Why is crystallization of honey?


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Sooner or later, natural honey of any kind begins to crystallize, the exception is in rare cases. Each variety this process occurs on its own. For example, the crystallization of honey from the dandelion forms a coarse, solid mass, rapeseed variety has medium or solid structure, fine crystals. This process is natural, it does not change the nutritional, biological and food tastes of the product.

honey crystallization

What determines crystallization

Honey kristallizuetsya different, and it depends on some factors: the plant from which is taken the nectar content in honey water, carbohydrate composition, temperatures, storage times, from the centers of crystallization, and even from actions that are carried out during processing of honey.

Ripe honey is composed of core components – glucose and fructose, they make up 95% of the total weight. Crystallization depends on the ratio of carbohydrates. If the honey is high in fructose, the process is slow. This crystallized honey is prone to splitting and softening. Crystals of glucose settle down, and at the top forms a dark, rich liquid fructose. This honey is most often found in Siberia.

Types of crystallization of honey depends on consistency, which during crystallization the product becomes:

  • Saloobrazny consistency. honey has a dense homogeneous mass without visible crystals.
  • Fine-Grained texture. After med secretariats, it is observed mass of small crystals of size up to 0,5 mm.
  • Coarse texture. Honey when sugared forms large crystals, the amount of which reaches more than 0.5 mm.

the crystallization of honey time

The Ratio of glucose and water

Examining the causes of crystallization of honey, it should be noted that of great importance in the process is the ratio of water and amount of glucose. If the index is greater than 2:1, the honey will crystallize. If the ratio is less than 1.7, there is a large probability that the product will stay longer in liquid form. When the water content in honey from 15 to 18% crystallization of the product occurs faster. In the presence of water more than 18%, the process is less intensive because the concentration of carbohydrates in weight decrease. The viscous consistency of honey with a low water content keeps the mass in a liquid state.

The Presence of other sugars

In addition to fructose and glucose, the honey contains other sugars: melezitose, sucrose, trehalose, raffinose and others. So balakirieva lime and honey, where the content of maltose is from 6 to 9 %, the crystallization of honey occurs more slowly. The product from sunflower, sainfoin, rapeseed maltose in 2-3% sugared is faster.

In these varieties of honey, such as chestnut, honeydew, very high concentration of melezitose. What gives? The residue upon crystallization comes in the form globeobama crystals. Other sugars present in honey, do not exert any significant influence on the process of thickening.

 the crystallization process of honey

The Influence of temperature on crystallization

The Temperature of crystallization of honey plays an important role in the process. Low temperature storage slows down becomes candied. At high – in the process of saccharification formed large crystals. The optimum temperature for honey storage should be between 10 to 18 degrees. To remain high quality, it is better to descend to the lower border. If the storage mass will always occur at 14 degrees, the crystallization may be accelerated. If the temperature will exceed 25 degrees, the thick processes slow down.

Should the honey crystallize?

The Crystallization of honey – it is a natural process. Much more suspicious is the fact if the honey during long-term storage no candy, and have been declared as natural. This only proves that the mass was diluted, and, probably, very much. The absence of crystallization may also say that honey was harvested immature. However, if storage conditions are observed properly, the container is closed, the temperature is even, the weight may not thicken years. Many people wonder why there is a crystallization of natural honey, if there's any trick. Everything is simple – if it is fructose, then the product will Sacharissa. As quickly done this process depends on many factors: storage temperature, quality and type of honey. Also if you change the temperature - the honey is moved from a cool place to a warm place - in a short time it will startcrystallize.

honey after crystallization

Time of crystallization of honey. Varieties

Depending on the type of honey the crystallization process may be faster or slower. The timing is delayed for a year or more. Crystallization of buckwheat honey is almost a month or two after harvest. The saccharification time can be extended if you store honey in a cool place. Buckwheat belongs to the category of the most useful. The distinguishing feature of this honey – dark brown color and slightly tart flavor. The value of buckwheat honey – high iron content, so this variety is recommended for use for those who have low hemoglobin. In buckwheat honey a large number of different enzymes. This is useful on the one hand, but on the other often causes various allergic reactions. It is also worth noting that buckwheat honey – one of the most nutritious varieties.

