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Preparation "Tribestan" there are a variety of points of view. What is this medication and why such ambiguous attitude to it?

"Tribestan" produces a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company “Paul Smith". Drug prepared from extracts of the herbs Tribulus terrestris (common name - Tribulus). The plant is found in southern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Traditionally used Tribulus in India and China as a tonic, and especially for the promotion of sexual health.

Tribestan reviewToday the preparation "Tribestan" reviews best to get from men and women precisely in the treatment of sexual disorders. Scientists have discovered that the active ingredient protodioscin, which has been allocated as a result of research, can join the androgenic receptors. The result is improved libido and sexual activity. Experts have discovered that the medication increases sperm count and affect motility.

Reduced libido and fertility – this is one of the most common pathologies worldwide. Alcoholism, Smoking, lack of exercise, ecology, wrong nutrition, stress-all this leads to violations. The main centers of sexual regulation is found in the brain of the person. As only certain areas of the brain exposed to negative impacts (e.g., depression), reduces the amount sex hormone or it ceases to be produced at all. This reduces production of testosterone, and men have lost libido. Infertility also Tribestan price in the drugstoreAssign "Tribestan". The positive feedback left and those who after treatment by this means became fertile.


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The Drug affects hormone levels in women, normalizing their balance. During the period of increased irritability, apathy, climacteric, after removal of the uterus this medicine is highly recommended to take. After the treatment with the preparation "Tribestan" of the positive reviews leave many women.

Thus, indication for use medication is enough. Here they are:

  • Infertility;
  • The syndrome premenopause;
  • Frigidity;
  • Premenstrual syndrome;
  • Menopause.

Studying the manual to the medicine, "Tribestan" it is possible to see what side effects not listed. Contraindications are available only during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It should be noted the fact that in the study of medicine on animals showed low toxicity.

how to take TribestanSome people think that herbal remedies can be used alone, without consulting the doctor. How to take "Tribestan" when sexual disorders, it is best to tell the doctor. Drug taking and prevention of atherosclerosis. The course is about three months, and it is therefore necessary to consult a doctor.

When using this drug as "Tribestan", price at the pharmacy is not the last value. It depends on the composition of the medication. Before buying, recommend to carefully study the manual to see what made the hood. If you specify only the stems and leaves of Tribulus, it is a relatively inexpensive medication, is practically ineffective. Of grass seed sold drugs average price. The most expensive and effective medicine that is made on the basis of extracts from the pollen.

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