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Pancakes – this is a dish that never goes out of fashion. This is not shrimp or oysters, which you can eat for a week. No. Pancakes can be eaten with a years and always stay attracted to them. Moreover, the selection of recipes allows you to cook new pancakes.

Of Course, the thin pancakes we fry a lot more often than fat. And for good reason. After all, thick pancakes are in no way inferior in taste, and some may even outdo thin. Doubt? Then check.

Thick Pancakes on kefir with stuffing

The Ingredients for pancakes:

• 0.5 ml of kefir;

• two hundred grams of cottage cheese;

• two eggs;

• three ounces of flour;

• one teaspoon sugar;

• half a teaspoon of salt;

• one tea-spoon soda;

• vegetable oil (for frying).

For stuffing:

• polachan cabbage;

• two slices of ham;

• two boiled eggs;

• a little salt;

• vegetable oil.

How to cook pancakes on the thick yogurt with delicious toppings

For these pancakes cook plain dough without scalding. Then a pack of cheese good RUB with the eggs and mix all with a whisk. You should obtain a completely homogeneous mass.

Adding to the resulting mixture to the yogurt and stir again with a whisk. Then gradually add the flour (stir it with a mixer). Then add to the dough the sugar, salt and soda. Mix thoroughly. Soda quenching is not necessary, it will be liquidated with kefir, and the dough will be fluffy and bubbles. The consistency you should have the dough a little thinner than for pancakes.

Now you can prepare the filling. For this finely chop the cabbage and passeruem her ten or fifteen minutes in vegetable oil. Then to the cabbage add the finely chopped ham.

Boil the eggs and pass them through a ball-cutter, or just RUB on a coarse grater. All the ingredients of stuffing and mix potseluem.

Back to our pancakes. Good heat the pan and grease it with oil. At the center of the pan pour a ladle of the dough and distribute throughout the pan. The fire need to do a little. On one half of the pancake as soon as you need to put a thin layer of stuffing and then wait until the pancake a little to grab the bottom to be able to pick up a shovel. Then a wide spatula lift the pancake half without the filling, bend it and close the half of the pancake, which is filling. Easier said bendable pancake in half. Now need to slightly flatten the pancake (but not too much so as not to squeeze out filling). When the pancake bakes region, you need to flip it to other side and fry until ready.


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Ready-made pancakes, thick yogurt, you need to cut in half, the filling looked appetizing and can be served to the table.

If the kettle is on the stove, and the tea is nothing at all no, don't worry. In just a few minutes you can prepare a wonderful fast pancakes with honey. Just what you need for a tea party.

Pancakes with kefir quick

The Necessary ingredients (for five servings):

• half Cup of wheat flour;

• six spoons tablespoons vegetable oil;

• two teaspoons of sugar;

• three table spoons of honey;

• half a liter of kefir (or water);

• a little salt;

• baking soda (on the tip of a knife).

The Process of making pancakes

Dissolve in yogurt or water, the sugar and salt and add the flour. Knead the dough. It should be homogeneous and liquid. Then in the dough add the baking soda and five tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oil-mix everything again. Here is your batter for pancakes and ready.

In a skillet to heat the remaining oil and bake our quick pancakes on both sides.

Ready pancakes should be lubricated with honey, rolled into a tube and to serve tea, while they are warm.

So we were able to cook pancakes quickly. Yogurt to make them, or on water – it depends on what is at hand. Importantly, these pancakes can do and not spend a lot of time. Well, when on the threshold of summer, and a variety of Mature berries, then serve the pancakes not only with honey. And the pancakes are thick yogurt, too, can do sweet fillings. It takes only your imagination.

Bon appétit!

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