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Often, choosing clothes, we prefer foreign brands, because we believe in the quality of their products. However, there are many brands from abroad, is able to surprise. Among them - the Belarusian factory of underwear «but».

Every year more and more women prefer products of this company, so how to make sure that underwear and swimwear “very” is not only affordable prices but also quality, comfort and elegant beauty.

Brand History

Factory “very” has more than a century. Considered the founding date of 1908, when a businessman of Francois Tournier opened in Minsk haberdashery factory.swimwear Milavitsa

In the revolutionary and Soviet times, the production several times changed the profile, until in 1970 it was not converted into the production of corsetry products.

In 1991, a leading shareholder of the factory was the Italian firm "ILuna" (specializiruetsya for seamless underwear), and the factory changed its name to “very” (the ancient Slavic counterpart of Venus). Updated Belarusian-Italian enterprise for a few years became one of the leaders in its field.

Since 1995, the product range of the brand came in bathing suits.

Products “but” is exported not only in CIS but also in the UK, Germany, Holland, UAE and many other countries. Great demand for lingerie and swimwear “very” also on the Russian market. Across the country opened flagship stores. In Moscow alone more than 40.


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Collection swimwear “very” of the new season

In an effort to be on trend, designers ‘Milavitsa” each year present a new collection of underwear and swimwear, taking into account all modern tendencies.

The new beach season, designers have focused on a combination of classical and trendy styles. The highlight of the collection is a range of sizes. Most models of swimwear look great on different body types. And women with voluminous Breasts with a Cup from DD and above will be able to find the model not only successfully accentuate their charms, but also the most convenient.

Collection of swimwear for the new season has 2 directions: youth and the modern classic. Target audience first - a young girl, so most models are fairly explicit. For the second direction was upgraded classic styles of swimwear.

Colors swimwear “very” this season takes into account all the fashion trends. Among the range can be seen as monochrome pattern in blue and red shades, and elegant combination of printed fabrics in sapphire, purple and coral colours.Milavitsa swimwear photo

Swimwear “very” (photo below) this collection is full of variety of styles here and separate, and continuous.

Split swimwear “very”

For those who like to sunbathe in the new collections this year presents a large number of separate swimwear with promising exotic names. In their design used a combination of plain fabrics with ethnic patterns, floral prints, faux animal skins. Paying tribute to the classics, in the line "Pin-Up" used knit small white polka dots.

Presents a variety of color combinations and models of bras and swimwear pant gives you the opportunity to combine a swimsuit to your liking. This feature applies to all lines of separate swimwear this season's collection.

In such lines as "Zanzibar", "Argentina", "Glamour", "Flowers of Bali", "Mexico", "Coconut jungle" and "Ecuador" most of the separate suits are the continuous analogue.

Closed swimsuits “very”

Hit the beach season of this year, steel closed swimsuits, pretty pushed separate. Their main advantage is the ability to conceal and correct flaws. They are also relevant for lovers of active rest on the water.swimsuit Milavitsa

Notwithstanding the medley of colors fabrics, cotton swimwear “very” designed in the romantic spirit, emphasize elegance and femininity, it is very convenient and practical.

Monokini “very”

For those who find it hard to choose between separate and fused suits designers “very” suggested a great variety of swimwear Monokini.

Swimwear of this type combines the convenience of separate models with the ability to correct the shape, characteristic for a fusion of styles.

Monokini “very” this year pleased with the variety of styles of bodices, as well as a balanced combination of fabrics and appropriate draperies. Due to this, girls with irregular shape will be able to look in them as well as owner of perfect proportions.

Tankini “very”

Another revelation from designers ‘Milavitsa” steel swimwear tankini. Traditionally, the model consists of a spectacular top-t-shirts and beach pants.swimwear large size Milavitsa

Tankini proposed trademark, most are designed for girls with big bust. Good color combination of swimwear will allow you to create easy Beachy look and disguise figure flaws. Simple, but elegant styles of tops-t-shirts successfully accentuate the neckline and retain a relaxed fit on the figure.

Swimwear “very” for custom shapes

In this season's collection presents a huge number of swimwear for full, among them there are a whole range of models for both separate and one piece swimsuits. The brand's designers have moved away from traditional full colour – black, and has created swimwear large size “very” in on-trend colors.

The Perfect model for a custom shape is a swimsuit “very”. Correction designed styles with drapery, as in the continuous model, Glamour, as well as various slimming panels of dark fabric, as in the model of Zanzibar.Milavitsa swimwear reviews

One of the most popular models of swimsuits among the owners of magnificent forms is also the tankini. Designers offer full ladies this season tankini from top casual and beach pants with a high rise and a slimming effect.

For those with appetizing forms who prefer two-piece bathing suit, designers have created styles of beach shorts with high waistline and an elegant drape, complemented by bras wide shoulder, with corrective inserts (separate the model of "Argentina" and "Zanzibar").

New swimwear “very” reviews:

Among consumers, a new collection of swimwear “very” received positive feedback.

The Main advantage of models, in addition to affordable prices and quality, was named the thoughtful design, bright colors and comfortable design. A lot of positive response caused the presence of almost all the rulers of the models with larger cups for the fuller bust. Girls with modest Breasts pleased models with a push up.closed swimsuits Milavitsa

Separate plus separate swimwear and tankini models in the collection, according to consumers, is the ability “to gather” swimsuit from top and bottom.

Consumers are enthusiastically greeted a line of beach accessories in this collection are tunics of variegated colors, dresses and jumpers in blue and pink tones.

Brand “very” for over 50 years, is one of the leaders in the production of underwear, including 20 years designers are creating bathing suits that are not inferior to products of famous brands, or quality, or design. The swimwear “very” are much cheaper and available for purchase, as in almost every city are the outlet stores “very”, where visitors can get advice and order the right product, if it is not available.


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