How to increase white blood cell count


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Many people know that the level of leukocytes in human blood is an important indicator of protective forces of our organism. Because the function of leukocytes is to fight against viruses and harmful bacteria, as well as to restore and improve immunity. Therefore, if you have identified high levels of white blood cells, nothing to worry about. In contrast, low levels of these substances in our blood may indicate the presence in the body of a serious viral infection or even cancer. The level of leukocytes may decline as a result of lowering blood pressure, long-term presence of man in a state of stress or prolonged starvation. Today we offer you to learn how you can increase leukocytes in blood.foods increase white blood cell count


Generally, diet to increase the level of leukocytes doctor recommends, because it is known that to achieve the desired result without proper nutrition is almost impossible. Usually, patients are recommended protein diet with reduced consumption of hydrocarbons and increase the dose of ascorbic and folic acids, and choline and lysine.

So, food that increase white blood cell count: buckwheat (the grain contains a large amount of vegetable protein), oats and barley, fresh vegetables, berries, fruits and various greens. You must also eat chicken eggs, nuts and caviar. But dishes based on meat, animal fat or the liver, is recommended to exclude from the daily diet.

How to raise white blood cell count with medication

drugs increases the white blood cell countUsually, the medication treatment prescribed to patients, who have been undergoing chemotherapy, which is known to be a very negative impact on the cells. First among of drug is the group known as colony-stimulating factors. Medical data contributes to the increased longevity of cells in the blood of the patient, accelerate their growth and maturation and release contained in the bone marrow white blood cells. Drugs that increase white blood cell count include the following names: “Neupogen”, “Methyluracil”, “Stronger”, “Pentoxy”, “Lenograstim”, “Filgrastim”, “Leykomaks” and others. It is imperative to keep in mind that these drugs should be administered by a qualified physician, as their improper and unreasonable use may adversely affect human health.

How to raise white blood cell count folk remedies

As you know, for the prevention or treatment of virtually every malady there are any folk remedies. raise the white blood cell countHow effective are they, and whether to apply them to solve, of course, directly to you. We will just give you a few popular recipes that are designed to increase white blood cell count.

  1. Infuse two teaspoons of clover with two cups of cold water for 4-5 hours. The resulting infusion drink one quarter of a Cup two to three times a day.
  2. Pour three tablespoons of wormwood three cups of boiling water, let it brew and then strain. Take the resulting tincture should one glass daily before a meal.

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