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If you like Georgian cuisine, you must visit Tavern on the Spassky. You will love the gorgeous interior, the special way of giving and serving, and most importantly, a terrific taste and aroma of prepared dishes. In the capital there are not many places where you can taste traditional Georgian dishes, especially at reasonable prices.tavern on the Spassky

Location and interior

Address very easy to remember: Bolshaya Spasskaya, 110, building 2. Tavern on the Spassky appreciated by lovers of this dish in the first place for the simplicity of the interiors and delicious cuisine. Here one feels free and easy, even if he just went to drink tea.

Original institution of Georgian cuisine made in Oriental style, but without unnecessary frills. Bright colors and wooden furniture, comfortable sofas and cozy rugs are handmade - all this creates a special atmosphere. Complete the picture of the stained glass Windows and panels. The room is very big, spacious, but cozy. All the guests noted that the soft Oriental music and friendly staff complete the picture.


This is the most important for any guest, because he came here primarily to eat. Tavern on the Spassky offers you traditional cuisine of Georgia and the North Caucasus. Getting here for the first time, you realize that you know nothing about the traditions and customs of the people.

The Most important meal here – this, of course, khinkali. They are prepared according to old recipes. Tavern on the Spassky – this is one of the few institutions where the emphasis is not on the outer trappings, but first and foremost on delicious. Guests will be able to appreciate the diversity of the Georgian and Abkhaz wines for each dish you can choose from several excellent cultivars. Amazing tea menu will add pleasant impressions from a delicious lunch.

However, this is not all it has to offer you Tavern on the Spassky. The menu here is very rich, so you should get hungry before you go here. Guests always appreciate chashushuli of veal, ojakhuri pork, tremendous hodgepodge. The average price of each dish - 250-300 rubles, that capital standards is not much. Judging by the reviews, the kitchen here is awesome, but the fans of catering, Shine and spotlight to look for another option.business lunch delivery

What do you know about khinkali

I'm Sure many of you will say anything. Someone thinks that the dumplings, just a different shape. Actually there is a difference, and tangible. For khinkali make a special dough. The form itself has to ensure that it is going rich broth. And, of course, it is very important to put good meat inside. And here are the options. It can be pure beef or with herbs.

Most importantly – not to khinkali are no sauces other than water with the finely chopped garlic. Keep their hands on the tail, first bite and drink the broth, then eat everything except the tail which is left on the plate.

Cafe-tavern "Wai-me”

If you need a tasty and inexpensive business lunch delivery, please contact at any establishment of this network. In total the city has two of them, but most praised the new café at the address: Pyatnitsky pereulok, 8, building 1. Simple and unpretentious, it is created in order that man might tasty and inexpensive to eat. Pay for the lunch, not the image.

Here the service is very simple and convenient. Make an order – get a pager, as he goes, taking the order. Judging by the reviews, here you get delicious Georgian food at affordable prices. The room is small, just 20 meters, here's a free fit 45 people. For example, kharcho soup costing you $ 100, portion of the 4 khinkali – 130 rubles. Kebab in pita bread - 150 rubles, chanakhi - 150 rubles. The most expensive dish – is a big khachapuri, it costs 250 rubles. Here are the budget khinkali in Moscow, the bill for two, gorged itself without measure, about 700 rubles.cafe kitchen


In Moscow, there are other cafes of Georgian cuisine, serving excellent khinkali. The network includes two restaurants serving proper khinkali. One of them is located in the Kursk and Savelovsky. These cafes were here long before around began to open trendy restaurants. Simple wooden tables with chairs and normal, hearty food. Here every night is a great place. In the menu, no special frills, two kinds of khinkali, khachapuri, lavash, a couple of types of stews with spices. Here you can order a business lunch with delivery. All very tasty and sufficiently available. Judging by the reviews, here you can dine every day and not get bored.

“Tavern 24”

Thiscafe Georgian cuisine, which serves to assess the whole palette of flavors and menu variety. But first of all go here those who want to taste delicious khinkali. The interior of the cafe is very stylish and yet simple. Tasted lovely and juicy and nourishing dish that you just decide to visit it as often as possible. Regular visitors note that this dish in the performance of local chefs has a moderately thin crust, a juicy beef and rich broth. Even for special connoisseurs of this dish, it seems very attractive.Georgian cuisine in Moscow


This, of course, not the tavern, and the establishment of the higher class. However, it also make khinkali. The restaurant has three addresses: Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 27, Pokrovskaya, 5, p. 5 and Lyublinskaya, 165, korpus 1. Judging by the reviews, the best Georgian dishes are prepared on Tverskaya. If the test special gourmets can find fault, especially because someone like very thin, and others, on the contrary, clasped tightly, before the meat filling can't resist one. Finely chopped meat, airy and delicate, fragrant, soaked in the broth is unbelievable. However, get ready for significant spending, if you decide to eat here khinkali. This restaurant is not the cheapest, but be sure to visit it at least once. It's definitely worth it.khinkali restaurant


A Small restaurant where, judging by the reviews, the best Georgian cuisine in Moscow. When you come inside, if you find yourself on a Mediterranean resort. Khinkali and lobio, shashlik and other dishes are served. Address: Bolshoi Karetny pereulok, 6, p. 1. The restaurant features excellent service, delicious food, adequate staff. Those who have already been here once, emphasize that the tarragon can take jugs. The menu is very easy for a large company, there are various meats. The portions are very large, due to which it turns a rich table. Georgian cuisine in Moscow today is gaining popularity, but not everywhere it is so amazing.

If you hit “Sahli”, don't deny yourself the pleasure to try the dessert. Gorgeous Apple pie with almonds and vanilla cream are the perfect end to the meal. Average score - 1200 rubles, but the pleasure is worth it.khinkali in Moscow

“Natakhtari” on the streets

This small restaurant is open until midnight, which means you can spend a wonderful evening. I come here mostly because of the skill of the chef. He worked all his life in Tbilisi, and moved to Russia recently. The menu includes classic Georgian cuisine. Here Phala and khinkali. Everything is prepared with great love and quality, which is often not achieved in a small tavern. Judging by the reviews, even the cold khinkali, prepared in this restaurant, not fall apart and were very tasty. The service itself has a long and pleasant gatherings and friendly conversations. You sincerely happy and ready to do everything to the evening was the best. tavern on the Spassky menu

To Summarize

The Tavern become very popular in Moscow and throughout Russia. Today we have brought for you a list of institutions where this dish manages particularly well. Among them, there are cheap eateries and cafes that are suitable for a snack at lunchtime or after work. A separate line is possible to distinguish restaurants with the appropriate interior and service. Reviews regulars will help you make the right choice. And most importantly – is to collect a suitable company, then any dish seem tastier, and the night more interesting.

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