First aid kit - a necessary thing for the company at the office. What should be included in the first aid kit?


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first aid kitUnfortunately, in life we often find ourselves in dangerous situations, of which often leave with bruises, broken bones, bruises and other damages. But it is, in fact, nothing, if you remember that people are regularly killed at work, at home and on the street for the reason that they did not have time to provide first aid. Emergencies, all kinds of attacks, accidents and fires-all this catches the man off guard, and his head crashes everything that was covered at lessons OBZH. When something out of the ordinary, first, you need to be able to cope with them, and secondly, to have on hand popular medical facility. So, you may be able to save the life of yourself or another injured person. First aid kit designed just to store these funds. You have probably seen compact purse with a picture of her with the red cross.

A first aid Kit should be at home, and at work. All members of the group or family needs to be aware of where it is. If any tool it ends, you must immediately add it. Let us thoroughly consider the tools included in the kits.

First aid Kit: complete

Nine of disinfected gauze swabs 75mm x 75mm.

a Pack of ten paper napkins.

Twenty - four bactericidal adhesive tape (better if they are different in size).

- the Roll of adhesive tape, width 25 mm.

Two antiseptic wipes with antistatic effect, 100 x 100 mm.

Three sterile compress bandage (again, ideally, if they are of different sizes: small, medium and bigger).

- Three rolls medical elastic bandage (width should be 100, 75 and 50 mm).

a Couple of calico triangular bandages.

Five English pins.

the Scissors are made of stainless steel.

- Forceps, made of the same material.

- Pen and notebook.

Three cellophane package.

- Antiseptic pad of gauze and wool size 9 x 20 mm.

Medical latex gloves.

the Book is about how to help the victim.

Here, perhaps, and all members of the first aid kit.


"Decontaminated" means to ligation with anti-static or adsorbing effect are of different size. They are available in a hermetic packaging, which should break only just before the overlay material on the wound.


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Packages Sterile gauze

They come in several sizes – small, optimal, and large. In the package you can find a bandage, and a pad of gauze and cotton wool. It is quite thick and robust: it can help quickly enough to stop the bleeding, even if it gushes a strong stream.

Antiseptic pad of gauze and cotton wool

first aid kitAs you already know, it is an effective remedy is useful when bleeding. Also the pad should protect the damaged skin. It consists of a disc of cotton wool, sewn into the gauze. You can just press it to the skin, but some fold it several times and only then applied. The first aid kit must contain the cushion.

Disinfected bandage with anti-static effect

These funds are used for skin lesions (wounds, burns), when a simple adsorption material sticks to it. There are several choices of dressings: is and thin tissue paper, and pad of gauze and cotton wool, one side of which has an antistatic effect. We are talking about plastic film, evenly speckled with small holes, through which the blood enters in the adsorbent material. Antistatic dressings made from synthetic fabrics. Don't know which side to attach it to the skin? Consider it carefully: the surface should be glossy.

Bactericidal plaster

the composition of the first aid kitFirst aid Kit for first aid should contain this tool. They can stick with a small damage on the skin. On the sticky surface of the adhesive tape is a soft cushion, which must be applied to the wound. Perhaps, this production will delight you with its diversity. Plasters are oval, square, and rectangular. And for the fingertips and the form is appropriate. The plaster should be changed every day, otherwise the wound will be a long time to heal.

Roll of adhesive plaster

Again we are pleased with large selection of products. In the market you can find different types of plasters, different in width. Usually they are made from such materials that do not cause allergies. That is, they are simply not able to cause any harm. The optimal width is 25 mm. adhesive tape suitable for any area of the skin – on the hands, feet, fingers, etc.

There Are situations when to bandage a well-kept, requires a wide band-aid. Then you need to wind it a few times. There is a band-aid, resembling paper. Its disadvantage is that it can easily be broken. It needs to be wound on the body so that each new layer partially attached to the previous one. So it will be good to stay. But if the room is very hot or humid, be prepared for the fact that it can come off.


first aid kit to employeesIn the purchase of bandage pay attention to their elasticity. This quality is necessary in order to make it impossible to tie them too strongly. These bandages are made from synthetic materials and cotton. In addition, they contain elastic fibers. Remember: first aid kit without bandages – it's something useless. Yes, they really are so important.

Applying a bandage to the wound, make sure it is well stretched. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of cross-clamping of the damaged parts of the body. If you accidentally sprained foot or sprained ligaments, you will need a reliable patch of thick bandage. Its membership will include a greater number of elastic fibers. But to bandage it up – this is half the battle. Then will have from time to time to check very much whether it is snug.

Triangular bandage in the form of a triangle necessary for the imposition of the injured arm, fixing the tyre to the leg, and to stop bleeding. If first aid kit is universal, it is always possible to find this tool. It is made from a rectangular piece of material whose size is 1m x 1m. It is cut diagonally.

Tools for the treatment of wounds

Good is a first aid kit in which there are means for the treatment of wounds, that is, absorb blood and cleaning the damaged skin.

Antiseptic swabs gauze

Note that this one-time money. Repeated use can bring infection in the wound.

Paper towels

first aid kit for first aidThey are designed to erase the vomit, blood and other secretions. Also use them only once. Only it is not necessary to clean the wound with them directly, as they are not disinfected. For this purpose more suitable sterile swabs of gauze.


Yes, don't be surprised the first aid kit must be stocked and them. But they don't need much. Tweezers and scissors will suffice. Of course, they should be of high quality.


One end should be sharp, and the other – oval. So it will be convenient to cut clothing and bandages.


first aid kit universalNote how tightly touching the ends when you squeeze it in your hand. Also make sure that they are not very sharp. Using tweezers to pull out splinters. It is recommended to give preference to tools with rectangular or oval ends.


First aid Kit workers must be equipped with some more items.

Plastic bags

They can be Packed, for example, a dirty bandage, any thing.

Safety pins

Safety pins (still referred to as safe) are needed in order to secure clothes and bandages.

Latex gloves

first aid kit package contentsA first aid Kit must contain them. They should give first aid. Although, of course, there are exceptions, for example, if you have an intolerance to latex or have no time to wear them. Soiled gloves must be disposed of properly, Packed them in a tightly sealed container. After work they need to wash their hands.

Pen and notebook

They will need in order to record information about the patient's state of health. The approached doctors from the ambulance will need to find out how changing the temperature, pulse rate, etc.

Book on first aid

Not everyone knows what to do in an emergency. So well, if the Cabinet is a book with the necessary information.

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