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In some diseases, the inflammation does not improve the situation, but simply gives additional pain to the patient. Actually, the process of inflammation is created by nature in order to defeat the pathogen and return the sick to a healthy condition. But in rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis inflammation is fruitless, it brings only pain. That's why we use special tools, like tablets “Mohsin”.

Instruction manual claims that the active ingredient of this drug affects a special enzyme in the cells. The work of catalyst is necessary in order to synthesized substances involved in inflammation. But as a result of action of the drug “Mohsin” this enzyme becomes inactive. The substance does not belong to the class of steroids, and therefore has fewer contraindications than the last. Although some limitations are still there.

When restricted to prescribing “Mohsin”? Instruction manual mentions the limited use this medicine if the patient started asthma, especially if it is the so-called “aspirin” (mixed endogenous-exogenous form of the disease). Also you cannot assign the drug “Mohsin" people with problems of the digestive tract such as ulcer any bowel or stomach ulcer. Any bleeding that allow to suspect the deterioration of blood clotting should cause the physician to think and not to prescribe the drug “Mohsin”. Instruction manual also mentions traditionally pregnancy and lactation as undesirable circumstance for the purpose of this tool. Do not take this drug in children (especially under 15). Can't drink this medication and suffering from organ nedostatochnosti – for example, liver, kidney, heart. People whose bodies do not work great, can not effectively remove from the body the medicine, but because the application can be dangerous, as it is difficult to predict the effect of the means on the body and speed its removal from the body. Part medications includes lactose, so people with intolerance to this substance is to look for analogues of this tool without lactose.


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Usually three days is enough to set the normal content of the drug in the blood. However enough one day to remove the half of the dose from the body. That is the metabolism of this drug is quite effective. Especially the active the liver, so its failure is a very serious contraindication. Elderly persons also worse withdraw the substance from the body, so it is not always possible to prescribe the drug “Mohsin”.

Instruction manual recommends to take the medicine only once per day. This means a large enough share of comfort, do not need to constantly think about whether the drug consumed.

If drug “Mohsin”? The reviews are very favorable, because they are written by people, who for many years suffered from pain-and then found a way of deliverance. Many can even return to sports, although this could not bear even squeeze his fingers into a fist. So, “Mohsin” - the drug is very effective, but because in severe diagnoses it helps to relieve inflammation and pain. But only applies to listed at the beginning of the article diseases, because with other States to suppress inflammation is impossible.

Tablets “Mohsin” made with microcellulose, which is typical for this dosage form. Microcellulose does not cause allergies, as a rule, because it is not absorbed by the body.

Side effects of the drug “Mohsin” include nausea, palpitations, blurred vision, worsening liver function, swelling, rash on the type of urticaria, the decline in the number of blood corpuscles, a slight fever. Of course, if you have these symptoms, do not wait and seek medical help.

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