Surgical abortion: is it worth it?


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Despite the enormous pace of development of the industry, particularly the production of the means of contraception and education in developed countries, the topic of unwanted pregnancy remains important, especially among adolescents and young adults. Solved this delicate problem, usually through termination of pregnancy medically or surgically (people do not consider due to their inefficiency and insecurity). Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

surgical abortionSo, surgical abortion is possible up to 12 weeks (later if there are serious medical indications), hospital physician, with the use of appropriate technology and pharmaceuticals. As with any other operation, and that operation before conducting an examination and to pass a number of tests: ultrasound of the pelvic organs, blood and urine tests.

Surgical abortion is performed only under anesthesia. According to the patient can be applied both General and local anesthesia, however, according to experts, preferable local.

surgical abortion reviewsThe Mechanism of operation is as follows: in the uterine cavity through a pre-extension of the neck insert the curette (loop with sharp edges). With this tool, the mechanical destruction of the embryo, which fragments are taken out, the inner surface of the endometrium vystavlyaetsya. The damaged area of the uterus where the embryo was implanted, recovery is not The surgery is performed under ultrasound control in order to avoid accidental injury to the uterus. Surgical abortion usually takes, 15 to 30 minutes.


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Like any other surgery, surgical abortion has a number of contraindications:

  • An Allergic reaction to the drugs used for anaesthesia.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.
  • Infectious disease.
  • Blood clotting disorder.

In addition to the contraindications there is quite a large number of consequences, among which are: mechanical damage to the uterus with subsequent adhesion processes, allergies, bleeding in 1-2% of cases there is a need to re-curettage, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, hormonal disruption, infertility, and mental disorders.

Despite all of the above, among all gynecological operations on the first positions is surgical abortion, which is very unflattering. So, in 15% of cases after an abortion, there are serious violations of a monthly cycle, 20% and inflammatory disease with many consequences, in 100% of cases there is a decrease in immunity, violation of the endocrine system, nervous disorders, 25% - secondary infection of the uterine cavity, the use in the operation of hegar's dilator causes damage to the muscles of the cervix, often irreversible, which subsequently causes a miscarriage in later pregnancies (25-30 weeks). In addition, after the abortion, the probability of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion and cancer of the female reproductive system. So we see that surgical abortion, which cost less than drug, has many very serious consequences and is a huge stress to the body of women: nulliparous patients make it highly not recommended because of the high probability of infertility or nevynashivanii pregnancy.

surgical abortion cost

In order to avoid all of the above take care of yourself, responsible approach to the selection of the partner and of contraceptive methods and remember: abortion – not the solution, but only the beginning.

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