Treatment throat while breastfeeding: the use of pharmaceutical and traditional ways


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The Use of drugs during breastfeeding is not always allowed and justified, but, as the mother is not immune from colds, you need to know how to cure throat safe way. Treatment throat while breastfeeding depends on diagnosis and the General condition of the mother.treatment of the throat while breastfeeding

What diseases cause sore throat?

The Most common diseases that affect the throat – angina, pharyngitis, laryngitis and candidiasis mucosal. To determine what disease is causing the pain in the throat, you need to know associated symptoms. Treatment throat while breastfeeding depends on the diagnosis.

Sore throat accompanied by high fever (38 degrees), inflammation of tonsils (on examination can detect the presence of purulent capsules or red streaks on the tonsils). Angina requires a mandatory visit to a doctor who will be able to choose the appropriate treatment. However, in most cases, requires taking a course of antibiotics. When tonsillitis you must visit doctor and pass the necessary tests.

Sore throat while breastfeeding

Laryngitis-sore throat that occurs with colds. Localized in the throat, larynx and vocal cords. Occurs from hypothermia, in some cases, it may be caused by viral infections. With the defeat of the trachea there is a dry cough.sore throat breastfeeding cure

Pharyngitis – a disease in which inflammation is localized to the back of the throat; may be accompanied by slight fever, runny nose and dry cough. The pathogen can be an infection or virus. Treatment throat while breastfeeding is the use of folk remedies. Pharyngitis and laryngitis are not dangerous diseases, if the time to begin treatment.

Treatment of fungal diseases of the mucous membrane of the throat

Candidiasis is characterized by the presence of bubbles, cheesy discharge, erosions and severe itching in the mouth and throat. The causative agent is fungal microorganisms. For the purpose of treatment of candidiasis is necessary to conduct diagnostic laboratory tests.

The Treatment of sore throat while breastfeeding is carried out using mouthwashes or sprays with anti-fungal effect, and oral administration (tablets).the treatment of sore throat while breastfeeding

Pharmaceutical drugs for sore throat

The Means used to eliminate the pain in the throat, can be divided into several groups – candies, sprays and lozenges. Most of the drugs of these groups is contraindicated for nursing mothers. In order to safely conduct the treatment of the throat while breastfeeding, it is preferable to use such medicines:

  • "Ingalipt" – a spray for the throat, providing an effective antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. Before irrigation of the throat is recommended to rinse it with warm water. This will help to strengthen the therapeutic effect of aerosol.
  • "Geksoral" – an aerosol having antimicrobial and antiseptic. Treatment throat while breastfeeding this drug is safe and effective.
  • "Furatsilin" – pill used for gargling. Enough to dissolve in a glass of warm water two pieces. This method is the most optimal and safe for nursing moms.
  • "Miramistin" is an analogue of furatsilina. Used in gargles and irrigations of the nasal passages.
  • "I have" – lozenges for sore throat. Allowed breastfeeding at exact observance of a therapeutic dose of the medication.

Before using any drug should consult with your doctor, as each individual case can be special circumstances, for example allergies or diathesis in a child or health problems of the mother, requiring careful selection of drugs.treatment of throat and cough while breastfeeding

National recipes of treatment of throat

There is another way to eliminate sore throat while breastfeeding. Treatment of folk ways should be done only after consultation with your doctor and choosing the right medicinal herbs.

Widely used in folk medicine, gargling with decoction of herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula). For rinsing you can use a solution of soda with a few drops of iodine.

Another way of treatment are pulmonary. For thisyou can use the "Ingalipt", boiled potatoes or soda solution. The easiest way to deal with pain in the throat is drinking warm milk with honey and butter (if the child is small, to prevent Allergy med can not put).

The Treatment of throat and cough while breastfeeding will be effective only if properly diagnosed. Otherwise, this way can only be stronger to harm your health.

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