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Strict rules of style was gone, replaced by a new, more blurred boundaries. Modern society under the style implies rather a reflection of nature and of man's inner world than a beautiful wrapper. Everyone noticed that some things, even if suitable in size, totally uncomfortable, even if they look good, but to walk. How to find your style, if not, where to look?

What you need to know

Even in how to find your style, there are rules, not as strict, most of the recommendations, but they need to be considered. The tips are as follows:

  1. You can Not blindly believe and follow on the heels of fashion. First, not everyone fits, and secondly, find your style, then head to work.
  2. The Search can be extended if there is no inspiration. To call to his aid the Muse in different ways, someone is looking at pictures and photos, someone focused on stars, some vague idea of what I want.
  3. Inspiration is designed, fashion trends into account, but what next? Then begins the laborious but interesting work on the selection of clothing based on shape, color, type, attitude and similar characteristics. Perfectly balanced style produced over the years.
    a Bright bow for creative people

Before you start choosing images, you need to get rid of all the complexes, pressure from relatives and friends. Doesn't help anyone persistent, but running counter to their own preferences advice on how to find your style in clothing woman.

First list item: go to Narnia or explore the wardrobe

The First thing you need to disassemble your closet. What you're looking for? Things that are not that do not like and those that correspond to perceptions of their own appearance. All clothing must pass a thorough suitability test on the following items:

  • Worn it in six months? If clothing is not worn more than six months, you can safely get rid of it, most likely, this thing does not like or does not fit. Dear to the heart of things can be left to the memory, putting in a box and hiding away everything else – down. Some things can embellish, alter or paint, thereby bringing them in decent appearance.
    Autumn looks for brunettes
  • The color of the clothes – an important criterion. It is known that color can make a slimmer, full, hide flaws and other manipulations with the appearance. How to check whether color? Just – you need to make thing to face and look in the mirror if the skin colour seem unhealthy, the thing can be safely redirect to the scrap or to charity.
  • Torn, faded, damaged items also need to be subjected to a thorough examination, if you can sew and wear on – you need to do it. If the item cannot be repaired and a walk it is not going to wear, then you can safely send to the scrap or to the country.

After each item was thoroughly reviewed, subjected to constructive criticism and determined to a new place, you can go further. This paragraph is necessary, because how to find your style, not knowing their own preferences.


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Second Point: why it

After a thorough enumeration of the closet only those things that are worn often, it is necessary for them to look at and make a brief list of reasons why these things like. What are the criteria to look at:

  • Do you Like cloth?
  • If color?
  • Suits the style of the product?
  • Etc.

To Continue the list is long, but every person who thinks how to find your style in clothing will be your signs of your favorite things. It is desirable to insert signs into Notepad, and to always take it with you when going shopping.

The third point: the symbiosis of lifestyle and style

The Decisive role in the choice of a new style of play the way of life. No matter came to mind a question about how to find your style, man or woman, in any case, the work determines a lot. People doing business, or office staff should adhere to elegant images, and students at all it is possible to choose any of any.

Street style

Ideas can be found in everyday life, just walking down the street and analyzing the appearance of other people, mentally trying on any images and details. So, any person will be able to form a mental picture of what you like. It remains to adapt the style so that it blends into everyday activities.

Daily activities do not allow you to try on your favorite image every day, but you can adapt it to suit your needs, for example, replace the pin lower heel, and the classic pants-jeans. You must learn to compromise.

Fourth paragraph: what is beautiful, not necessarily is

Features of the figure and colour of the body also bring about changes in the selected clothes. Before you find your style, the girl definitely need to make some kind of system that can or cannot be purchased. When drawing up such schemes need to be categorical and resolute man not to feel sorry for yourself.

Of Course, sometimes you want to wear a slinky dress or a suit on the figure, especially if, as such, the figure leaves much to be desired. The law of style – you should wear only those things that hide flaws and highlight the advantages.

Number five: shutdown

Objective assessment is not interfered with, preferably during a shopping trip to take with a friend who is not afraid to Express their opinions and know how to find your own style. Together with the style of clothing is often changing hairstyle, makeup, and other small nuances of the final image. Most importantly, do not give in to illusions, to follow the selected target and not to give up. It is advisable to shop in a good mood, it will protect from falling self-esteem.

grunge Style

Clothing, well-fitting on mannequins, not always perfectly sit on the figure of a living person, also with regard to shoes. Accessories should complement the image and not spoil it or stand out the discrepancy. Before buying accessories, it is recommended to think carefully about what you need to show.

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