Another kind of dark varieties – brown honey. Is characterized by intense and expressive aroma. Taste – its tart, slightly bitter. Contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients useful. As with corn, most varieties cause allergic reactions. Chestnut honey is very useful for those who have problems with the kidneys, blood circulation, gastro-intestinal tract. If honey is not properly stored (it concerns all grades), he will not long remain in liquid form.

the crystallization time of honey

We have found that crystallization of honey at all classes is different. Linden honey quickly hardens at room temperature after a couple of months. The same time in all the flower varieties, which are called the motley. Linden honey is the most demanded and useful. Fresh product has bright colors, fragrant aroma. Often fake honey, sometimes with admixtures of Forbs. Has many therapeutic properties like antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic. Colds helps better than other varieties.

Wild honey assembled deep in the forest, in mountain crevices, is by nature very thick and kristallizuetsya almost immediately.

What type of honey is not kristallizuetsya?

Many people wonder whether all natural honey kristallizuetsya. There are rare exceptions. Product made by bees from nectar that is gathered in Cyprus, Ivan-tea, can be stored for years and not to sugar. Don't worry if this happens. If you are a seller of honey, it is worth buyers to give such information, so they did not doubt the authenticity of the product. Dispel the myths that all natural honey quickly kristallizuetsya. Everyone has their own life, but kipany honey can be stored in liquid form and a year or two, and even more if you follow the storage conditions.

types of crystallization of honey

Why not hardens the filtered honey?

Starts the crystallization of honey? Natural food are grains of pollen, they are centers where starts the crystallization process. If the honey is passed through a special filter that removes all the pollen, proteins, mucus, it can remain liquid for quite a long time. This gives an attractive transparent appearance of the product. In European countries large supply of honey coming from India and China, to determine the manufacturer only on pollen. In some countries the purified product was even forbidden to mention the honey. There are certain quality requirements that are spelled out in a special code. It indicated that this honey can't be removed any components, including pollen. Filtering is allowed only for the removal of organic and inorganic impurities.

Is it Possible to melt the honey, not losing useful properties?

Honey, after crystallization, the taste is no different from liquid. However, there are liquid much easier, it looks more aesthetically pleasing in a pot. In baking adds just melted honey. So how to get liquid honey by melting, without losing nutrients?

The Most common technological way of transforming the solidified mass into a liquid - a method of heating the product. In industry for packaging of honey are used in temperature from 35 to 40 degrees. At this temperature the honey is melted, it does not lose all its useful properties. Heating to a high temperature or boil honey is harmful, produces hydroxymethylfurfural (specific toxin).

So, here are a few rules for those who decided to melt the honey by yourself:

  • Do Not heat the honey above 45-50 degrees.
  • Do Not use plastic utensils for perekopki.
  • Suitable ceramic or glassware.
  • It is Not necessary to dilute the honey with water, you will get a sweet syrup.
  • It is recommended to mix different varieties in perekopka.

the temperature of crystallization of honey

How to melt in a glass jar?

The Crystallization of honey – the process is inevitable, and if you need liquid weight you can use for kindling an ordinary glass jar. Melt the honey in this way is quite simple. This method does not require heating by flame or boiling, the honey will retain all useful qualities. The easiest way – leave a jar of thick honey on a hot battery. Some times it is necessary to turn Tara. Another way – to place the container in a hot water for the whole night. The water temperature should be 50 degrees.

How to melt in a water bath?

If the thickened honey is in the small jar, you can melt it in a water bath. You need to take a deep, roomy pan and not up to the top to fill with water. To the bottom well heated, it is possible for the bottom to set the grid or a stand of iron. A jar of honey should be almost completely buried in the water. The mixture should warm up evenly and honey melts quickly at the same time. With this method, the mass will not be able to overheat or boil. Why? Because the rate of boiling of the honey differs from speed of boiling water. Honey weight just melts a bit, will be softer, fluid, with no formation of any toxic substances. The melted mass can be poured into any other container.

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