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The Pharmaceutical industry is developing day by day. Are all new antibacterial agents that will help you quickly and effectively cope with various diseases. However, modern antibiotics are very strong medicines that affect the body not in the best way. This problem is particularly relevant in veterinary clinics, as most human medications are not suitable for fragile animals. Therefore, many veterinarians continue to use “Bicillin 3”. Instructions for use for animals emphasizes that this is one of the safest antibiotics to date.bitsillin 3 instructions for use for animals

Pharmacological action

This is a antibiotic group of penicillin, collapsing penitsillinazoy. The drug completely inhibits the growth and development of bacteria. How wide is the scope of use of the drug “Bicillin 3”? Instructions for use for animals says that it is active against many pathogens.

However, there is a significant disadvantage, because of which this drug veterinarians were replaced with more modern. For its effective use, it is necessary first to determine precisely the causative agent, otherwise you will be blind to treatment. “Bicillin 3” (the instructions for use for animals recognizes this limitation) is ineffective against most gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi.bitsillin 3 MZ instruction manual

General description

Among veterinarians most often used drugs for injection. It is thus the ‘Bitsillin-3”. Instructions for use for animals describes it as a powder for preparation of solution. “Bicillin 3” consists of three active substances is benzathine penicillin, benzylpenicillin sodium salt and benzylpenicillin novocaine salt. The dosage may differ: 200 000 or 400 000 IU.


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Features of the drug such that it very slowly hydrolyzed. Therefore, after a single injection is sufficient to treat the concentration of the drug in the blood for six to seven days. If pathogens sensitive to penicillin, there has been sustained improvement of the animal. Otherwise, you need to change treatment.bitsillin 3 bicillinum 3 method of application


Do Not forget that to know the characteristic of preparations and symptoms – is the task of doctors. Only the veterinarian should prescribe your pet a “Bitsillin-3 MZ”. Instruction manual tells us that very effective this drug is in the treatment of streptococcal infections. It can be non-healing wounds, erysipelas. Here is one exception: streptococcal infection group B is insensitive to this drug. In some cases, in the treatment of piroplasmosis and other diseases, which in addition to the rest of the clinical picture of bear and inflammatory processes, use this antibiotic as it is capable of long time stored blood.description of testimony bitsillin 3 method of application

Drug Use

Usually, the physician instructs owners when assigning “Bitsillin-3" (Bicillinum 3). Method of administration - intramuscular introduction. To do this, use the external surface of the thighs. The needle should enter at an angle, deep into the muscle. Of course it is better to turn to professionals. The dosage is calculated individually, depending on weight, age and condition of your pet. An adult dog usually single dose of 300 thousand UNITS. Maximum capacity up to 600 thousand UNITS, introduced it once a week. In exceptional cases, the introduction of 1.2 million UNITS. In this case, you need to connect “hilak Forte” or to protect the microflora.

bitsillin instructions for use price reviews

Side effects

It's hard to track from the four-legged Pets, so we give this description. Indications “Bitsillin-3" (method of application we have already described above) is recommended for use in a variety of infectious diseases. The drug provides the ability to restrict a small number of introductions and to ensure a stable condition of the body.

Our four-legged friends need constant attention, especially when you first get the antibiotic. Instructions for use contains a whole list of negative reactions that you need to keep in mind. This can be tinnitus and headache, which is manifested in sleepiness and sluggishness of the animal.

In some cases, you may have diarrhea and nausea, stomatitis, abnormal liver function, which can be determined by palpation. The brightest side effects – allergic reactions. Is urticaria and angioedema. Definitely need to be ready and to have antihistamines.bitsillin 3 for veterinary medicine


“Bitsillin-3" for veterinary medicine is the drug number one. But first and foremost you need to evaluate the risk of allergic reactions. To do this better than the firstthe dosage to enter the small and in the presence of a physician. If in the anamnesis there have been cases of allergic reactions, then you need to take extra care.

Extreme caution is prescribed for pregnant and whelping bitches, until the end of the breastfeeding period. The active substance can easily penetrate into breast milk and through the placental barrier.

Additional information

It Should be noted that monotherapy with this drug is almost never practiced. In some cases, good results can be obtained with a combination of antibiotic and antiparasitic drugs, in other cases, the ideal option would be immunoglobulins, which help boost the body's defenses.

In any case, it is undesirable to independently apply “Bitsillin”. Instructions for use (price, reviews below) suggests that, like all other antibiotics, it is a serious drug that must be prescribed by a doctor. The application did not provoke fungal infections, it is necessary in the complex to add ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B. If necessary, the doctor may further appoint “Lavorel” and “Nystatin”. Instruction for antibiotic recommends storage in a cool and dry place (up to twenty degrees).bitsillin instructions for use analogues of composition

Reviews of veterinarians

Almost all the young doctors abandoning penicillin antibiotics and switch to a more modern. Only experienced veterinarians understand that in some cases is «Bicillin 3” is the best remedy, which, on the one hand, well relieves the inflammation, and on the other is fairly safe and well tolerated.

According to veterinarians, the biggest advantage is the long-term retention of the drug in the blood, and in therapeutic dosages. On the background of the action of the antibiotic can be performed concomitant therapy with additional antibiotics. Veterinarians emphasize that “Bitsillin” in contrast to most modern antibiotics, is gentle, but at the same time quite powerful and effective tool.


The Whole penicillin group is related to the drug “Bitsillin”. Instruction manual counterparts (part of them changes a little, but it's not too affects the effectiveness), unfortunately, does not. This “Bicillin 1", which contains only benzathine benzylpenicillin, and “bicillin 5”, that is the Duo of benzylpenicillin benzathine and benzylpenicillin novocaine salt. Longer just affects the body “bicillin 5”. He remains in the blood in therapeutic doses for up to 28 days.

If you look at the pharmacological group (penicillins), then the analogues of this drug is much more. This “Ampicillin” and “Amoxiclav”, “Ospamoks” and “Flemoklav Solutab”, “Hiconcil” and many other drugs that are often sold in pharmacies at a high price. At the same time he “Bitsillin” will cost about 10-15 $ for one vial.

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