Schisandra chinensis: the therapeutic properties and contraindications


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Chinese Magnolia vine is a deciduous winding vines. The fruits of this plants – edible berries. Lemongrass is different from many plants not only for its unusual beauty. He also has valuable medicinal qualities.
Schizandra is well-known to gardeners. However, not everyone knows about its amazing healing properties. Currently, scientists have proved that the therapeutic effect has the whole plant. Thus each part is very useful for our body.

lemongrass Chinese medicinal propertiesIn China Schizandra berries are called the fruit of five tastes. This is the explanation. The skin of the fruit of this plant has a sweet and salty taste, the juice of the pulp is very sour, and the seeds are resinous and pungent.

Is Chinese lemongrass contraindications. It is not recommended to patients with individual intolerance of contained substances. People with increased excitability of the nervous system, cardiac disorders and hypertension should not use Schizandra berries. In addition, the fruits of this plant are not recommended for children under the age of twelve. Chinese Schizandra should not be taken in the evening, after eighteen hours. Otherwise, the night can be without sleep.

Schisandra chinensis, medicinal properties due to its rich composition contains starch and cellulose, sugar, and various macroelements (zinc and magnesium, chromium and aluminum, calcium and selenium, copper and iodine, and potassium). Any poisonous elements in fruit plants was found.

Chinese lemongrass medicinal propertiesSchisandra chinensis, medicinal properties which contribute to increased reflex activity of the CNS, included in the composition of the current drugs. These include "Antinodes", "bisque", "Super shield", etc. This therapeutic ability of the fruit to medicinal plants due to the presence in its composition of iodine, selenium and potassium. Drugs, which contain Chinese Magnolia vine, stimulate the heart muscle. 


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Schisandra chinensis, medicinal properties which provide a refreshing and toning effect on the human body, it is recommended to use in the process of hard work, especially requires attention, focus and integrity  of perception. Supplementation, which consists of lemongrass, enhances visual acuity. This improves the ability of the eye to vision in the twilight. The fruits of medicinal plants included in the composition of medicines, is able to reduce the frequency of heart muscle contractions while increasing its amplitude.

Chinese lemongrass contraindicationsSchisandra chinensis, medicinal properties of which were known at the V century, can be used by healthy people. The tonic effect of drugs containing this medicinal herb used for exhaustion and fatigue, lethargy and decreased performance, and in the presence of the spring beriberi.

Chinese Magnolia vine, medicinal properties which is multifaceted, is recommended for hypotensive patients and patients with determined. The medicinal plant improves the secretory and motor function of the gastrointestinal tract. Useful its reception and those who suffer from diabetes. Schizandra helps to reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, medicinal plant enhances immunity, activates the processes of regeneration and metabolism. Preparations containing Chinese Magnolia vine, is able to increase potency, stimulates the sexual function.

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