The child to cough. The nature of cough and methods of treatment


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Children quite often get cold. The symptoms can be very diverse. But the cough occurs in most young patients.

This Is the response of the body, or rather a certain part of the brain, and it is aimed at restoring airway (DP). By itself, the cough is not a disease. However, his appearance should be taken seriously. What to do when the baby to cough? We will understand in this article.

Contributing factors

Background of this pathology may be different. Klassificeret cough pathological and physiological.

child cough

Physiological - a common phenomenon in everyday life, it cleanses the body of accumulated DP sputum or trapped foreign bodies. As a rule, it is rare and short-lived in the absence of other signs of the disease. For started to podkalivat a child should watch: to measure the temperature, to monitor mood, appetite. In case of high fever, runny nose, diarrhea and others it is better to consult the pediatrician for advice. This may mean that the child has SARS.

Komorowski – a very famous children's pediatrician. He gives various tips for parents. Specialist confirms that pEcologicheski cough is often a symptom of diseases of the respiratory system (tonsillitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis). Depending on the nature of the disease, this disease can have a different character.

What is a bronchospasm?

It is quite common in children, accompanied by cough. Bronchospasm - constriction of the bronchi. This condition occurs in obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, blockage of the DP sputum, swallowed foreign objects, fluids. Plant pollen, animal dander and other household allergens, too, are frequent causes of cough in children. When you eliminate them it passes.

SARS Komorowski

In some cases, still a baby to cough?

This is a Special danger condition caused by the presence of a foreign body in the DP. When blockage of a strong cough, accompanied by signs of suffocation. The skin in this are blue, the consciousness is disturbed, the breathing is difficult, voice is missing. In this case, an urgent need to extract a foreign body and to show the child the doctor.


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Worm infestation

Permanent, but not severe cough, is often a symptom of worm infestation. Larvae of some parasites undergo their development in the lung tissue, and then irritate the DP, with a cough fall into the mouth. Then they get into the digestive tract, where they cycle repeats.

But most often the child to cough because of a cold. More on that later.

Catarrhal phenomena

the child to cough constantly

Acute respiratory infections – the most frequent diseases accompanied by cough.


• cough develops from several hours to several days;

• temperature more than 37 deg. runny nose, General weakness, the child is restless, cranky, refuses to eat;

• over time, the nature of the cough changes (from dry to wet).

All these phenomena is accompanied by a sore throat scratchiness, hoarseness in the voice.

What is whooping cough in a child? It's spastic attacks, a kind of hallmark of this disease. The exhalation follow each other as individual breathing tremors and convulsive whistling breaths. Inhale exhale is replaced with the jerky movements. The attack is accompanied by excitation.

A Loud cough is at tracheitis. However, he is accompanied by severe pain behind the breastbone. Breast, loud, painless, with moist rales cough – przyk bronchitis. The clinical picture is complemented by the presence of large amounts of phlegm.

Causes of cough in children we reviewed. How can I help?

First aid

nature of cough

Baby, you need to provide rest and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

When coughing infectious nature of a good helping of foot baths with mustard, after the foot bath to keep warm (wear woolen socks), you can put mustard. Good folk remedy – drink warm milk with warm mineral water (half a Cup). Good help steam inhalation. But it should be remembered that at the temperature of steam inhalations, put mustard and soar feet is contraindicated.

What if Baby cough for a long time?


Supplementation should begin when disturbed mood, and worsens the General condition of the baby.

Dry, compulsive cough in children in the first year of life is associated with an increase in viscosity of sputum. There are special tools designed to liquefaction.

Intense, exhausting cough, accompanied by vomiting and sleep disturbance, requires suppressive therapy reflex.

To prescribe the correct medications, it is important to correctly diagnose and assess the condition, its duration and intensity, the presence of bronchospasm, etc. to self-medicate should not be, because you can inadvertently causeharm. For this you need to call the doctor. SARS Komarovsky recommends to treat immediately.

causes of cough in children

Drugs-mucolytics or thinning phlegm help her excretion. The most famous – “Bromhexine”, “along with”, “Mukaltin”. Children from 3 years old with dry cough is assigned to the “Bronholitin”, and 1 year - the drug is plant-based “Geelix”.

If the disease is accompanied by bronchospasm, bronchodilators used (‘Aminophylline”, “Theophylline").

Treatment of the baby with respiratory infection hold combined formulations such as: “Codelac Phyto», «Doctor». They reduce inflammation, liquefy phlegm.

But before therapy it is necessary to establish the causes of cough in children.

Home therapy?

In the treatment in the home successfully use steam inhalations with the addition of medicines or herbs. They help to reduce the irritation of the mucosa of the nasopharynx and oropharynx. Perhaps the use of enveloping means in the form of tablets for resorption, syrups or tea. Since ancient times, known for its expectorant abilities following herbs: leaves mother and stepmother, plantain, marshmallow, violet, anise, thyme, rosemary, oregano, elecampane, thermopsis, pine buds, licorice root, etc.

Effective are They when Child constantly coughs a little.

child cough like tickle in the throat

Other tools

Fast and effective treatment will help and a special diet. The diet should include cereals, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. Works well as an expectorant grape and its juice (mix 1 Cup grape juice with honey and add the shredded peel and lemon).

This will facilitate well-being if children cough, like a tickle in the throat.

To Reduce the toxicity and enhance the body's resistance to helps herbal medicine.


There are different types of them. Compresses can be hot and cold, alcoholic and oily, dry and water. Its warming effect compresses promote circulation in the area of overlap. This leads to a reduction of inflammation and pain. The purpose of compresses performed by the physician. Yourself to put them is not recommended. Contraindications to the use of compresses is the presence of various skin diseases.


Parents often go to the doctor when the child coughs a little. How to treat this pathology?

Inhalation in the home are held with the help of improvised means and using a special inhaler. Penetrated with the steam in the DP, medicines reduce cough, cleanse from germs and toxins.

Children up to 3 years to conduct inhalation should not be, because there is a risk of bronchospasm. Treatment by inhalation of 5-10 treatments for 10 min. In some cases, their number can be increased.

Another recipe: using a small amount of water, boil the potatoes in their skins. Then inhale the vapors of steam the potato for 15 min. This tool is very good when Child constantly coughs a little.

the child to cough than to treat

Can be used for inhaling medicinal herbs: the leaves of chamomile, thyme, mother and stepmother. Pour the herb with boiling water, you can add a few teaspoons of baking soda, a drop of eucalyptus oil or geranium. In inhalation, you can add the iodine, but with caution, because it can cause allergies in children.

Mustard and banks

Effective effect mustard. Mustard oil contained in them, irritating the skin nerve endings, reflexology improves circulation at the place of production, causing a warming effect, increases metabolism, the formation of bioactive substances that help in fighting infection and relieving pain. But the success depends on what The nature of cough in children.

Usually put mustard on his back under the shoulder blades, between shoulder blade, front chest, avoiding the heart area.

Exposure Time mustard plasters for children depends on their age and individual sensitivity. Kids from 1 to 3 years mustard put no more than 2 min, children 4 to 7 years in 3 min, from 8 years to 12 duration up to 10 min. you Cannot apply mustard at a temperature of over 37.5°, children with various skin diseases, individual intolerance to mustard.

Used to be very popular special warming up banks. Put them usually on the back, thus improving circulation and warming. Today, the production of cans of pediatricians is not recommended, especially very young children, because much injured skin. May even remain severe burns.

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