Bleeding from the rectum


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Bleeding from the rectum is very rare, when diverticula or angiodysplasia. At the big loss of blood the patient has exhaustion, low blood pressure, extreme weakness until fainting. If the bleeding is minor, separate droplets, streaks or blood spotting in discharge, visible on the linen, the patient's General condition does not suffer.

But to be examined and to do a colonoscopy, it is desirable in any case. During the procedure, the doctor can eliminate some causes of bleeding, to remove polyps, cauterize ulcers and small bleeding vessels. Moderate and heavy bleeding are treated in stationary conditions by surgery with blood transfusions.

Rectal Bleeding has many causes and is noticeable in many diseases. Red blood found on the stool or toilet paper, indicates the presence of internal hemorrhoids or rectal fissure. Very rarely this symptom may occur with cancer of the anus.

The Appearance of streaks of blood along with mucus in the stool raises the suspicion for colitis, proctitis, polyp. Often it speaks about cancer of the colon. Dark stools, almost black in color, speaks to the internal bleeding from the stomach and small intestine.

The Selection of small droplets or thin streams of blood at the end of defecation characterizes bleeding hemorrhoids. The most abundant it is in the complication of thrombosis - necrosis the hemorrhoid, when palpable lump in the anus.

You should Never put off a visit to the doctor later. Very often, this delay becomes fatal. Therefore, each person needs to know when to make a referral to a hospital must:

  • Spotting appeared for the first time, regardless of the number, frequency, abundance and color;
  • Bleeding from the rectum, not stopping for 20 minutes (in this case, to call "ambulance");
  • After the age of 40 years, again began to disturb allocation of blood from the rectum;
  • Upon accession of symptoms such as fever, weight loss, weakness, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea;
  • In case of appearance of blood after radiation therapy after a short period of time after cancer treatment;
  • People who have relatives who had cancer in history.

Bleeding from the rectum may occur in infectious diseases, such as dysentery, salmonellosis, amoebiasis, ulcerative colitis, when fever and pain in the abdomen. Often, when infected by worms are dark bloody clots in the stool, gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis these symptoms appear shortly after sexual anal intrusion.


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People older than 70 years as a result of thrombosis of the intestinal vessels and fragility of the vascular wall in the background of angiodysplasia may be visible blood stains on linen. Traces of blood define and HIV–infection. But the most common reason is, of course, hemorrhoids.

Often if hemorrhoids, bleeding occurs straining after the passage of solid feces, after exercise. At observance of rules of personal hygiene and labour protection, it is possible to avoid complications, but the need for timely treatment for medical help.

In young children causes of bleeding intestinal infection, lactase deficiency, intestinal volvulus, fissure of the anus chronic constipation. If the baby refuses food, cries a lot, he has a persistent fever and bloody diarrhea, you should immediately contact an ambulance or to the pediatrician. You need to conduct a complete examination and establish the cause of the disease.

Adults with the appearance of this insidious symptom you should always consult a physician, if needed, sent for examination to a specialist. For differential diagnosis requires sigmoidoscopy, barium enema, colonoscopy, in addition to finger-examination, and shared tests.

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