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At the present time, a fractured finger occurs quite often. It can occur directly as a result of direct trauma. To this injury include shock, exposure to various moving machinery, falling of any heavy object, etc. But often there is indirect trauma.

A Fracture can be recognized, based on specific symptoms. Typically, this pain occurs at any point when the hand closes into a fist. Often you hear the crunch. Also observed deformation of the finger and limiting its movement.

Finger Fracture is of several types. So, there are transverse fractures, spiral, rarely oblique or comminuted. In addition, there are fractures intra - and extra-articular, without displacement or with displacement. Diagnosis is often simple, therefore, when determining the fracture does not occur difficulties.

In the case when the fracture without displacement, treatment is conservative. Use for immobilization plaster Longuet. It must be held approximately twenty days. But in certain situations it takes much more time.

It is constantly necessary to ensure that the dressing kept the fingers in a functional position with the direction (or rather mixing with) the tips of all fingers on the styloid process of the radius directly.

Those fingers that are not damaged, should remain free. When there is a finger fracture with displacement, mostly carried out reposition of fragments. This is done in order to perform an accurate mapping. In the case of the possibility of closed reduction requires treatment by surgery with the use of fragments of the spokes for a more secure fit.


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It Should be noted that the broken finger, symptoms of which may be such as cyanosis and edema, and is diagnosed with radiographs, performed in two projections. In any case, the right diagnosis must supply a qualified technician.

It is Important to know that the fragments of the damaged phalanx must be very good and accurate map. This is necessary in order to preserve finger function. Otherwise, the finger will not only be able to function, but will remain deformed. And for subsequent repair would require a re-correction of the bone by fracture.

Fracture of phalanx of finger requires wearing a plaster splint for at least three weeks. And, often, the displaced fracture to hold the fragments, except for the spokes, and use bone pins. And in certain cases, imposed skeletal traction.

It Should also be noted that the mapping of fragments should be implemented in the shortest possible time. It must be made no later than the second day, directly after the incident fracture. As a rule, such comparison is made mandatory under local anesthesia.

In case of success of this manipulation, superimposed plaster bandage, when applied which necessarily must take over the first finger. This is carried out under constant x-ray control.

If you re-bias required the imposition of skeletal traction, the term of which reaches three weeks. In another case, the treatment is performed through surgery. After fixation of bone fragments spokes (one or two, usually) for about three weeks, they (the spokes) are extracted. However, the plaster bandage is left for about another five weeks.

At the end of all these procedures finger fracture treated with physiotherapy and kinesitherapy. The full recovery of the functions of the finger is recommended constant supervision either by a doctor or other qualified professional.

It Often happens that the fracture is quite complex, having many pieces. In such a situation, as a rule, surgery is performed osteosynthesis. It involves the fixation of bone fragments with the aid of needles or plates. Specially designed metal plate can be bent and modeled in such a way, to repeat exactly the anatomy directly broken finger.

In addition to this, these plates have another advantage: they have relatively low thickness. This means that visually they are not visible after the wound is closed. And they do not injure the surrounding soft tissue. Using this procedure can only accurately collect all (even the slightest) fragments.

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