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“Mexidol-Vet” is a cerebral protector, antioxidant and antihypoxant. It is used for the treatment of animals circulatory disorders in the brain of the head. In the instructions for use “Mexidol-Vet” also refers to increasing the resistance of the organism to a state of oxygen starvation (hypoxia, ischemia, shock).

Mexidol vet instruction manual

Release Form and composition

The Main component of the drug is etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate. 1 unit of the drug it contains 50 or 125 mg. During the production are added additional substances: lactose, potato starch, magnesium stearate (sometimes replaced by calcium). Part of the ‘Mexidol-Vet" (tablet 125 mg), additionally add the clay white and carboxymethylcellulose sodium.

Tablets are round flattened shape with a slot (risk) in the middle with a mass of 0.3 g. Color may vary from white to cream.

Packaged in 10 pieces in packaging cells, the selected contours. On sale they come in cardboard packs of 2 lafette (20 tablets).

The Solution for injection is a colorless or yellowish hue.

Releasing it in a glass container for 1, 2 or 5 mg. They are sealed with lids made of rubber and the top is covered with a protective layer of aluminum. The vials are Packed in cells that have a contoured dividers. Then they are sealed in boxes of cardboard.

etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate

Pharmacology tools

Veterinary medicine “Mexidol-Vet” restores the blood circulation in the body tissues, leads to normal membrane fraction of the cells and has antioxidant properties. He is able to protect the body against some diseases (hypoxia, shock, disruptions in blood circulation, infection). The tool also slows down the aggregation of blood platelets and cholesterol.


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The Drug speeds up the activation of the glucose and turning it into glycogen via oxidation with oxygen. At admission significantly increases the ATP levels in the cells and decreases the number of free radicals. Also “Mexidol-Vet» triggers the mitochondria for energy production and “includes” enzyme system, improving the transmission of impulses in the nervous type synapses.

Indications for use

“Mexidol-Vet" indications for use, extensive, it is prescribed in the complex treatment of a large number of pathologies.

These include:

  • Failure of the cardiovascular and pulmonary (chronic and acute);
  • Prevention of consequences in the postoperative period;
  • Diseases of the skin and damaging it;
  • Treatment and prevention of stress, which are associated with exhibitions or departure of an owner;
  • Diseases of the brain head due to circulatory disorders or after injuries;
  • Prevention of infectious diseases.

Also frequently funds designated to maintain the health of aged individuals with diseases of the cardiovascular system, skin, joints and General weakness (prostration).

Mexidol vet indications


This drug cannot be used in individual intolerance of components included in the composition. Another contraindication are clearly expressed pathology of the liver and kidneys.

Methods of application and dosages

Medicine give dogs and cats after eating animals. “Mexidol-Vet” ingested in therapeutic doses 2-3 times in 24 hours. The dose depends on the severity and type of disease. For example, in acute periods of illness is necessary to give 9-16 mg per 1000 g weight of the pet. In the process of recovery amount of drug is reduced to 4-7 mg per 1000 g of weight.

In the treatment of insufficiency of the pulmonary and vascular-heart “Mexidol-Vet” appoint 11-14 mg per 1000 g of the mass of the pet 3 times in 24 hours. The treatment continues for 7 or 11 days. Then reduce the dose by half and continue therapy for 12-14 days.

For the treatment of pathologies of the chronic type, the doctors recommend a dosage of 4.5-6.5 mg per 1000 g of weight 2 times per 24 hours. Therapy is courses with a duration of 18-20 days at interval of 60-80 days.

At the preventive intake after anesthesia “Mexidol-Vet” appoint the following diagram. Before surgery for 48-72 hours and after during the same time for 2 times in 24 hours, the dose that the veterinarian assigns.

Mexidol vet structure

When transporting or participating in exhibitions, the drug should give 2 or 3 times in 24 hours for 4-6 days at the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

For older animals with medical procedures remedy is prescribed at 4.5 to 5.5 mg per 1,000 g of the mass for 2 times in 24 hours. In the instructions for use “Mexidol-Vet” it is noted that older animals – under 7 years of age individuals. The therapy lasts 14 to 31 day. Re-use is permitted not earlier than in 3 or 4 months. In some cases, the dosage assigns the attending veterinarian depending on the disease, its severity and the condition of the pet.

For complex and severe pathological processes in the animal body the drug is prescribed, since parenteral administration of the dosage form used for injection. Further treatment continuestablets that you must give the animal by the oral route. The dosage, duration and frequency shall appoint a vet after an inspection of the pet.

With the introduction of medications the pet may be restless, because the injection is painful and causes discomfort.

Adverse events

When used correctly in accordance with instructions for use “Mexidol-Vet”, as a rule, adverse events do not occur.

Sometimes animals who are prone to allergic reactions when taking the drug in tablet form can manifest in skin rashes or other manifestations of Allergy.

Mexidol-vet counterparts


Excessive intake of the drug the animal may develop drowsiness and General malaise. Upon detection of these symptoms in your pet you must show it to the veterinarian. After the inspection, he will tell you what actions to take to ease the condition.


This drug is made in Russia, so its value is small. In pharmacies it can be purchased at 215-348 rubles. The cost depends on the form of tools and quantity.

Buy “Mexidol-Vet” in pharmacy or order in online pharmacy.

It is Important to note that for the treatment of Pets is not necessary to purchase a simple “months”. This is due to the fact that the human drug content etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate differs from that of veterinary products. In this case it is composed of harmless for the animal additional components.

Mexidol vet reviews


Currently, analogs “Mexidol-Vet" is not revealed. The only similar in composition and effects drug is a common “months”.


The drug “Mexidol-Vet” the feedback mostly positive.

People and doctors say the following quality tools:

  • Does not accumulate in the body;
  • Does not belong to the group of hazardous substances;
  • Helps in the treatment of heart and blood vessels;
  • Has a wide range of actions;
  • Has a low cost;
  • Available in many pharmacies;
  • Heals skin diseases, even in aged Pets;
  • Able to quickly cure the pancreatitis in an animal.

It is Also noted that the drug can be simultaneously given with many other drugs. This does not affect the course of therapy.

Storage Conditions and the shelf life

“Mexidol-Vet” should be stored in a place inaccessible to children at room temperature not above 25 degrees and no lower than 2 degrees centigrade above zero.

The shelf Life is 36 months. In the instructions for use “Mexidol-Vet” tool that it is forbidden to use after the expiration date.

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