How is the fracture of penis?


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The attention of a strong half of humanity to “manhood” many people causes smiling. However, penis deserves an attentive and caring attitude, because in essence – this is a very vulnerable organ and, despite the fact that there are no bones, fractures do happen. Moreover, this injury as a fracture of the member, unfortunately, not uncommon. And it's worth noting that the man who received such an injury requires medical help.

Causes of fracture of the penis

fracture of a memberA Man can receive such trauma, being in a state of sexual arousal during erection. Most often a fracture of a member can occur due to careless behavior of sexual intimacy partners. For example, if you have sex in any unusual positions, or for aggressive sexual intercourse. The cause of the injury can be sudden careless movement partners during sex. Inexorable statistics says that almost 60% of fractures in men get sex with partner in the position of “ride”. The closer the lady is to the peak of sensations, the greater and sharper she makes a movement, the phallus may suddenly pop up and strongly hit the pubic bone, or bone of the thigh or the perineum. As a result the man can get a fracture of the penis.

Signs of a fracture

As a rule, the fracture is accompanied by an unpleasant crackling sound typical of tears of the corpus cavernosum, after which the man feels a sharp pain. Instantly stops an erection, the penis starts to swell due to heavy internal bleeding. Hematoma is growing almost on the eyes, acquiring blue-purple dark color, and the pain becomes more intense, then there can be a shock. fracture penisIn addition, the fracture member may cause laceration of the urethra, after which it is impossible to empty the bladder.


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What to do at the turn?

Despite the horrific appearance of damage and severe pain should maintain composure, as the damage disposable, subject to the timely provision of medical care. Therefore, it is necessary to go on reception to the doctor or to the er, about any psychological difficulties in this case it should not go.

Penile Fracture – treatment

In the hospital the victim will be held in conjunction with ultrasound dopplerographic mapping that improves the quality of diagnosis, and radiographic studies, such as urethrography and cavernosography.

The size of the injury of the tunica and the severity of the hematoma, which caused a fracture of the penis, affect the treatment of the injury. If the hemorrhage is extensive, with surgical intervention hematoma is revealed. curvature of penisThe Doctor will do everything necessary to remove accumulated blood clots, stop bleeding, to eliminate the defects of the corpus cavernosum and tunica albuginea, in the hematoma drainage will be conducted.

When damage to the urethra the recovery is well as through surgery. Followed by antibiotic therapy, prophylaxis and therapy of erectile dysfunction.

It is Worth noting that in some cases, the characteristic of deformation at fracture of a phallus is not observed, and the man may decide not to turn to doctors, but this is a mistake, because if exposed skin malunion, inevitably follows the curvature of the penis and pain during erection, which generally can lead to impotence. In order to avoid serious complications you should not ignore the help of experts.

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