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The Park — this is a long warm jacket with hood designed to protect the wearer from cold and wind.

History parks

The word “Park” translated from the Nenets language as “skin”. These long and warm jacket with a deep hood sewn from fur, and the seams are sewn deerskin thongs. The Park is tightly fastened to the top, leaving open only the face. The jacket itself is periodically processed fish oil that missed the rain, snow and wind. The smell from it was, of course, specific, but its purpose it is fully justified – it was warm even in the fierce cold wind.

children's parka

These jackets were made the same for both adults and children. Children's coat differed from the adult only in size. In the 50 years of the twentieth century jackets parks (they became known as “Alaska”) began to sew for the military, especially for pilots. They became part of a military uniform.

parka children's for boys

For jacket-Alaska is characterized by the presence of a large number of pockets, the snake-clasp, the flap, and of course, warm lining. Gradually, these jackets became increasingly appreciating their convenience, warmth and practicality.

Jackets are now, of course, is not made out of fur, and especially not impregnated with fish oil. New materials allow to obtain a warm jacket in other ways.

Baby jackets-parks

These jackets are fully appreciated and the parents and the children. They are comfortable, do not hamper movements, they are very comfortable and warm.

Children's coat became one of the most popular types of outerwear. These jackets exist in autumn and winter variants. In the autumn models typically have a lightweight lining, and if it is insulated, it can detach. The length of this jacket may be very different, although the classic length — to mid-thigh. The presence of multiple pockets where you can stuff everything you need, provide additional facilities. Looks like that coat.


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parka kids winter

Children's winter jacket is characterized by the presence of a hood, trimmed with fur, warm lining, often made of faux fur, multiple pockets, braid, podernuta at the waist. Now began to produce parkas with rubber band, stretched at the bottom of the jacket. When cold, it is possible to pull and become warmer.

What is the best fit, children's parka or down jacket as winter clothing for your child? Many in favour of parks.

In recent years, with some models the winter children's jackets were sold mittens of the same material. It looks very interesting. But if to connect the mittens with elastic band passed through the sleeve, they will be impossible to lose. They will always be, literally, at hand.

Jackets parkas for girls

Baby jackets-parkas for girls this autumn-winter season, it sells, both in color and length. Every fashionista will be able to choose the suitable one.

White or light pink jacket look great, but they are very easily soiled. In the Park of the same color need to be very careful, because wash through the day this jacket, no one will.

When children are young, choosing clothes for them are engaged exclusively in adults. But when the child is a little older, he wants to choose his own clothes that he likes. The task of parents is to help the child to tell what things are, what colors and styles will be an excellent option.

jackets parkas price

Choose the length, color, style jackets girls

Children's coat as the subject of outerwear is a great success and demand. They are comfortable, fairly light, beautiful, and the lace stretched at the waist, enables to show a slim figure. And if you pick up a jacket suitable length for this girl, little fashionista will not only look good but also feel great, knowing that appropriate clothing she adorns. And when she finds that parents try to help her look good, she will be more likely to consult with them, the more they trust.

kids jackets parkas for girls

The length of the parks can be very different, but for girls it is better to choose the Park longer.

Now you can often see on sale baby jackets, parkas for girls with extended back. This jacket and have to buy. If you sit down in transport or in the Park on a bench, feet will be warm.

Sometimes sold jackets with the snakes in the side seams. If warm, you can unbutton the snake. The hostess of such a jacket will look more original.

For girls it is better to purchase the bright Park, especially since they are in fashion. But not less elegantly look and things deep colors. For example, dark blue jacket with a bright and beautiful scarf will be very advantageous to look at the background of white snow.

If you buy a girl a jacket with a removable hood, it will be very happy. Wearing a bright fur or knitted hat, unfastened the hood, the girl will have a very different appearance. And if need be for a few minutes to pop up out of the house, then wearing a hood should not think about the hat.

Jackets parkas for boys

The Boys belong to clothing muchcalmer than girls. But when the child has already grown up and expresses their opinion, parents can invite the son to choose the thing yourself, because coat children's (boys) — this is the main type of autumn and winter clothing.

A Warm and comfortable jacket in a sporty style with lots of invoices and internal pockets will appeal to any boy. And if it is to pick a set of warm winter pants, he will be comfortable to walk in winter whatever the weather.

This season, boys ' fashion jacket various colors.

jackets parkas price

Practical, of course, buy something more dark tones, but this is optional.

Coat for baby boys with a removable hood that is part of the clothes — this is the best option of clothes for them. The boys, with rare exceptions, do not like to wear caps, and hood in this case is a comfortable hat that will not be lost.


Jackets parkas — is a convenient children's clothing. They are popular, loved and happily worn by kids of all ages from the very young, but already independent, to hairy Teens, everything in the world have their own opinion.

And often when you go to buy children's outerwear, dazzled, looking at jackets (parks). Their price are quite reasonable and the variety of colors and styles allows you to choose something that will appeal to you and your child.

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