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With winter approaching, we often think about what will warm us in cold weather. Changing trends, new materials, but the clothes made of natural fur will forever remain a favorite of the winter season. But how to choose from all this variety? After all types of fur, as well as producing countries quite a lot, and I feel that the thing was high-quality and long to please fashionista. The answer is one: Scandinavian mink. And this is due to several reasons, discussed next.

Scandinavian mink

Most popular fur

Scandinavian mink fur Coat holds a leading position worldwide. It accounts for 80% of sales of fur products. The main reason for this is the flawless quality of the fur. A wide variety of pile lengths and a range of colors also play an important role. Noble Shine and a luxurious look led to the fact that the Scandinavian mink became known as “black diamond".

World trade Center fur

Finland – the only country in the world where fur production is taught in high school. And not surprisingly, near Helsinki, in Vantaa, conducted the most extensive auctions the fur – Saga Furs Oyj. Scandinavian mink, the price of which varies from 40 to 60 dollars per skin, is the main subject of the auction. The main buyers – Russia, China, Greece and Turkey. All the fur produced in the Nordic countries, hosts 12 stages of processing. Its quality is monitored at the state level at all stages – from cultivation to sale. So the Scandinavian mink fur coat is considered to be the product of the highest standard.


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Do Not think that mink – is only one kind and hue. Finnish mink has a great variety of tones, because from there came the types of fur that has no analogues in the world. Rabid demand among the fashionistas enjoys Scandinavian mink rare varieties, which all used to be called “Arctic”. Her long and thick fur, reminiscent of sable, especially appreciated by the ladies of high society.

the Scandinavian mink fur coat

Equally popular "crosses” – mink fur with a distinct band along and across the ridge, resembling a cross. The uniqueness of this fur is that it does not lose a stripe when painting. There are several types of such mink:

  • Sapphire Cross – the band has a bluish-gray tint.
  • Silver Cross – bright grey stripe.
  • Pastel Cross – dark brown band along and across the ridge.

Are made of this fur is quite expensive, because the production volumes are limited. Not less prized Scandinavian mink called Finnjaguar, which means “the Finnish Jaguar”. The animal has a white coat with distinct black spots.

Common types

Brown mink is the Foundation of the Scandinavian fur industry. While the color palette is quite wide: from near-black tone to a pale yellow color. Cheap types of brown fur – Scanbrown, in shades which includes purple tide, and more light Scanglow. Pastel is a little more expensive, but the most expensive and appreciate – Mahogany. Less common is the gray hole, which may be of the following types:

  • Conventional gray – Sapphire;
  • Dark shade with a pale undercoat - Blue Iris;
  • Light brown – Silverblue;
  • Gray-beige mink - Pearl;
  • Pale gray color – Violet;
  • Natural white colour – White.Scandinavian mink how to distinguish between

Greater attention should be rare Scandinavian mink called Scanblack, black color which is more valuable than the usual brown. The average length of hair and volume of dense under-wool of this breed make products from such fur is the favorites of past seasons.

Length and undercoat

Scandinavian mink differs in many varieties and can be not only short-haired or long-haired. There are also many transient species that differ in density of undercoat and a length of the guard hairs. They appeared due to the long and hard work of breeders. Due to the greater endurance and resistance to humidity, the conditions of our winters is the most practical option would be Scandinavian mink. How to distinguish it from the same American? First of all note the fur. It needs to be equal, and of medium length. If the Finnish mink has higher guard hair, and Danish – pile lower.Scandinavian mink reviews

Often in the market you can find products from decorative sheared or plucked fur. Try to avoid such purchases, because such processing is subjected to only low-grade and even a sick mink. The wear time of the product is significantly reduced. You should not believe the seller, what to take uncut mink is now unfashionable. All these tricks created only in order to hide defects of the skin. Natural look – that's what prized Scandinavian mink.

How to distinguish a fake?

This popularity could not be of interest to the scams of any kind and dishonest dealers. So before you buy Scandinavian mink, should take a closer look at the purchase. Of course, it is best to contactbrand store, because the percentage of counterfeits is much less than the usual boutique. Before purchasing is to carry out a few simple manipulations, which many will tell you about the quality of the fur. First run your palm against the grain – quality mink returns to its original position for a few seconds. If this has not happened, and the fur shiroshita or Salamanca, you want to sell a mink, a product of cheaper raw materials.Scandinavian mink

Close attention to the cover products can save you from buying fakes. Look at the length of the fibers, they should be exactly the same. If the hairs vary in length, under the form of the Scandinavian mink you want to sell marmot. Also try fur to the touch – it should not be scratchy.

But even if you know how to distinguish the skin of a Groundhog from mink, this does not ensure the acquisition of quality products. Because the fur coat can be home-made. To distinguish high-quality product, if a little nibble or shake mech. The product is of the highest standard will not lose any hairs. Also we should look at the texture of the fur. Quality mink has no bald spots, greasy, and fibers are not clumped together.Scandinavian mink price

Don't forget to look under the lining, because sometimes there are hidden unpleasant surprises. Properly tanned skin of Scandinavian mink should not be white, and especially yellow. The color of the skin should be smooth, and the texture does not have holes or any damage. It is also important to know how the connected parts of the product. Neat and flat seams say about the quality of the product. While parts glued together, I can say that in front of you the goods, standing much cheaper.

Scandinavian mink. Reviews

A Huge annual sales volume speaks for itself. Two of the three coats and shawls in the world created from this fur. And there are several reasons due to which leading position in the world is Scandinavian mink. Customer reviews talking about such advantages:

  • Moisture resistance of fur;
  • Wear;
  • Quality due to strict control;
  • Huge selection of colors and shades;
  • Relatively low cost of goods.

Finally I want to say: don't save on the purchase of fur coats. Because this product is bought not for one season. So it is better to take more expensive model, which will delight more than one year than to buy a fake stand long and regret this purchase.

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