You think you have low hemoglobin? The symptoms say for sure


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The Level of hemoglobin is one of the most important indicators for human health. Hemoglobin is one of the complex proteins contained in the structure of red blood cells , called erythrocytes. Its main function is to transfer oxygen to the tissues and organs of man. Lack of hemoglobin is also referred to as anemia. This disease entails a number of unpleasant symptoms and diseases.

Symptoms of low hemoglobin

What is a low hemoglobin? Symptoms such as weakness, malaise and dizziness will tell you the best. Self-diagnose its reduced level  is quite difficult, and some of the symptoms often found in other diseases. Low hemoglobin, symptoms of which are manifested due to lack of oxygen in the body, often leads to pallor and dry skin. There are also symptoms such as: shortness of breath during physical exertion, palpitations, tinnitus, headache, insomnia and brittle nails.

Signs of low hemoglobin

To Find out what the level of hemoglobin in your body is low, look for these signs: frequent colds, cold hands and feet. Dizziness, morning headaches, pale oral mucosa, fatigue, “zaedy” corners of the mouth, conjunctiva of the eyelids, dry, chapped skin - all signs of the same disease - anemia. Also if low hemoglobin, symptoms indicate a violation of taste: preferences for odors of gasoline and paints that don't usually like other people, the taste of chalk, ice and paper. However, these signs are not apparent in all cases, though quite common.


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Diet low hemoglobin

If you have low hemoglobin  (the symptoms indicate the disease), then you need iron because it is the main source of hemoglobin for the human body. The need of iron is about 20 mg. This amount for pregnant women is slightly higher - about 25 - 30 mg.

Among all the products that contribute to increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and therefore contain in its composition iron, the first place belongs to meat. Thanks to this product the human body receives approximately 22% of iron. Most of it is contained in beef, but pork and veal are the indicators are not much worse. Quite a lot of iron contains, the liver, and consuming the fish, we absorb up to 11% of iron.

Including in your diet apples, pomegranates, and carrots, we should not forget that our body assimilates all the nutrients, except iron, which is contained in these products. To help the body to absorb it maybe the vitamin C, which contains a sufficient amount of plant foods. With the help of vitamin C is absorbed actively, the iron contained in meat products. It is therefore recommended to use meat with vegetables.

With Iron and copper, which play a significant role in hematopoiesis, rich in legumes and cereals. But we must not forget that in these cultures also contain phosphorus compounds that inhibit the active uptake of iron. Couching, crushing and soaking these foods can reduce the content of phosphorous compounds.

To double the amount of internalized iron, you need to drink orange fresh juice after the adoption of useful, rich in essential component of food.

A Lot of useful minerals that promote the increase of hemoglobin, contains honey and it is dark honey. Because this product contains a lot of fructose, which promotes the absorption of iron.

Tea and coffee are better excluded from the diet due to lack of hemoglobin. These drinks contain a tannin that blocks the absorption of iron by the body. They recommend replacing fresh juices and compotes from dried fruits.

Cooking with anemia, it is better to use cast-iron cookware. Studies show experts, a 20 minute cooking and the boiling of the sauce in a pot, provides an increase in the amount of iron in 9-10 times.

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