Uric acid in the blood. Role in the body and ways of regulation


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A Healthy human body is a well-established system of interaction of its elements. And the atypical one of them entails the failure of all functional integrity. What is the role of uric acid in the blood and what is the exceeding or diminishing its content?

Power of modern population is characterized by high protein. In the process of protein breakdown in the body produce nitrogen compounds, the balance of which is maintained by their continuous removal from the body. If uric acid in the blood is reduced, nitrogen can be accumulated above the necessary standards, since with it removed the excess of this element. However, the increased contents, or hyperuricemia, is the primary symptom of gout primary and secondary forms.

Uric acid in the blood contains, under the form of a sodium salt, the concentration of which is determined by the coherence of the processes of its synthesis in the liver and output through the kidneys.

Due to the intensification of synthesis and slow its release, the salt crystals accumulate in the joints, kidneys, subcutaneous tissue and other organs.

That uric acid in the blood increased, can say such illnesses such as leukemia, anemia for lack of vitamin B12, the acute form of certain infections (tuberculosis, pneumonia, scarlet fever), biliary tract disease, liver, kidney, diabetes mellitus, urticaria, chronic eczema, psoriasis, toxaemia of pregnancy, acidosis.

The Analysis conducted for this diagnostic, is to draw blood from the vein and a sample of synovial fluid, which is examined under a microscope for the presence of crystals. By x-rays can be detected only after several years with the disease.


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Uric acid in human blood is formed as a result of the adoption of food with high content of purines, a product of the breakdown which she is. And means to regulate the rate possible by using a properly sized supply. If increased uric acid in the blood, diet is a must along with the adoption of the means of hindering her education, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.

To food with high content of purines are fatty meat varieties and internal organs, especially young animals and poultry, meat broths, mushrooms, fatty fish, and fish preservation, legumes, beer, chocolate, coffee, tomatoes.

The Most optimal food for the withdrawal of urate of sodium from the body are dairy products, citrus fruits and mineral water alkaline composition.

If raising the percentage of sodium to high limits deposited in the form of estrogenicity mass of crystals cause attacks of gout that man migrated quite painful and prolonged exposure leads to destruction of bones and cartilage. Concentrating in the joints the crystals first formed in the most remote from the heart regions with low body temperature that is important, mainly in the affected tissues. Thus, people with impaired protein metabolism if possible, you should avoid injuries (especially lower limbs), in order not to provoke attacks of gout in these areas.

The Accumulation of these formations in the kidneys leads to the impossibility of their operation for the removal of even small doses of urate, which leads to the formation of stones and needed surgical intervention.

Additional ways to help States with such violations is plasmavores and physical therapy. You need to reduce body weight and to treat other underlying disease of metabolism.

To Completely cure the gout is not possible, however, uric acid in the blood is controlled well with the help of the alkaline diet, thereby reducing the frequency and intensity of painful attacks. You need to lead an active lifestyle, drink more fluids and in particular not to overload the body heavy food prior to sleep, in the period which is mainly oxidation process takes place.

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