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Drug "Rosuvastatin" has been known since 2003 and is offered as the statin generation IV. It is a modern and high-quality inhibitor of gamma-methylglutaryl-COA reductase. This enzyme is responsible for synthesis of cholesterol in the human body. Its inhibition leads to a decrease of endogenous cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

an Analogue of rosuvastatin

In Addition to "Rosuvastatin" there are several class of analogues belonging to the group of statins. This Is "Simvastatin", "Pravastatin", "Cerivastatin", "Lovastatin", "Fluvastatin", "Atorvastatin", "Pitavastatin". On clinical effectiveness and the speed of lowering total and low-density cholesterol "Rosuvastatin" second only to "Pitavastatin", which is still not widely used due to less accumulated database of clinical trials.

Today "Atorvastatin" is used more often than other statins because that has the most comprehensive scientific research base of evidence of its clinical effectiveness. Also he and his generics are much cheaper, "Rosuvastatin". But since the effect of the last (normalization of the lipid profile of blood plasma) occurs faster, and he begins to be applied more widely. It's really a quality product, for which you should pay the price.

The Place of "Rosuvastatin" in pharmacotherapy

The drug "Rosuvastatin" application, despite the existence of class counterparts, is quite broad. It is determined by the limited indications and contraindications. In the readings are present in almost all types of giperholesterinemia and disorders of lipid metabolism. The reduction of atherogenic fractions of lipids has a positive effect on the body. Because of this, the likelihood of developing atherosclerotic lesions is reduced, and life expectancy (and quality) increase somewhat.


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The Drug “Rosuvastatin” can be used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and their treatment. The last niche of pharmacotherapy exists due to the oppression of the processes of atherosclerosis and stabilization of the endothelium over the plaque. Since the heart attacks of the brain and heart develop due to acute thrombosis of the arteries leading this clinical effect really helps to prevent acute coronary events.

Drug rosuvastatin

Usage instructions

Attached to the drug "Rosuvastatin" application instructions (the counterparts of such documents do not exist) contains a narrow range of indications for use. However, it does not contain information for the patient that before the application is required to determine the fraction of cholesterol. In the future the change will allow to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the treatment in the right dose. Also, the user manual contains information about safety precautions and features, the contraindications and the most common and important side effects.


Among all diseases associated with an increase in lipid fractions of plasma, highlighted some clinical indications:

  • Hereditary heterozygous (familial) hypercholesterolemia;
  • Classified by polygenic hypercholesterolemia Fredrickson type IIa;
  • Combined dyslipidemia classified as IIb Fredrickson;
  • Homozygous hereditary (familial) hypercholesterolemia;
  • Coronary, cerebral or renal arteriosclerosis, occlusive the lumen of the artery;
  • Atherosclerosis of lower limb arteries, including Leriche's syndrome;
  • Hypertriglyceridemia (type IV according to Fredrickson);
  • The treatment of myocardial infarction and brain, beginning in the acute period;
  • Prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke.


rosuvastatin usage instructions counterparts

Any cheap analogue of "Rosuvastatin" has the same number of side-effects that the original "Crestor". On the basis of their formed range of contraindications, which are as follows:

  • Liver disease with syndrome of cytolysis of hepatocytes, and more than a threefold increase transaminases concentration;
  • Liver failure, cirrhosis with 9 points on a scale child-Pugh;
  • Chronic insufficiency renal function with increased creatinine clearance below 30 mlmin.;
  • Myopathy of any origin;
  • Allergic reactions to components of the dosage form or "Rosuvastatin".

There is a group of additional contraindications for dosage 40 mg:

  • Chronic renal failure with increased creatinine clearance is not below 60 mlmin.;
  • Any hereditary myopathy;
  • Concomitant use with fibrates;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Mongoloid race;
  • The use of statin for the first time.


All the "Rosuvastatin" - drugs, analogues of which are widely available on the market. And, choosing a certain brand name, have the patient take the medicine and on. That is to change the medication to another is unwise. The drug is taken with or without food and at any time of the day. There are a few other recommendations of specialists, who previously worked with statins the first generations. They contain information that statins need to be taken before bedtime. Although this principle is not important, as long as the medication is taken around the same time and continuously.

Rosuvastatin analogues reviews

To Control their own state of need to constantly, while taking "Rosuvastatin" (the analogues). Specialists allow you to work out the best tactics of observation. In particular, after establishing the presence of hypercholesterolemia need to start taking the drug at a fixed dose. After 2 months the control is repeatedly performed is evaluated lipid profile and transaminases.

If there is a normalization of the lipid profile of blood plasma, required to continue taking in the same dose. If total cholesterol remains high, and the amount of low density cholesterol decreases slightly, requiring higher dosages. If transaminases increase by three times, require the abolition of statins. It should be particularly noted that the lowest propensity to cause cytolysis of all the statins is "Rosuvastatin". Counterparts (Ukraine gradually moves from "Atorvastatin" to "Rosuvastatin") at the class less safe. And least studied is "Pitavastatin".

Equivalent of "Rosuvastatin"

As an analogy, "Rosuvastatin" ("Crestor") today proposed more than 10 medications. Among them, "HSE", "Martini", "Rozart", "Resistors", "Rosuvastatin Canon", "Rosuvastatin SOTEKS", "Rosuvastatin Sz", "Rosalie", "Rookard", "Roxana", "Ruston", "Devastor". The cost of treating them different as efficiency. For the price of these drugs can be divided into three categories:

  • Low prices (from 250 to 650 rubles): "Rosuvastatin Sz", "Rosuvastatin Canon", "HSE", "Rosuvastatin SOTEKS";
  • Average prices (from 400 to 900 rubles): "Martini", "Rozart", "Roxana", "Rookard", "Devastor", "Rosalie";
  • High prices (from 1100 to 2200 rubles): "Crestor".

Analysis of prices was based on comparing the cost of drugs, weight of active substance was 10 mg. price Range reflects the cost of a monthly course of cholesterol-lowering therapy. Most cheap analogue of "Rosuvastatin" produced by the company "Northern star". "Rosuvastatin Canon" and "HSE" is also slightly different in price. They cost the least changes depending on currency fluctuations.rosuvastatina drugs analogues

General overview cheap generic drugs of "Crestor"

Drug "Rosuvastatin" category which was developed by Astrazeneca, is called "Crestor". This is the original cure, to compare all others. The same goes for reviews: characteristics of a particular generic must rely on its comparison with "Crestor". But because of the rather high cost, many patients immediately begin treatment of hypercholesterolemia with cheaper generics.

Objective information in the reviews can be provided only by professionals who are often faced with application and generic "Rosuvastatin" and the original "Crestor". And attached to the drug "Rosuvastatin" instructions for use, patient feedback and clinical experience will allow other patients to choose a specific trade name.

Rosuvastatin analogues of Ukraine

Reviews from specialists about "Crestor" and generics

The Comparison of "Crestor" was conducted only by specialists of all-Russian society of cardiology. This information is often published in the magazine "Rational pharmacotherapy in cardiology". In particular, it addresses issues of bioequivalence between generics and the drug "Crestor". The results of pharmacoeconomic studies found that the drugs "Martini", "Rozart", "Roxana", "Rookard" and "Rosalie" bioequivalent "Crestor".

This means that any specified analogue of "Rosuvastatin" has a therapeutic effect similar to the original drug, has the same number and severity of side effects. While medicines "Rosuvastatin Sz", "Rosuvastatin Canon", "Rosuvastatin SOTEKS" and "HSE" in such tests is not involved. Since these...

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