The wine and tincture of chokeberry at home


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tincture of chokeberry

Black chokeberry, also called Aronia – it is a branchy shrub up to two meters and a half with a white or light pink flowers, which in September give fruit. Its berries have a unique composition, which is why it is used in folk medicine and cooking, and a tincture of chokeberry at home can be a treat, and medicine. This beverage is prepared from Mature, trained, berries, and the basis of alcohol or high quality vodka.

Chokeberry: tincture on alcohol

As already mentioned, the tincture can be used as a therapeutic product, and in the form of alcohol beverage. It is particularly useful for hypertensive patients and people suffering from poor blood clotting. To make this universal tool will need berries, which reached the peak of maturation. This is important because the fruit juice chernoplodku poor and immature and it does not. For our recipe enough 1 pounds of berries. The basis is better to take high-quality vodka that is made from alcohol of the highest grade (0.5 liter is sufficient). You will also need sugar 0.5 kg, cherry leaves and cloves. Tincture of chokeberry at home preparing for a long time, although the process is quite simple. Aronia tincture on alcoholMost of the time it is defending. So washed and dried berries to fold into prepared (sterilized) bottle with a volume of 3-5 liters and them thoroughly crushed, pouring a glass of water. Liquid is added to obtain the juice, and that the tincture was not too thick. Then add sugar and stir again. The result is a homogeneous blend of juicy beautiful colors. The neck of the bottle tied with gauze, folded in 2-3 layers, leave for two days at room temperature. The next stage – the addition of vodka. After the infusion the mixture should mix well to dissolve the remnants of sugar, cover and infuse for 60 days in a dark place such as a pantry or basement. Two months later, the tincture of chokeberry in the home will be ready: this is evidenced by its color and consistency. It will be clear, rich amber color. It is bottled and stored in the refrigerator.

Homemade wine from black chokeberry

For more ardent spirits is a simple recipe of delicious and healthy wines from chernoplodku. If you accurately adhere to cooking techniques and proportions, after a couple of months after harvest ripe fruit you please yourself and guests a fragrant and tasty drink. For making wine you will need 5 kg of berries.

homemade wine from black chokeberryIt is Important not to wash them before use, as the skin has bacteria that contribute to fermentation, and do not use a metal container. Berries should be carefully knead by hand until a homogeneous mass. For every pound of berries add half a Cup of sugar. For lovers of sweet wines is not the norm, it is possible to pour and more. For best fermentation, this mass can add a handful of raisins. The entire composition thoroughly mixed, loaded into 10-liter capacity with a wide neck, close and leave for 7-10 days in a warm place. All this time once a day to mix the pulp that it is not covered with mold. If immersing the hands into the mixture will foam, it's time to do a squeeze of juice. This pulp is harvested by hand and carefully squeeze. The cake is put separately, it will be useful, and the resulting juice filtered through a strainer and poured into five-liter bottle. Collected and pressed pulp mixed with sugar in proportion 1:1, pressed with hands and leave to ferment for another 5-7 days, and then squeeze and drain off. Thus, we get two types of juice that mix, installed on the water seal bottle and leave. Every 2 days you need to do the filtering: to remove the formed foam and the drink is poured into another container with a hose without touching the precipitate. When Tartar does not appear on the bottom, and the liquid will become transparent – your wine is ready. It was bottled. As the wine and tincture of chokeberry, in the home is stored in a cool place such as the fridge or the basement.

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