Why there is a red spot on the tip of my penis?


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Any changes on the genitals, whether selection or red spot on the head of your cock, cause men fear. Rash talking about the illness most of these illnesses are transmitted through sexual contact or the contamination by household, in public baths and saunas, when using a single towels or sets of bed linen several people and when other such circumstances.

What kind Of diseases could say a red spot on the tip of my penis?


Although in women the disease is much more common, however, men also defeated the infection.

What is the yeast infection (otherwise this disease called candidiasis)? It's a fungus, which selects the location of mucous membranes. The main symptom that characterizes the disease in men, red spot on the tip of my penis. Soon such lesions are becoming more and more. The head of the penis and foreskin become inflamed, start to swell. All this is accompanied by a burning sensation when urinating, pain during intercourse and itching. Prolonged neglect of the disease may appear white, thick coat.

A Yeast infection requires immediate treatment to the doctor, otherwise the disease can become chronic discharge. Infection can then fade out, then escalate. But even if it passes without medical intervention do not count on a full recovery. In fact the thrush fungus will not disappear from the body of the man. Neglected spots will go to erosion.


What is herpes? It is a virus that most often affects the face, the lips and the genitals of a person regardless of his gender. Infection can be transmitted sexually and through everyday life, oral sex with a partner who has on the face or lips herpes rash can lead to the transfer of harmful bacteria to the genitals where the infection would start to multiply and manifest itself.


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The Rash of herpes is a little red spot on the tip of my penis, which is a transparent bubble. Bubbles gradually becoming more and the affected area grows. Herpes may be accompanied by not too high (up to 38 degrees) increased body temperature. A man feels itching and unpleasant painful sensations in the field of infection. Treatment should be prompt. Herpes without medical intervention will spread and gradually get to the genitourinary system, and this may lead to such consequences as prostatitis and urethritis. One-third of men, the disease is recurrent in nature, and even after proper treatment herpes can appear on the same place.

Papilomavirusy infection

In this case, the spot on the head of the penis is a pink bump, which is called the pointed condyloma. This infection is very common and found in almost half of men. Most often the disease occurs completely unnoticed, and the man does not even know about the infection.

The Only symptom is the appearance of warts. They represent a small seal of pink, brown or just solid colors. Their surface is rough or completely smooth. At the beginning of the manifestation papillomaviruses infection rash quite small, just a few millimeters. But with the development of the disease bubbles  and grow up to one centimetre in diameter.

The Primary site of damage - the trunk of the penis, only in some cases, you may receive the characteristic red spot on the tip of my penis. Scrotum is also affected very rarely.

It Is understood that any rashes on the genitals-is a signal of existing health problems, it is a sign of any disease. So do not hesitate to address to the venereologist!

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