needle).
  5. Preheat the joint with a soldering iron. To apply the solder.
  6. Remove the excess solder. To handle the seam with small needle files to give it a more aesthetic appearance.

In This way connecting large and medium-sized products, smaller require a different technology soldering (soldering with phosphorus). Things of solid wire in home repair is easier than jewelry from a hollow tube. repair of lock on the gold chain


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Repair gold chains from a jeweler

The easiest way to use the services of a jeweler – the repair cost is not as high for minor injuries master repairing the product directly at the customer, and the quality of the work will be much better. Jeweler easily repair a chain of any weave, whether solid or hollow. But there are some pitfalls.

Unfortunately, for every honest master there is one not honest. And, giving the decoration for repair, the customer can deal with the fact that he returned a very different thing. The most common are the following types of fraud:

  • Theft of part of the precious metal – the product of “thinner” repair;
  • Substitution of rocks;
  • Overestimation of the consumption of precious metals (growth, change).

Part of the problem to protect yourself. If the repair gold chains, bracelets or rings is not in your presence, the master must weigh the product before and after works. Make the product only dry – this trick is often used by unscrupulous jewelers who saturate the links with water. When repair need to remove the stones, ask to do it in your presence and take home. Otherwise require careful measurement and description. And, of course, hands must be issued a receipt with a detailed description of all information: weight, quantity and size of stones, of a gold chain Minsk

Trim jewelry

Where to repair a gold chain? Addresses of good jewelers, as a rule, at the hearing at all, so it can be trite to ask acquaintances. But you can use a reference, a recommendation of a jewelry store or find on the ads. Moreover, sometimes it is not so much repair, as the rebirth of the old and boring decoration. Sometimes, in order to jewelry once again became wanted and loved, you only needa little bit to adjust the length – to increase or decrease.

With a reduction in everything is simple – the jeweler simply removes all unnecessary. But with the increase will have to Tinker, because the master will need to carefully select the alloy need a sample and shade. The second service is significantly more expensive – the customer pays not only work, but also the consumption of the precious metal.

Cost of repairs

How much will it cost to repair a gold chain? Minsk or Moscow is not as important as in any region and any country, there are dear masters, and novice jewelers that ask for their services not so much. Do important when determining the cost of the repair will be a combination of different factors: the nature of the damage, the complexity of the weave, size, type of wire (solid or hollow), the need for consumption of precious metals, etc. So depending on the complexity of the work, the wizard may ask 300-600 RUB, repair silver jewelry, usually a little cheaper.

The Repair of the castle on a gold chain will cost about the same amount, sometimes it is more appropriate not to fix the existing mechanism and put new.

Here are a few locations in Minsk, where you will be happy to help to repair the chain or any other jewelry.

  • DA VINCI, Kuibysheva str., 40.
  • "goldsmith", lobanka 105 (building VES).
  • "Yuvelyuks", St. Ulyanovsk, 32.
  • "Gold HERE", Moskovskaya St., 20.
  • KROZA, Komsomolskaya str., 7/28.
  • "Black diamond", L. chaykinoy str., 4A.

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