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Excellent healing effect has a well-known houseplants aloe juice. Instructions for use of this tool, if it is bought at the pharmacy, will help make it right. It is useful for both internal and outdoor use.

But prepared at home aloe juice. Instructions for use of pharmaceutical drug then also need. At the same time, there are many of my grandmother's recipes that would be at least equally useful.

aloe Vera juice usage instructions


Aloe enters a storehouse of nutrients. These are vitamins A, b, C, E. Among minerals vydelyayutsya:

  • Kali;
  • Marganec;
  • Made;
  • Chlor;
  • Nutri;
  • Brom;
  • Jelezo;
  • It;
  • Wanadi;
  • For;
  • Sara;
  • Cerebro;
  • Sink;
  • Kremny.

In addition, it includes:

  • Tanning veshestva;
  • Flavonoide;
  • Karotinoidy;
  • Smola;
  • Kletchatka;
  • Catechine;
  • Glikozidy.

Such a rich structure offers beneficial effects that juice has in a variety of diseases.


All the species of this plant useful. Their medicinal properties are concentrated in the leaves. The more they appear if to squeeze out of aloe Vera juice. Instruction for use contains information about the composition. Pharmaceutical preparation is a juice in canned form 20% alcohol. It has a spicy aroma and a bitter taste.
If you try the cut leaf, the taste will be extremely bitter. The leaves are cut and shredded to collect more juice. Then it is evaporated in a water bath or just on fire. After removing the first foam the drug is poured into prepared containers.

aloe Vera juice usage instructions

The Same way in the home prepared aloe juice. For this approach, only the lower leaves of the plant. Better before that, do not water the plant for weeks or more. Then cut, cut into pieces and squeeze out the juice, wrapped them in gauze. You can skip the ready raw materials through a meat grinder or use other automated press. Then it yields more juice.

Medical action

The Plant has the following beneficial effect:

  1. It increases the bile secretion.
  2. Laxative and antibacterial action.
  3. Useful in gastritis, enterocolitis, gastroenteritis, constipation.
  4. Helps with burns, wounds with pus and various inflammations of the skin.
  5. Stimulates and accelerates metabolic processes.
  6. Rejuvenates the body.

aloe Vera juice instructions for use of the properties


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The Whole family can drink vitamin drinks with juice content. He will considerably strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, accelerate the healing of wounds and other skin lesions.

In addition, the reception means lowers cholesterol, normalizes digestion, cleans the blood. And for women it is useful in the treatment of inflammations of the genital organs.

Aloe Vera (juice), instruction manual. Analogues and variants

In a pharmacy sale means not only in the form of canned solution in alcohol. Very popular is the extract for injection contained in vials. It is used for inflammation of the respiratory system, female organs, of the apparatus of the gastrointestinal tract, problems with vision. Injections and with the aim of strengthening immunity, according to the statement.

For the prevention of skin diseases, external use a liniment or gel. It is very good for burns, lesions caused by radiation therapy, the inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes.

In some cases, the optimal form of the drug for the patient are the pills taken during the month. For example, they are assigned when myopathic chorioretinopathy and myopia.

aloe Vera juice usage instructions medicinal properties

As such, the analogue of the drug does not exist. But there are options funds ("Wood syrup aloe", "Extract", "Vitamins Gamma", "Aloe Vera" and others), where in combination with other nutrients offers the aloe juice. Instructions for use of the drug with the addition of iron argues that in some cases it can be even more useful. So, it is used:

  • For anemia;
  • Iron deficiency;
  • Blood loss;
  • Radiation sickness;
  • Toxicity.

Will Actively help in these special periods like pregnancy and adolescence, aloe juice.

Instructions for use: side effects of

In this sense, the SAP can cause a negative reaction in case of overdose. While there is a risk of occurrence of allergies, or exacerbate diarrhea. May cause heartburn, dispepsicheskie effects, pain in the abdomen and a lot of bleeding during menstruation.


You Cannot use this tool as a laxative for hemorrhoids. Also, it is highly undesirable in the later period of pregnancy and during lactation. If you use it too long, it may cause disruption in the motility of the large intestine. It may not be welcome and in cancer, in severe cardiovascular, hypertension, alcoholism, severe pathology of the liver and kidneys, cystitis and holetaze. In addition, there may be individual intolerance of separate components of the drug.

aloe Vera juice usage instructions reviews

Recipes for ailments

As for different diseases to take aloe Vera juice? Instructions for use will help when buying ready-made products. Here are the recipes used in folk medicine in the treatment with the help of this tool various diseases.

  • With constipation, to strengthen the work of the colon, aloe juice used as a laxative. To do this, take 150 grams of leaves, crush them and add 300 grams of honey in hot form. The resulting mixture insist 24 hours, warm up, filter and take on an empty stomach 60 minutes before meal. In addition to the normalize digestion, improve the appetite.
  • Juice from fresh leaves is very useful in tuberculosis. It should hold in heat, and then add honey and fat. These ingredients, as well as oil and cocoa powder take a hundred pieces, and juice — only 15. Drink the mixture twice a day, diluting one tablespoon in a warm glass of milk.
  • Runny nose When juice instilled into the nose. Only two or three treatments with an interval of 3-4 hours for the disease has passed.
  • If you are experiencing the first stage of cataract, diluted in cooled boiled water juice (at a concentration of 10:1) is instilled directly in the eye.
  • Ulcerative stomatitis are advised to do irrigation.
  • Erosion of cervix in vagina impose tampon, soaked in the juice of the plant.
  • A Beneficial effect even in the gall bladder and the liver has aloe juice. Instructions for use of medicinal properties, describes, among others, and choleretic. In this case, the drug is recommended to take a teaspoon twice a day half an hour before meals as cholagogue.

aloe Vera juice instructions for use analogues

Weight loss pills

Aloe Vera Juice has effect on the body as a whole. It helps to lose weight. Consider, due to what is happening.

It is composed of substances that have a laxative effect. Moreover, the process occurs gently. After 6-8 hours after taking the medication in the intestine is emptied. So there is no need to take such issues of costly Supplements or pills, composed of chemicals.

In addition, through the use of tools in the body's accelerated metabolism. It is very important for those youth who are left behind. After 35 years, the metabolism is naturally slower. But the external stimulation is of the former regime. Thus, the faster the dumping of excess pounds if you combine the intake of the juice with proper diet.

Helps in this process and enhanced the secretion of digestive glands. Because of this comes to normal appetite, and processing of food and bile flow improves. This is especially necessary for those who love protein diet.

aloe Vera juice usage instructions

To achieve a noticeable effect, if you buy aloe Vera juice in the pharmacy, the instructions for use will be next. Means take twice a day on a teaspoon. First time drinking for a quarter of an hour before dinner and another before bed. The course lasts half a month. Let's not forget about the laxative effect that is having aloe Vera juice. So it's best if these days will pass in a quiet mode, without important events and meetings.

Hair Care

Apart from a pronounced therapeutic action, the plant is famous for its excellent cosmetic effect. It is added in many means on care of appearance. Probably not cosmetics manufacturer that does not have at least one medication which includes aloe juice. Usage instructions reviews of women who have tested the tool on its own, assure that the curls after using it grow much better and less garnaut. Some say that they have lost the dandruff and stopped falling out hair.


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