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The inhabitants of the metropolis for dining, a huge number of shops with clothes and shoes. In a big city you can buy something suitable for the most sophisticated demands. But fashion Uniqlo store in St. Petersburg opened a year ago, has attracted increasing attention from the sophisticated audience.

The History of brand

The Origins and development of Japanese label received in 1949 with a brand of men's clothing Ogori Shōji developed in the town of Ube. The usual modern name appeared much later: in 1984 from the reduction of the original sound of Unique Clothing Warehouse. At that time, the store was represented by multi-brand clothes in Hiroshima. In the 90-ies of affordable and quality clothing was in a special account, so the brand got rapid development and universal acceptance. After a few years opened its first store in London. So the Japanese launched their products on the world market. Currently, the company owns more than 1,400 stores worldwide.

uniqlo in St. Petersburg

Debut store in St. Petersburg opened in the shopping center "Gallery"

Many residents of the Northern capital were looking forward to this event. And it happened on 3 December 2015. The opening of the first Uniqlo store in St. Petersburg attracted many celebrities in the shopping center "Gallery" on the enclosed review. The event was seen famous actors, gallery owners, artists. The General Director of the brand in Russia is the Tomoyuki OTA, the Executive Director is Taku Morikawa. To congratulate the store opening was attended by representatives of the Consulate General of Japan in Saint-Petersburg and the Society of Russian-Japanese cooperation. The next day, Uniqlo store in St. Petersburg opened its doors for everyone to get acquainted with the products of the Japanese brand.


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uniqlo store in St. Petersburg


At the core of the collections are the basic things of different colors, perfectly harmonizing with each other. In the collections of the same model are always presented in several different colours. Rich colors retains the original shade even after prolonged wear. Men's, women's and children's range includes t-shirts, knitted cotton shirts, blazers, cardigans, pants, dresses and sweaters, shirts and more. Uniqlo in Saint Petersburg provides the perfect jeans that sit right on the figure. In the store customers, offer a service of correction of the selected items to full compliance with the parameters. The clothing made from cashmere is soft and affordable price. Especially popular are the printed t-shirts with graphic designs. Here you can buy a super down jacket with fantastic a weight of 160 grams.


Brand has its own production, so all products are made of natural materials. With high-tech process otshiv models, they are strong and last a long time under condition of observance of rules of care for natural fabrics. Materials used: silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, real Japanese denim.

uniqlo in Saint-Petersburg address

The relevance of models and styles

It May seem that Uniqlo in Saint-Petersburg - is not an attractive store with normal clothing. The successful tandem of Japanese and European designers allowed the brand to create fresh ideas for lovers of fashion and quality things. Uniqlo chasing seasonal trends, these clothes are timeless. Despite the lack of trendy new products, the brand always offers modern silhouettes.


Picky Japanese manufacturers care deeply about the quality of their products, but sell it at a good price. The individual cost categories of things does not reach 1000. This is the main and most significant advantage Uniqlo in St. Petersburg before the competitors.

the opening of the first uniqlo store in St. Petersburg

Addresses of shops in St.-Petersburg

For a short period of time Uniqlo stores in St. Petersburg opened in four shopping malls. Many Petersburgers and guests of the city had to evaluate innovative clothing Heattech, as well as a unique joint Lemaire collection. Presentation of some models have been specially prepared for the opening of Uniqlo in Saint-Petersburg. Addresses of shops:

  • Shopping center "Gallery" (Ligovsky Avenue, 26-38).
  • TRC "Summer" (Pulkovskoe highway, 25, building 1).
  • Mall "Piter-Raduga" (Avenue of Cosmonauts, 14).
  • The shopping center "Mega Dybenko" (Murmansk highway, 12-km).

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