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Many people Have sore feet. Why is this happening? We will understand more in this matter. Painful sensations in the legs are a fairly common symptom. The causes of such pain can be varied as the form of their manifestation. Below we consider the main predisposing factors of these pathologies, and what tools can be used to reduce their symptoms.


Description pain

This symptom is foot pain is a nonspecific symptom of various diseases and conditions. Often the causes of non-pathological character, but in some cases they may indicate some systemic diseases, sometimes quite serious. It often happens that a person has a sore big toe.

Despite the fact that feet can hurt at any age, this problem most often appears in women during menopause and in older people because their cartilage and joints wear out and bones become brittle. But the child's legs. There are actually pain benign character appearing in children from 4 to 12 years, which is typical for the lower limbs. The true causes of this pathology are unknown up to the present time.


Why feet hurt? One of the most common causes of heaviness, burning and pain in my calves and feet is flat feet. In people with this diagnosis there is a feeling that the feet as if filled with lead. The disease often leads to pathological deformity of the toes. This valgus curvature, called in the home “bone”. That's why it hurts the toe.


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In addition, it serves as the basis for the formation of various pathologies of the foot, including its dislocations and subluxations, because it is very sprawled and flat feet does not tolerate the load of the body. Flat feet causes incorrect posture, diseases of the spine, and therefore the person with this diagnosis often detects pathology of joints and the lumbar region. This is also the reason that the child's legs.

It is Better to prevent than to treat

It Should be noted that the disease is among those that is better to prevent than to treat afterwards. Most often it occurs due to wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, including high heels. Patients with flat feet have to wear broken-in, free shoes, which is comfortable to the foot. If the disease is primary or secondary form that requires an adjustment by means of foot support, and their pick is only capable of podiatrist, given the characteristics of the disease.

Sore feet

If the sore feet, to strengthen them, it is often recommended to walk barefoot on grass and wet sand, to do training exercises (walking on heels, on tiptoe, on the outer and inner side surfaces, pinch feet, lifting them small items). Especially serious types of flatfoot are eliminated operational method.

Heel spurs

Why Else have sore feet? Heel spur is the growth of the heel bone shiroabyanga. It is accompanied by a process of inflammation and its consequence such as pain while walking. Often the spur is a result of longitudinal flat feet, obesity and other abnormalities of metabolism. Its causes are damage to the heel bone, defects in the circulation of feet, a variety of complications of certain chronic diseases (e.g., arthritis).

Heel spurs are Treated by applying a number of measures, which include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory ointments, therapeutic gymnastics, massage, use of orthopedic insoles. Have a certain value also recipes of traditional medicine, but their use is recommended only in conjunction with other methods.

Osteoarthrosis, arthrosis and arthritis

These diseases are a common reason why feet hurt the elderly. Each of them represents a pretty serious medical problem. Although the word "arthritis" and "arthrosis" sound very similar, the causes of these diseases is actually quite the opposite.

Diagnosis "osteoarthritis" is for older people aged 60 to 70 years approximately 70% of cases and is inherently destructive changes in bone and cartilage. The disease may manifest differently in different patients: one think that they did not go up, others feel pain in joints and muscles when climbing stairs or other exertion, while at rest nothing. Often a sore right foot, but can hurt and left.

Sore big toe

The Risk of deformation of the joint

Mobility is limited, there is an articular disease, may periodically appear swelling. If treatment is not available, then gradually the joint becomes deformed and can lose its mobility. That is why if you experience these symptoms you need to seek a competent specialist and not waste time. He will appoint or drug therapy, or therapy, or physical therapy. All gymnastic exercises should be light, withoutof causing pain. If there is discomfort, it means exceeding the allowable for joint load limit.

When arthritis aching hands and feet. The main destructive activity falls on degenerative processes in the cartilage of the joint, and arthritis-inflammatory. It is rooted in the main features of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Arthritis is an inflammatory joint pathology. The first symptoms are morning stiffness of the joints, disobedient and “cotton” the feet and hands. Pain often the big toe.

Violation fine motor skills

When reflecting upon the arthritis of the joints of the fingers fine motor skills impaired. Then there are the joint burning and pain. It occurs in the morning and may disappear by lunch, in this regard, patients often ignore it and think that such discomfort is caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position. But later the symptoms become stronger. Over inflamed joint the skin reddens and becomes hot. In particularly serious cases you may experience General weakness, fever and leukocytosis. In case of advanced disease can have a serious joint deformation, which can even lead to disability. Sore leg joints because of arthritis, but it is different.

Types of arthritis

Arthritis has many varieties, in current medicine, there are about 150 types.

The Most common:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew's disease);
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • A specific infectious arthritis (tuberculosis, gonorrhea, viral dysentery, etc.);
  • Psoriatic;
  • Infectious-allergic polyarthritis.

When feet hurt, it is important to quickly determine the cause.

Sore right foot

Also highlighted the arthritis that occur in allergic pathologies, metabolic disorders (e.g. gout), diseases of the blood, lungs, digestive tract, tumors of a malignant character, etc.

