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The Modern system of electronic reporting SBIS++  is a single, universal system that includes all levels of reporting, preparation, review and analysis of any document. With this system it is possible to report with all regulatory business process bodies. In addition, SBIS++ allows you to share data between employees, between different offices, departments and organizations, without fear of unauthorized use of sensitive data.

 System VLSI operates in a so-called single window. Electronic reporting via the Internet is made possible simultaneously with the pension Fund, tax service, social insurance Fund, Rosstat, with other budgetary processes and with different counterparties. Application services to EGRUL ION and allow you to broaden the capabilities of the accountant.

Work with the system as simple as possible. Deal with it everyone can. The taxpayer, selecting the appropriate office and necessary report form, fills in SBIS++ all of the proposed line. The report must be sent to signature signature. The next stage of the report is encrypted and sent to the operator. A special operator already sends a report to the Supervisory authority. Completes the process – confirmed by the inspection that the report is submitted.

Let's Consider step by step instructions on the submission of reports, for example a tax return.  Before you start making statements, make sure you have selected the correct taxpayer, who is required to take the report. Next you should go into the registry on choosing from the offered list the month and year that is needed. To choose a different delivery of the reporting period, move the cursor and click on "Reporting during the period”. The next stage is the report generation.  Clicking “Report”, system will prompt you to select some form of reporting from the list.  once the form is opened, it will automatically transfer all the information contained in the personal card of a taxpayer. It is  the name of the organization or entrepreneur, the tax authority, KPP, INN and other mandatory details. Fill out the form is not difficult. All the usual fields for any accountant not cause difficulties, as they are identical to the original paper.  it is not necessary to worry about whether the correct reporting form, the system automatically makes changes to the reporting period, if there are any changes in the registers. 

After the cells have entered all the required data, formed the Protocol, which will show whether the report errors. To make corrections,  you can click on the appropriate link, which indicates the line number.  After the procedure, fill and check, click “Save and exit”. The final procedure – is the transfer for signature and sending of reports to regulatory authority.

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