A discount for the transport tax for large families. What tax breaks are a large family


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If some kind of exemption for the transport tax for large families in Russia? This question often arises in the population. After all, to imagine a family with several children and without a car very problematic. On the vehicle, and so goes a lot of money: maintenance, care, insurance, repair. All this takes certain finances. Them, as many say, a large quite often not enough. The government supports the cell companies with a large number of minor children. And in all ways. Are there large any benefits in respect of vehicle tax? And if so, what are they expressed? How to put? How long are you?

The Concept of large families

To begin, you must understand that such a large family. Under what conditions can the cell count of companies belonging to this category? Just because families with minor children, no benefits and additional state support is not necessary.discount for the transport tax for large families

A Large family in Russia is considered to be such after visiting her 3 kids. Since this "bar" is the accounting unit of society as a large. No matter 3 child in the family or 10. The main thing that was at least three.

Thinking, is there any benefit for the transport tax for large families, we must remember that the adopted minor is also taken into account. Just in case you have to prove the fact of adoption. If the cell companies 3 or more children, it in Russia is considered large.

Yes or no

Does the principle of exemption from transport tax for large families? The question is moot. Answer it is not as easy as it seems. The thing is that most of the taxes and benefits from the state are set at the regional level. Therefore, the exemption of certain payments is a topic that in each region individually.


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In Other words, exemption from transport tax for large families in Russia. But we cannot say that this bonus is valid on the whole territory of the country. Only in some regions is possible. To clarify this information is recommended either alone or in administration of the city of residence or the tax authorities.exemption from vehicle tax for large families


Benefits to large families in 2016 in respect of taxes on vehicles remain. Nobody cancelled them. You can say one thing: some bonuses from the state, almost all large families are available.

What are you talking About? Allow citizens to pay only a portion of the tax. In other words, provide a kind of discount on the payment. It is, as you might guess, each region has its own.

Not all and not always

However, a discount for the transport tax for large families is quite a serious and controversial topic. Has been said that in some regions these cells are companies allowed full exemption from payment. But somewhere people have a right to a kind of discount.benefits to large families in 2016

Despite this, in some areas (for example, in Krasnoyarsk or Omsk) all benefits for the transport tax for large families do not exist. It's all because of the small amount of financing of the budget. Therefore, as already mentioned, the issue is solved individually. To specify the presence or absence of bonuses from the state in this regard need on their own.

Only the application

If a particular region has a discount for the transport tax for large families (Moscow, for example, provides a discount), then you need to properly execute it.

The Main rule, which is worth remembering: executed "bonus" only through personally left statements. Just so no one will impose benefits to the population. Their rights have to say. Only then the road taxes will be charged to provisions benefits. Or a large family do not come bills for transportation.

Where to go

If citizens have the right to study the type of benefits they have, as has been said, report it. But in what authorities to contact? To people, there are several variants of development of events.discount for the transport tax for large families of Moscow

First, some regions can be attributed to the application of a sample in the MFC. You need to go to one that is at the place of residence of citizens.

Second, the application for exemption of transport tax can be issued by the tax authorities. The most common variant. Contact is required or in an organ at the place of registration/residence of citizens, or the place of registration of the vehicle.

The list ends. A significant difference at the place of treatment no. Most importantly, the family provided a complete list of documents, which is provided by law for granting bonuses in the study payment. If you do not bring a complete list, you will have to pay the bill in full until then, until the error is corrected.


Documents for the benefit of the transport tax for large families should be, as already mentioned, provided in full.It is recommended to make copies of them. And come to one of the previously listed organs and the originals and photocopies of papers.what are the tax benefits have large families

At the moment all citizens with the right to certain bonuses from the state for many children, must bring:

  • Certificate of ownership on the car subject to payment;
  • The applicant's passport;
  • Marriage certificate (or divorce);
  • Birth certificates of all children under 18 years old;
  • Certificates and statements pointing to the fact of adoption of a minor (if any);
  • Driving a large cell companies (if any);
  • Application form.

Further, all of the above paper submitted for processing. If citizens received a payment order for payment of tax on transport, it too will have to make. To pay it is necessary nothing. If provided full exemption from the study payment, the account will be deleted. Otherwise, after treatment in an IFC or a tax service to applicants will be issued a new payment system.

What is

Some people wonder how valid a discount for the transport tax for large families. And whether you need to file annually a statement of the established sample, to confirm the cell companies the right to bonuses from the state?documents to benefits for transportation tax

To Answer these questions is easier than it seems. Are all granted privileges as long as the family has every reason to be considered large. To declare every year about their rights is not necessary. It is enough 1 times to contact the relevant authorities with the previously enumerated list of securities.

Many Children ends when the children reach the age of majority or emancipation. If the cell 3 to a minor, upon reaching at least one of them 18 years old, all benefits shall lose their legal basis. And the family will have to pay for the car tax in full.

Tax Issues

It would Seem, no problems there. It is clear that the transport tax is different everywhere. And issues related to the provision of benefits to large in this region, are solved individually. But there is another problem.

What is it? It is associated with the interpretation of many children. In General, as already mentioned, the citizens are considered to be large if they have 3 or more minor children are brought up. But in some areas for benefits in the field of vehicle tax this "bar" can increase. So even the presence of 3 children does not give a 100% guarantee that you can get a discount in relation to road tax, or fully release it.application for exemption of transport tax

Benefits to large

What in Russia put the benefits of large families in 2016? At the moment, you can count on:

  • 50% discount on garden, utility services;
  • In some cases, the garden is free;
  • Free meals, textbooks, and form for students;
  • Free use of public transport;
  • Children under 6 years old are provided with medicines on a free basis;
  • Privileges on loans and mortgages;
  • Benefits for large families;
  • Once a month you can have free access to the cultural place in the city.

Now it is clear what tax incentives have large families in relation to transport. This category of persons is the eternal beneficiaries. But they should know their rights!

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