It Should be noted that in autoimmune processes may not only feel joint pain, but the tiredness and weakness in the leg muscles due to immune attack on the cells.

Because of reasons that hurt the feet, diverse, and treatment should be individually matched to each case, considering all the features of the patient and his condition, stage of disease and causes of. Prevention of the disease is to follow the principles of proper, healthy lifestyle. We are talking about strengthening the immune system, physical activity of a moderate nature and healthy eating.

Why sore and swollen feet after drinking alcohol?

Today, experts highlighted several reasons that lead to pain in the extremities after consuming alcoholic beverages. Each must be explained logically. So, it happens because:

  • Dilation of blood vessels from drinking. The result is suffering the circulatory system in the lower extremities. Precisely because of these violations and start to hurt my feet.
  • Varicose veins large amounts of alcohol can provoke venous insufficiency. Doctors strictly prohibited the use of large amounts of alcoholic beverages.
  • After drinking markedly swollen limbs. The result is fluid accumulation in the legs. It provokes such unpleasant sensations.
  • The withdrawal of potassium from the body under the influence of alcohol in a person may experience leg pain and cramps. Therefore, it was observed that the limbs are aching like after a hangover.

We Need this issue to seriously consider. Frequent alcohol abuse can begin as regular cramp and even develop paralysis of the lower limbs. Because the Central nervous system is affected by constant libations. Never too late to start to live a healthy lifestyle, be in the fresh air, eat right. All this will promote good health.

What other reasons trigger pain in the legs? Sometimes unpleasant discomfort occurs due to vascular disease.

Aching joints of the legs

Vascular disease legs

For some reason, can hurt your right leg? To vascular pathology of the lower extremities include thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, obliterating endarteritis, atherosclerosis of the arteries, inflammation of blood vessels and lymph nodes.

The Pathology arising from the adverse changes of blood flow in the lower extremities, all the time cause discomfort, fatigue and pain. All vascular pathology, as a rule, are divided into diseases of the lymphatic vessels, arteries and veins. In any of these cases, feet hurt.

Causes of constant pain with varicose become trophic tissue disorders, caused by reduced blood flow, painful transformation of the venous wall, leading to its tension and stagnation in the blood vessel, in connection with which the patient is easily able to detect them. Such pains mostly appear in the region of the popliteal fossa, leg, in some cases – in the area of ankle joints. Can beaching, constant, and spasmopan, sharp, which depends on the load and extent of disease. Often appear after prolonged standing, walking, lifting weights, while increasing the load on vessels and increased pain. Pain weakens, if some time to hold the feet in raised position or to make intensive massage, thus improving circulation. It feels like sore muscles of the feet.


Thrombophlebitis most often affects the varicose veins of the legs, in connection with what is considered to be a complicating factor in varicose disease. It is able to occur suddenly, appearing in the form of painful seals with skin redness on the path of varicose veins, but often develops slowly and becomes chronic. In the presence of this disease the patient feels severe pain, the body temperature may rise. Most often exposed to the defeat of the superficial veins of the lower extremities. In some cases, this process involved deep veins. Appears a painful pulling sensation in the thigh or calf muscle with swelling. Such diseases can be both operational and medical, is determined by the degree development process. Why legs hurt?

Sore feet causes

Diseases of arteries also lead to this. The most common among them is found atherosclerosis of the leg arteries related to occlusive vascular disease. Previously, he was exposed primarily older men. Currently, however, this disease can occur in middle age. Even the frequent occurrence of this pathology in women. A well-known risk factors: low physical activity, Smoking, the factor of heredity to coronary heart disease, hypertension, pathology of the biliary tract and liver, diabetes, high concentration of cholesterol in blood, obesity. Aching joints of the legs because of atherosclerosis.


Blood circulation foot at rest may be sufficient, however, during exercise swissies artery is not able to satisfy the increasing muscle oxygen demand. That is why muscle pain occurs and the patient is formed by intermittent claudication. While walking, especially when climbing up, there is pain in the calf that forces the patient from time to time to stop. From sciatica pain differs in that it does not depend on the torso twists and sudden movements. The patient may also disturb cramps, weakness, feeling of heaviness. If treatment is not available, you can develop gangrene with subsequent amputation of the inflamed area.

Occlusive disease affects the peripheral small arteries of the lower extremities. Different wave flow, when the exacerbation followed by remission. It becomes the symmetry of the inflammation of the extremities.

feet hurt

The Heaviness and pain, combined with swelling, may indicate lymphadenitis, that is, the involvement of lymph nodes and lymphangitis is an inflammatory process in the lymph vessels of the legs. However, in the elderly lower extremity swelling are usually due to pathologies of the system of the heart and blood vessels (for example, failure), diseases of the thyroid gland and kidneys. Can also affect the use of certain medications (antidepressants). Swelling of one leg is most often caused by the local breach – venous thrombosis, lymphatic disease, arthritis.

Thus, for the occurrence of painful sensations in the lower extremities there are a lot of reasons, but the search for them yourself is not recommended. The best time to see a doctor. He can put the correct diagnosis and identify why feet hurt. The causes of these unpleasant sensations, we have considered in this article.

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