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On television there are many programmes devoted to cooking. Some spetsializiruyutsya on the intricacies of cooking, the other is dedicated to the healthy diet, and others – fashion trends in cooking. Of the total number of transmission is somewhat “Principles.” in which view on gastronomy is quite significantly different from the traditional standard. Perhaps that is why watching as her supporters and ardent opponents. The latter, probably in order to convincingly argue with the proposed principles lazerson

General provisions

The Main principles Lazerson (author of such transfer) that so many actively disagree are in denial of following recipes. He believes that it is not necessary to milliliters to measure liquids and to the ounce used to weigh foods. The dish you are cooking, you should be felt. Not to say that such a view has no right to exist. Many consider cooking more of a creative than a science. Private example, confirming that the principles Lazerson isn't wrong to invite two chefs extra class to prepare the same dish. And compare the results. Despite the fact that they follow the same recipe, they turn out uneven food. Principles Lazerson in action: someone who cooks the dish was closer, he felt better, showed a little creativity – and got more delicious food.

However, the taste preferences of all people are different. It may be so that the dish is considered a culinary masterpiece by one person, will cause complete rejection of his neighbor at the table.

Curious and separate principles., which relate to certain products and dishes. Consider them on the daily, and popular foods.principles.


It would Seem that the simplest dish that can cook anyone who is not shy to stand at the stove. However, each hostess their kulitnya secrets and recipes. Principles Lazerson, of course, do not indicate the ratio of products – just suggest how to achieve the best taste sensations. In relation cutlets “rules” just four.


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  1. To Let the meat more tough meat. It is not suitable for fillet and tenderloin. This is, perhaps, no one will argue: too expensive these parts in purchase to convert them into a meat grinder.
  2. Bread stuffing should be about forty percent. Can agree with this, it is possible – no, it comes in a personal preference.
  3. Measured the bread is already soaked and pressed. And soak it in plain water: the transmission of “Principles.” it says that the milk or cream does not bring the meatballs a special flavor subtleties.
  4. Tip to dislodge the meat before making patties novelty does not appear to be – all Housewives at least slap them on the palm of your hand to knock out excess air, and to they when frying do not fall apart. But the water in the few adds: the stuffing gets wet, the patties will start to fall apart. However, there may be “Principles.” know more about it than ordinary cooks?

In General, this dish is the author of nothing new, it seems, is not principles lazerson

Pickling meat

Yet Another process, ever of interest to any cooking-lover. The program “Principles.” to prepare the meat to be converted into a kebab, offered only two rules and a different set of spices, allow to marinade. Condiments – it is intimate, so let's leave them to the discretion of the chefs. And the principles are set out.

  1. No acid. In the marinade there is to be no acid – not only vinegar, but lemon juice. The guru of cooking advises to soak the meat in the onion puree, made by means of a blender, flavored and diluted with water.
  2. Whatever spices nor were scheduled for the marinade, they should add the mustard and vegetable oil: the first – for the softening, the second – for a better distribution of pork flavors.
  3. Salt meat should during baking, otherwise it will let the juice without the skewers.

Throughout the rest of the principles of cooking. similar to the views of ordinary cooks: the meat should marinate for several hours, ideally – principles.

Grilled Chicken

Georgian dish popular throughout. Culinary teacher suggested in his preparation of such principles.

  1. Chicken and not broiler: carcass must weigh a pound, maybe a little more. With that, I'll take it all.
  2. Qualitatively kicking all the joints so the chicken was almost flat. Here, too, like to argue with nothing.
  3. Chicken is marinated in vegetable oil with lemon juice at least two hours.
  4. Fry the grated garlic with chili bird it is necessary in butter, mixed with principles lazerson

Mashed potatoes

In regard to this simple dish. the principles do not differ from the nationwide:

  1. Tubers filled with cold water only.
  2. Salt is added only after boiling.
  3. When purinovmi milk is pre-heated.
  4. Only need to Pound with a pestle without any processors and blenders.principleslazerson pizza

Principles Lazerson: pizza

They are more diverse and solid than those that gave advice on the previous dishes. And apply to the dough and the filling, and preparation.

  1. The Dough should only consist of water, flour, yeast, salt and oil-only olive, the change is not subject. Water is taken one volume, flour – three, the rest are optional.
  2. Sauce will be smeared and not filled.
  3. Fillings placed as to show through the dough. Cheese is poured in such numbers, to measure filling.
  4. It is Baked five minutes at the temperature maximum. In respect of this dish basic principles Lazerson: pizza and baked, and eaten quickly – otherwise you have some other pudding.

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