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It is Difficult to imagine modern society without such a drink as beer. In addition, a large number of archaeological excavations have proven the fact that people have been brewing beer since ancient times.

Beer last

Of Course, the beer that was brewed many centuries ago, is significantly different from those foamy drinks that are made today.

Newcastle beer

For Example, the Sumerians were doing it without adding hops. In their recipe they used only barley, spelt and a variety of herbs. The Chinese beer was brewed from germinated rice on the basis of which and created a delicious foamy drink. And only the inhabitants of Babylon have perfected the recipe and started to add malted barley. Hops in beer were added much later - in XII century of our era.

It is Interesting that in ancient times the manufacture of beer, watched the people who were at the head of the government. In Ancient Babylon, was released a code of laws technology of making beer and its implementation. Offenders who do not comply with all the rules, was sentenced to death.

Beer here

Today there are more than a thousand varieties of beer. In many European countries and the United States the classification is made according to the method of fermentation. But in Russia it is carried out by color (dark, light, red, white).

Unfortunately, due to the large number of fakes, not everyone has the opportunity to try high-quality and tasty product. One of the good drinks that appeared at the beginning of the last century, is Beer «Newcastle».


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beer kukak brown

History of the emergence of English beer

In the twenties of the XIX century English brewer Jim porter wanted to create a drink that would taste reminded ale and was drunk just as easily as the lager. The experiments have professional took several years until he realized that in the process of preparing a beverage it is necessary to connect two types of English hops. To the mix he added caramelized malt. Thus, porter was able to get a unique drink with a light, unobtrusive flavor.

And after seven years in Newcastle-upon-Tyne porter opened his own brewery. And the name of the beer «Newcastle» received only a year after opening, when the drink was awarded the highest award at the National competition of brewers in Britain.

After that, he gained an unprecedented popularity among UK residents, not only for its taste, but also a relatively low price. The second wave of the popularity of beer «Newcastle» is at the end of the Second world war.

In the middle of the last century, two major manufacturers of England have combined their efforts, then there is a new beer company, which was to play a major role in the beer market.

Twenty years Later, beer «Newcastle» began to supply abroad. With this drink became famous all over the world. And especially great success of the beer enjoyed in the USA, where its popularity is growing today.

In the early twenty-first century, the Corporation changed the owner. But this does not affect the taste of the drink, which has remained unchanged and is based on the same technology as in the beginning of the last century.

Newcastle beer on draught

The Taste of beer

As already indicated above, a feature of the manufacture of beer is that it is produced from two varieties of hops with the addition of caramelized malt. The percentage of the number of the latter exceeds the number of hops, which greatly affects the taste, and it becomes not so bitter. A main feature of the beverage is that it has varieties. Sold in cans and in bottles of 0.33 and 0.55 liters. And beer “Newcastle» Can be sold in barrels of 30 liters.

It is produced by top fermentation. His fortress is 4.7 %. Color - dark brown, closer to red.

Another distinctive feature of beer "Newcastle brown ale", which tells about its quality, is thick, dense foam with lots of bubbles.Newcastle beer reviews

«Newcastle» description

The Beer, which we describe has a rich caramel and nutty flavors. In addition, its taste can be traced aroma of sweet malt, corn and meadow grasses. In his taste range, you can get a feel and taste of fruits. The finish is refreshing and dry, with a pronounced taste of toasted walnuts.

100 g of product accounts for only 34 calories and 1.7 g of carbohydrates. The beer lacks protein and fat.

Harm and use popular English product

We All know that dark beer is quite harmful product that frequent use could be the beginning of such diseases as alcoholism. But do not forget about its benefits.

So, due to the content in its composition of free iron, it helps to improve digestion. Also a small amount of this product before eating improves metabolism. In addition, iron has a positive effect in the formation of hemoglobin.

Another advantage of beer «Newcastle» is the fact that it includes no fats. Dark beer does not contain caffeine, unlike the light. Due to the fact that itis based on grain crops, the beer is enriched with minerals and vitamins. It contains yeast, which is why the drink can have a laxative effect. As dark alcoholic drink improves my appetite. And it can be consumed as an aperitif. In addition, alcohol reduces blood pressure and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Regular consumption of dark beer in moderation is a good prevention of oncological diseases of the digestive system.

Newcastle beer description

Beer «Newcastle» feedback

Beer Lovers in their reviews note soft and sweet taste of this dark beverage. Many people like the foam, that does not settle and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. But be prepared that for a bottle of 0,5 l you will have to pay about 150 rubles. Although in this case it can be noted that the price for this kind of beer is not excessive, quite the contrary.

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