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“Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind». This well-known phrase expressed all the importance that a person wears. It was so many centuries ago and remains so today. And let the many say that it does not matter how someone looks and what he's wearing: when first seeing the person on a subconscious level it is based on several criteria, including clothes.

There are well-known and understood elements of clothing: dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, coats, coats and other. And there are also mysterious things such as a robe with a hood. What it is — a carnival costume or a fashion trend? To be in trend, you need to understand!

robes with hood

Who, where and when?

The hooded Robe has a long history. For many centuries this item of clothing warms in winter or shelter from the prying eyes of the owner. Often in historical films heroes hide their faces under cover of a large hood. Who, where and when wears the robes today?

Students of European and American universities are dressed in long capes black on the ceremony marking the completion of training. Sometimes they don't have hoods, but always they added the headpiece is a square shape with a brush. This type of clothing is called “academic”. Such can also be found at gala events in a scientific environment.

robe mens hooded

In many countries for the representatives of Themis, the traditional is dressed in judicial robes. Such cover generally has an a-line silhouette and collar, and the upper part is decorated with pleats.


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The Clergy of many faiths and churches also use wraps such as cut, so to speak, of workwear. In this case, there are a lot of features like the cut and details.

When you create a carnival or theatrical costumes for children and adults robe with sleeves and hood Will perfectly complement the image of the magician, the magician, member of a secret society or all the well-known little red riding hood. The length and the color in this case depends only on the imagination of the Creator of the image.

robes women's hooded

In conjunction with a wedding or an evening dress gown with hood made of light fabrics will transform a girl into a Princess out of a fairy tale and a little warm without compromising the image of lightness and charm.

Domestic and foreign designers and manufacturers in recent years also carefully looked closely at this unusual item of clothing, and gave new stylish “Luke” for the fashionistas. Here this is to talk more details!

robe with sleeves and a hood

Keeping up with the time

Robe with the hood not so long ago appeared in the collections of street fashion, or as often speak, street style. This direction requires, first of all, the comfort of clothes in the urban bustle. Relaxed, wide fit does not restrict movement, copes with this task.

robes with hood

The Length of the mantle, as a rule, mini or middle, but sometimes maxi. There are models of whole, and with hidden or clear clasps.

The Choice of fabrics and their combinations is quite large. For winter a good solution would be tight, insulated model with a fur trim on the hood. In spring or autumn, you can dress up in a winter coat this style with sleeves in leather. Summer will perfectly complement the image of a robe-cardigan is made from lightweight fabrics.

The Color of the solution varied: white, grey, brown, black, blue and bright red. Today is an important moment — is monotone. The gown need not to be flowered or striped. At least, so say the stylists.

Best of all, this Cape looks great on young boys and girls, but well-chosen thing will help those who are older, “throw a few extra short years”.

robe hooded with their hands

If the sport and life itself

Healthy lifestyle and a slim trim figure is very popular today. That is why designers are not bypassed and sporty style. Shirt robe hoodie or women is perfect for Jogging in the fresh air, trips to nature or an evening stroll in the Park. In essence, this resembles a Cape hoodie and, as a rule, is solid and has no buckles. Color solutions, as well as in street style, monochromatic. Will look good with sports leggings and sneakers, but in any case not with the classic tracksuit.


Such a thing can not buy on every corner. Academic, carnival, wedding or evening gowns, as a rule, take on hire or sew to order. Fashionable element of the wardrobe can be purchased in shops and boutiques and also online directly from the manufacturers, their representatives or intermediaries. With the size to make mistakes is not terrible, as the boxy fit will hide all the mistakes.

Manufacturers Often represent the mantle as clothing from the category of "unisex". This means that you can buy one thing for two — and the guy and girl will look great and fashionable in the same gown. Growth and size, as mentioned above, do not require an exact match. Thanks to these qualities this subjectwardrobe you can safely purchase the gift and not worry about “fit or not”.

If you buy does not work, then output too — robe hooded with their hands! Whether it's a suit for a Christmas party or fashionable element “Luke”, the pattern is virtually identical. The tailoring is simple and will be under force even to the beginner. It is important to choose the right fabric and to solve the issue with hardware.

Masters and mistresses can also tie gown crochet or knitting.

What to wear? The image of a woman

Robe women's hoodie will look great with a skirt, especially a narrow or pleated, leggings and thick tights. Long sweatshirts, stretchy tight-fitting skirt, knitted dresses and trousers “in obtyazhechku” — everything related to street style that will blend with the gown.

From shoes well suited shoes or boots on a high thick heel, shoes with tractor soles, voluminous and bulky boots, and sneakers and sneakers. Also in the collections of some designers are combining with stockings and heels, but this is beyond the scope of street style and brings the Cape to the classics.

robe mens hooded

What to wear? Menswear

Robe mens hooded looks great in combination with narrow pants, socks and close to the body sweaters, switchtime and coveralls. Shoes, as in the female version, suitable for coarse and voluminous, thick soles. Classic trousers, shirt and shoes with the gown will not be combined.

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