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To decorate and improve the taste of a variety of food products use sugar glaze. What are the types of this sweet substance are and how to cook it? Almost all types of glaze, which include sugar powder or sugar are called “sugar”. To cook it is quite simple: all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with a whisk or with a mixer. They are applied on the cooled cakes. When using powdered sugar is more fine and tender texture, which significantly improves the quality of the product.

The Most simple form of icing is the one made from powdered sugar and water. For its preparation mix 1 Cup of powder with 60 ml of water. When cooking it should be considered that if it turned out a little watery, then add powder, but if it is too thick, add water.

To decorate cakes, cookies, cakes and cupcakes you can prepare a simple glaze consisting of 1 protein chicken eggs and 100 g of powder. For its preparation it is necessary to sift the powdered sugar through a sieve, add egg white and beat with a mixer until light, airy foam. To create drawings and inscriptions use a cooking syringe or a plastic bag with a cut corner.

A delicious protein sugar glaze obtained from 1 Cup powder, 1 protein, 20 ml of lemon juice. Protein chilled whipped with a mixer, add the powder and lemon juice, after which the mixture is applied on the cakes.

Fruit frosting is made from 1 cups of powder to 60 ml fruit juice (any), 0,5 teaspoon of vanilla.

Butter sugar glaze is prepared from 0.5 glass powder, 0.5 tsp. of vanilla, 20 ml cream (20%). All the ingredients are combined and mixed. Ready mixture is applied on the cakes.

Dairy frosting made from 1 Cup of powder, tablespoon of butter, 0.5 CH. l. vanillin, 40 ml milk, a pinch of salt. Melt butter, add milk powder, vanillin, salt.

Very beautiful multicolored sugar glaze is obtained by adding to a simple mixture of the ingredients natural dyes or prepare it from fruit juices. For natural dyes is evaporated juice of vegetables, berries, fruits and get those colors:


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red (cherry, raspberry, strawberry);

yellow, orange (pineapple, carrot);

green (parsley, spinach);

brown (strong tea or coffee);

blue, purple (blueberries, blackberries).

For the preparation of colored glaze combine 40 ml of water and dye, add the powdered sugar (0.5 cups) and mix thoroughly.

Many people buy at Easter Easter cakes in the shop, wistfully recall the days when mothers and grandmothers will bake festive cakes and covered her white protein coating. And although industrial make mud pies with the same ingredients, the taste often does not satisfy us. Below is the recipe, which has for many years. Glaze for Easter made from the freshest proteins. For its preparation you need to take eggs that were stored not longer than 7 days. Quality can be defined by their yolk: the more liquid, the less fresh eggs. When hit by particles of yolk protein in the frosting may not be obtained.

Before whisking egg whites slightly cool them and add to them a pinch of salt. With a mixer or whisk, whip them 3 minutes, then gradually add sugar. Whites whipped with sugar for 2 minutes. If the sugar substitute powder, the glaze will work better. 1 protein requires 100 g of sugar or powder. Perfectly whipped frosting has a smooth, dense structure. When applied to the baked goods it will not crack. To protein the glaze evenly cover the product, and were glossy, on the surface of the cake is applied in a thin layer of thick jam or marmalade.

To glaze, rather kept it dry in the oven, putting back the cake for 3-5 minutes.

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