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Thanks to television advertising today, everyone knows that the cause of ulcers and gastritis is spiral bacterium Helicobacter pylori. But the fact that its presence in the body can be examined by passing an appropriate analysis, for many a revelation. So, what is this bacterium, who needs to worry about timely diagnosis and  To be tested Helicobacter pylori

How is the infection and who shows the analysis for Helicobacter pylori?

Helicobacter pylori “live” in the lower part of the stomach, brings great exposure to gastric juice, and is transmitted through ... saliva. Therefore, infection usually occurs when close contact or using the same utensils. According to statistics from the H. pylori infected More than 60% living on our planet people, but health problems did not occur at all. Why? It all depends on the immune system and the presence of risk factors: stress, bad habits, and feeding disorders.

Urgent diagnosis is needed for those who have the following symptoms:

  • Heaviness in the stomach and heartburn;
  • Pain in the stomach area (especially if they are after a meal);
  • Physical rejection of the food.

At risk are also close to those who have identified a Helicobacter pylori infection.

How to make tests for Helicobacter pylori?

To date, there are several methods of diagnosis: 

  1. ELISA blood test, which revealed the presence and count the number of antibodies (immunoglobulins) to Helicobacter pylori. 
  2. Respiratory urease test.
  3. Identification of DNA fragments Helicobacter pylori in feces by polymerase chain reaction (analysis of the antigen).
  4. Biopsy Cytology when fibrogastroduodenoscopy.

The Most accurate of all research is to biopsy, but other tests are usually assigned in the complex – this increases the chances of getting an accurate result.

Blood test for antibodies to Helicobacter pylori: how and when to take?

The Blood need to pass in the morning, on an empty stomach. Material for research is taken from vein into a special tube of gel, accelerating separation of the plasma.

How does the respiratory analysis on Helicobacter pylori?

The breath test is carried out on an empty stomach is in the intake air samples, exhaled by the patient to determine of the proportion of carbon dioxide, which is obtained by cleavage of urease (an enzyme produced by bacteria). the Before procedure it is not recommended to smoke and drink the water, you can only brush your teeth but do not use mouthwash or a breath freshener.

How to rent a stool test for Helicobacter pylori?

The Stool is collected at home and placed in the laboratory in a special container. The sample must be without impurities (urine, bile, pus, blood, mucus, etc.).

How to take analysis of mucosa for Helicobacter pylori with EGD?

Biopsy if fibrogastroduodenoscopy Done in the morning in the hospital on an empty stomach. During the procedure using special equipment made visual inspection of the stomach from the inside, and then undertake samples of the mucosa.

Preparation for analysis of Helicobacter pylori: features

Preparation for analysis depends on the method of diagnosis.

  1. The blood specially no need to prepare. Most importantly – The previous day, fatty foods, drink alcohol of time and come to the point of testing.
  2. Preparing for areasnew test implies rejection of any medicines that reduce the secretion of gastric juice (to stop taking drugs need 2 weeks to test!), alcohol (3 days before the study) and foods that cause flatulence (The day before a test).
  3. In Front of the stool should be excluded from the diet (3 days prior to specimen collection) products with a high content of dietary fiber, drugs that stimulate the bowels, and also to stop the use of candles and not to put an enema.
  4. EGD done on an empty stomach (Smoking is also impossible!). Thus the time interval between the last ingestion and the procedure should be A minimum of 12 hours.

Important! Antibiotics can skew the results of any analysis, therefore, medication must be stopped a week to research.

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