Sulfur in the ears: how is it formed and how to remove?


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Sulfur – a substance produced by special glands located in the middle ear. It is composed of various elements, the most important of which is a liquid secretion. It covers the surface of the inner ear, protecting, cleansing and moisturizing it.

Dark sulfur in the ears

Any deviation from the norms associated with insufficient or excessive secretion, as well as color change, may be signals of developing diseases or disorders. It is therefore important timely access to a specialist.

Causes accumulation of sulfur

You Often hear that the sulfur in the ears – the dirt that must be cleaned. This statement is incorrect. Of course, hygiene is a prerequisite of health. But, with regard to sulfur in the ears, here excessive zeal will bring the right effect.

The Removal of sulfur occurs independently. It's all about the structure of the ear and movement of the bones of the lower jaw, which promote the separation of the secret to the entrance of the ear canal. Hygiene of the ear is thus reduced to its washing with soap and water.

Ear sticks

Ear sticks can hurt. Due to the fact that they penetrate deeply, thereby pressing the earwax deeper. Ear sticks when negligence can damage the eardrum. Especially careful you have to be cleaning the ears of a child so as not to damage poorly developed hearing AIDS and bone.

Causes of poor separation of sulfur

Sometimes it also happens that the auditory channel for a long time do not accumulate sulfur. This is not a good sign. The reason for this may be:

  • Frequent wearing headphone;
  • The use of a hearing aid;
  • The use of earplugs.

This careless attitude can cause such feelings as:

  • Itching;
  • A feeling of stuffiness;
  • Temporary or partial deafness.
How to clean the ears of sulfur

These problems can handle special tools and drops. In cases where the illness was the result of age-related changes, the doctor can choose the appropriate means for correction.


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Sulphur If very much…

It Sometimes happens that the sulphur is released in large volumes, causing concern. When produces a lot of sulfur in the ears, it could say:

  1. About the aggravation of the dermatitis.
  2. High cholesterol levels in the blood.
  3. Frequent finding in the ear foreign objects.
  4. Frequent finding in areas with high pollution and dust.
  5. About stressful situations, when all the glands begin to work actively.

Signs of tube

If it so happened that the ear was formed cerumen, from independent actions should be abandoned, trusting the experts. The main features of the tube are:

  • Bad audio;
  • Itching, pain and discomfort in the ear;
  • Feeling of fullness in the ear.

The Softening of the tube at home

In such a situation, immediately you need to clean the ear canal from the tube by washing, and before that you need to soften sulfuric tube.

How to clean the ears of sulfur?

For this:

  1. In the sitting position tilt your head and drip into the ear a few drops of peroxide or mineral oil.
  2. In a few minutes you will have to tilt his head again so that the fluid could flow. In particularly complex cases, the procedure is performed several times a day.
  3. After a full softening cerumen moves independently.

Lavage of the ear. Step-by-step instructions

If the decision on irrigation of the ear, it is done in stages using water not above 37 0C. How to do it right? On this later:

Clean the ears of sulfur
  1. Water is taken in a special syringe with a rubber tip in a volume of 100-120 ml.
  2. Water jet directed upwards, is introduced into the problematic ear with optional pulling of the ear.
  3. After that, head tilted to the side of the patient ear and allow the liquid to drain.
  4. Additional processing occurs with the help of tightly rolled cotton swabs.
  5. After the procedure the ear a tampon soaked with boric acid.

Although the most effective way of getting rid of tubes is the use of special apparatus. It's called the irrigator. Application it is a more effective way of getting rid of the tube with minimum risk of injury to the eardrums.

Dry methods of purification

How to clean the ears of sulfur yet? Along with methods that use different liquids for purification of cerumen, there are dry ways. Let's look at them:

  1. The use of the aspirator by creating a difference in pressure removes the cork, pumping out of her.
  2. For the second method may require anesthesia. So how is a special device that removes a cork. The procedure is performed with the use of a microscope.

When it comes to baby, the independent actions it is better to exclude time to turn to the ENT doctor whowill select the appropriate procedure.

What causes the formation of plugs?

The Important point is the factor that triggers the formation of the tube. It affects:

  1. Using foreign objects to clean the ear: matches, Bobby pins, toothpicks, etc.
  2. Natural feature of the internal structure of the ear.
  3. Poor hygiene of the ear.
  4. Frequent moisture in the ear canal.
  5. Repeated inflammation of the inner ear.

The Lack of sulfur. Why can this be?

Despite the seriousness of the problem of excess sulfur, its disadvantage – also alarming. This may indicate:

  • Age-related changes;
  • Abnormal growth of bone in the inner ear as a result of violations;
  • Excessive Smoking;
  • Disruption of glands.

Color sulfur

Unfortunately, the problems with grey arise not only because of its surplus or shortage. The color change can also be a signal for concern. Thus, earwax is usually a yellowish brown color.

Lot of sulfur in the ears

Spruce forms a brown, black or dark, it is important to know:

  1. Fully-sulfur yellow with white clots suggests that in the ear there is purulent process. This allocation may be accompanied by high temperature. The treatment is chosen only by the doctor. As the therapy includes antibiotics and other powerful drugs.
  2. If sera got the black color on the background of incessant itching, this may indicate a disease provoked by the fungus. Treatment also is appointed by the doctor individually.
  3. Grey should not cause panic, especially if the person lives in the city. Most often this color is associated with the dust environment.
  4. The lack of vitamins and specific substances can indicate the white color selections.

If the sulfur in the ears has a liquid consistency, this indicates an inflammatory process. In the case of dry structure – this indicates the lack of fat in the body. That is, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition.

The Sulfur in the ears of a child. Problems in children

If so, how to determine the sulfuric stopper in an adult, everything is clear, then, what about the child who still cannot talk about a clear the symptoms? In this case, it remains only to watch the baby. That is, if he behaves restless, often scratching the ear, and by pressing on the area of the entrance of the ear canal starts to cry, it definitely points to the necessity of seeking medical attention.

ear Sticks

Sometimes ear pain in a child associated with the appearance of the first tooth. But if this factor is excluded, then treatment occurs on the same principle as that of an adult. In order to prevent the formation of cerumen in babies hygiene is very important. Thus conduct it with dry cotton swabs with a special stop twice a week. The use of lavage up to one year is not allowed.

It is important to understand that the proper formation of sulfur – the key to a healthy ear not only adult but also children. After all, it protects against dust, dirt, germs and viruses. Thanks to her inside ear not penetrate allergens. It is therefore very important in the event of deviations from the norm timely access to a specialist in ear diseases – Laura.

Wrapping up

Now you know what a sulphur is, why it appears. We also talked about what that may mean changing its color. In addition, were discussed the causes of lack or excess. About how should be done the removal of sulfur from the ears, discussed in the article.

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