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In the body the liver is the many important tasks. It neutralizes alien toxic products and poisons metabolism, stores energy reserves as glycogen, takes part in regulation of carbohydrates exchange. In addition, the liver is the supply of minerals and vitamins, there is formed and secretes bile.

This on the amazing ability to regenerate. Its original size can be restored even in the presence of 25% healthy tissue. However, the recovery process is very slow. Greatly influenced by and what is harmful for the liver. To adverse factors include consumption of alcohol, penetration of viral hepatitis. Under their influence is the weakening of liver function, particularly impaired formation and secretion of bile.

A common reasons causing difficulties in bile entering the intestine include inflammation in the bile ducts (cholangitis), gallbladder (cholecystitis), spasms in the ducts or blockage of a gallstone.

In order to prevent and to eliminate various diseases apply hepatotropic drugs including pills for liver. Drugs depending on the mechanism of therapeutic effects and area of application are divided into cholagogue, holekinetiki, choleretic, cholelitolitic, hepatoprotectors. In addition, in the process of restoration of the body and apply vitamins to the liver (vitamin C, E and lipoic acid).

Among the choleretic drugs include the following:

“Bought”, he contributes to the secretory function of the liver cells, reducing the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, increased motor activity and secretory functions of the digestive tract.


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These pills for the liver contain garlic, the bile activated charcoal and nettle leaves.

The Drug is used for chronic hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, atonic constipation, biliary dyskinesia.

“Holagol” is the combined cholagogue, has moderate antispasmodic and choleretic effect. Release form of the drug – drops for internal use. Shown ‘Holagol” in chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, cholangitis (remissionem period), dyspeptic syndrome after operations on the biliary ducts, as well as in chronic liver diseases.

The medications include such drugs as pills for the liver "Kars” and “Essentiale”.

The first means included a dry extract from the fruit Silybum spotted. Hepatoprotective properties of the drug are due to the presence of this plant is silymarin. Pills for the liver "Kars" have membrane stabilizing effect, accelerating regenerative processes in the body. In addition, by binding with free radicals, turning them into compounds with lower toxicity. "Kars" prevents the destruction of the structures of hepatic cells.

Indications are chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis (composed of combination of drugs), toxic injury, steatosis, condition after suffering a toxic or infectious hepatitis. The tool is used as a prevention of prolonged ingestion of alcohol, hepatotoxic drugs, in cases of chronic intoxication. "Kars" is also used in the correction of disorders of lipid metabolism.

“Essentiale” is a means comprehensive. In its composition contains vitamins and phospholipids. The drug is indicated for hepatitis, cirrhosis, toxic lesions, toxemia of pregnancy, fatty degeneration, psoriasis, radiation sickness, hepatic coma.

To familiarize yourself with contraindications to drugs, you must read the instructions for use, and consult with a specialist.

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