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With age, our body loses many of its functions. Unfortunately, this also applies to the dentition. We come to the aid prosthesis, which is intended to restore lost function. Today there are many different orthotic designs. They return the taste of life, aesthetics and self-confidence. In our article we will discuss one of the products, which are intended to make the operation of the removable structures as comfortable as possible. We will talk about the dental drug “Korea" for the prostheses. Reviews about this tool, we will also learn how and other introductory information.corega prosthesis reviews

General information

A Special drug that keeps the prosthetic structure on the gums. Cream “Korea” denture fills in all the open areas. Due to this excludes the contact with food under restoration. The gum tissue no longer cause mechanical damage. Improves the situation from the hygienic point of view through the use of cream “Korea" for the prostheses. Specialists say that the drug prevents the uncontrolled growth of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.

The Tool available in tubes (40 mg), has a creamy consistency. In the product contains zinc, therefore, the patient should consult a specialist before use of the reporting tool. Shelf life is three years from the date of issue of cream “Korea”. The price of the drug is in the range of 260-300 p. depending on the city and region in which it is implemented.corega price


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Consider the drug is indicated for use to those people who wear full or partial removable orthopedic constructions. Usually a specialist consults patients after their installation. Also the cream can be used as temporary assistant in cases where the prosthesis has not yet customized or already loose. If you can not see a specialist for correction of the structure, it can be simply fix with the help of the drug “Korea”. The use of funds for these purposes should be a temporary measure. To fit the prosthesis still have.

Tips for safe and effective use of funds

For the safe use of the product must be correctly applied. Experts recommend to not only learn, but also to consult first with the dentist. If you have any chronic diseases, it is advisable to discuss the use of medication and with a therapist.

How to apply cream “Korea”? Manual says that with proper consumption of the drug should last for three weeks. First we need to determine the dosage of the cream. Apply the preparation point on the prosthetic structure, or thin strips. Then put the denture on the gums, press firmly and hold it for a few minutes. Excess glue should be removed with a clean cloth. If the cream sticks in large quantities, so the next time the dose needs to be reduced. The manufacturer emphasizes that the drug should only be used once per day.corega instruction

Extraction of prosthesis

Clear the mouth of food debris, rinsing it with warm water. Next, in a circular motion raskatayte the restoration and gently remove it. Carefully clean the prosthesis after each extraction. For more effective sanitization use tablets “Korea" for the prostheses. Specialists and patients agree that they provide the proper cleaning of prosthetic.corega for dentures

Contraindications and side effects

The Drug has virtually no contraindications. In some cases, as a ban on the use of a latch may be individual intolerance to any ingredient. Pregnancy and lactation are not a cause for contraindications. The tool also goes well with other medicines, without exerting any action on their pharmacological properties. The drug is generally well tolerated by patients. In rare cases you may experience some side effects:

1. Nausea.

2. Increased saliva production.

3. A violation of taste perception.

4. Local allergic reaction.

Reviews about

Of Course, before you buy something, we would like to know the real reviews about it. It is not always possible to trust.corega application

So what people are saying about the drug “Korea” for dentures? Reviews about it can be found not only good. Most people speak in a positive way. They say that quality of life has changed.

1. Disappeared pain during eating.

2. Dentures are securely held at its place throughout the day.

3. Have the opportunity to eat solid food.

4. Patients are no longer afraid that the denture will fall out of his mouth at the most inopportune moment.

There are sayings and that means our expectations of a person. We are talking about a large consumption of cream, the discomfort and injuries of the gums. But if we do not take into account cases of side effects from the use of the drug, it can be assumed that the construction of these people require correction. Experts say that a properly made denture should not leave large gaps between its parts and the gum. Such construction and are designed a certain dosage of single use lock. Such prosthesis will not injure the delicate tissue in the oral cavity.

We examined the General characteristics and rules of use "Korea”. Price fixing cream is available for a wide range of the population. Now – the choice is yours!


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