How to combine a blue dress with blue shoes?


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Color has a huge importance in clothing, so a serious approach to the choice of its colors. Now one of the most trendy shades is the blue – record cold calm and reasonable approach. Choosing this color, ladies often think what it to combine. In particular, whether to combine the blue dress with blue shoes or boots, what accessories better for him to pick up and so Let's take a closer look at these and many other questions.

Blue in clothes

All people relate differently to the blue color in clothes. Some ascribe to him the symbol of heavenly purity, others characterize it as the color of chastity, kindness, faithfulness and constancy. Some doctors say that looking at blue clothes, you can even lower your blood pressure. And if the woman is a blue dress with blue shoes, then the resulting picture is able to organize thoughts and “eliminate” the distraction. Truth or fiction – no unequivocal evidence. One thing blue do not cause irritation.

blue dress with blue shoes

Today in blue color are made almost all elements of clothing: skirts, pants, dresses, coats and even fur coats. Along with clothing, shoes can also be found in the blue color: from sandals and sandals to winter boots. In other words, the blue stuff is available to everyone. The only question that remains: "How to combine them, so as not to look stupid. Can I wear a blue dress with blue shoes, a blue Cape with blue boots?" According to fashion experts, it is possible, the main thing-not to overdo it in order not to turn the image into one large blue blur or cloud.

Blue dress

The past few years, the trend of blue dress of different lengths. Girls and women choose dresses of this shade for a romantic evening in a cafe, and conference. A lot of blue dresses offer modern manufacturers for street walks in the Park, going to the cinema. It is appropriate to wear the blue dress with blue shoes for a party in a nightclub, anniversary or the wedding of friends.

blue dress with blue shoes photo

It is Noteworthy that blue dress suits ladies of any age and social status and enhance any figure. What else plus blue? It goes well with many other shades, so not only experienced designers but also ordinary people are able to create an adequate image.

How to choose the right shade?

To successfully blue dress emphasized the shape and hide flaws, it is necessary to rely not only on the style and cut, but also on the shades. In other words, each type of appearance, there are different shades of blue color, and it is necessary to take into account when choosing dresses. So, bright blondes should pay attention to the lighter tones of blue, including turquoise and blue. If the choice fell on a blue dress with blue shoes, photo, made for themselves before buying, will help determine if you are suitable for this color.

Burning brunettes look spectacular in bright, saturated and dark shades of blue. For example, the Indigo color is perfect, dark-haired ladies as an electrician. Regarding the latter, it will be well to stress the fair skin, although redheads and even blondes won't lose if you choose this tone. And girls with dark skin should look closely at Indigo.

What to choose the ladies with screaming red hair color? They better stay on the blue-green shades. Beneficial to brown-haired women will look great in the blue outfits with a purple tint.

dark blue dress with blue shoes


Refers To the classic blue marine tone. However, the purchase of clothing in this color should be approached with extreme caution. So, “marine” a blue dress with blue shoes, a photo of which can be seen in many fashion magazines can give its owner look tired. This outfit should be diluted with bright accents, such as a jacket or accessories.

Not only fatigue, but also increased severity or solidity can add dark blue dress. With blue shoes, it is good to combine in the office, at business meetings etc.

how to combine a blue dress with blue shoes

What to wear With blue dress?

To create a stylish outfit, a blue dress is certainly suitable base. It must be correctly combined with other things to look decent.

For example, a blue sheath dress in itself is elegant, it canto use the kit as a base, and in completely different styles. To work in the office or a serious meeting case can be worn with a blazer or cardigan, add delicate stiletto heel and understated accessories. In this case, whether to wear the blue dress with blue shoes? If both wear almost the same shade, the whole set will look like one piece. However, you can choose shoes and a darker shade to add variety.

Sheath Dress, according to designers, is perfect for shopping trips or simple walks through the streets with my friends. You want him to pick up a cardigan and comfortable shoes without heels. If you planned a romantic meeting in the evening, complemented by “case” exquisite brooch luxurious beads and fasten the image of a small clutch.

should I wear the blue dress with blue shoes

Summer model

Blue gowns made of lightweight summer fabric, combine perfectly with the classics in the form of a jacket, short Bolero or knitted cardigan. Even a short leather jacket profitable emphasize femininity dresses. The image can be supplemented with large jewelry from natural stones or wood. How to combine a blue dress with blue shoes if it's summer? A short dress will fit shoes with high heels, but this outfit is exclusively for night club, cocktail parties and more, floor-length Dress looks good both with heels and shoes with a low sole.

Combination with other colors

The image was not boring to others, it is best to combine several shades of blue in one set. Fashion designers offer to combine blue with purple tint, dark blue fitted coat, black accessories and black ankle boots.

Another option includes a black Cape, a blue dress with dark blue shoes. Photos of such combinations can be easily find in magazines. Here are a combination of blue with black, blue with white, dark blue with silver decorations, the addition of print. Still at the peak of popularity of tandem white & dark blue – from “sea” theme. For example, in the outfit where there is a blue dress and a white coat, be appropriate to look to the umbrella shade of Indigo.

Cute combination of pastel colors with blue, which give the last refinement and tenderness. Not necessarily to wear a jacket pastel shade, you can add it to the dress of light pink and beige belt or handbag.

blue dress with dark blue shoes photo

Contrasting combinations

Very impressive and expressive the girls look combination of blue and saturated colors such as red, cherry, bright green. Of course, the degree of saturation of shades must be respected about the same. So, you get a youth version of blue dresses with bright red ballet flats, a belt and a small bag. And if you replace pumps with patent leather shoes high heels with red soles, take a small bright red clutch bag and make-up that will present red lipstick, the whole picture will make a girl or woman a real seductress. At the same time, a maroon jacket will give a dark blue dress, tranquility and elegance.

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