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White tongue – sign of obvious abnormalities in the body. But if you notice this symptom, do not rush immediately to run to the doctor. Because the tongue coating can be formed not only due to serious diseases, but because of the banal non-compliance with personal hygiene. It is recommended to purchase a special brush, which you can use to clean both teeth and tongue. If after such action the RAID does not disappear, the reasons for its formation should be sought within the organism.white tongue symptom

Infectious diseases

White tongue – sign of the emergence of diseases such as:

  • Scarlet fever. The plaque appears from the first days, has gray color, and accompanied by a slight swelling of the tongue.
  • Diphtheria. Observed fibrinous-filmy raids off-white color on the palatal arches, in the throat, as well as in root and the back of the tongue.
  • In patients with dysentery may also experience a white tongue. The sign of the deviation is accompanied by erosive surface of the body.
  • Cholera. Flows with sudden dehydration, as well as a significant darkening of the patina.

White tongue (sign of the following diseases may have a different degree of severity) evidence of such infections, such as whooping cough, foot and mouth disease, pityriasis rosea, candidiasis, fusospirochetal and exudative erythema multiforme. Diagnosis and treatment of such diseases should occur only after contacting the doctor.

Gastrointestinal Diseases

White tongue – sign of severe abnormalities of the digestive system:white coating on tongue symptom

  • Acute gastritis. In this case, the tongue coated with a thick grey bloom covering the surface, but the tip and sides.
  • Chronic gastritis. The tongue becomes whitish or grayish-yellow color. The hue and intensity of the plaque completely depend on the severity of the disease.
  • A stomach Ulcer. For this disease is also characterized by white tongue. How to treat a deviation, you can tell only by an experienced gastroenterologist.
  • Pancreatitis. Accompanied by yellow-white coating, and thready and enlarged papillae.
  • Stomach Cancer. With such a deadly disease the whole surface of the tongue becomes white, and consisting of epithelial cells, microflora, mucus and large number of leukocytes.
  • Liver Disease gallbladder. For diseases of these organs characteristic fibrinous plaque that is painted in white and yellow. If a person has hepatitis, the yellowing is more intense and appears at the front of the body.
  • Crohn's Disease. The decrease in the number of adrenal hormones and the increase in melanin that causes spots on the tongue.white tongue how to treat

Other causes

White patches on the tongue – sign, characteristic of these conditions:

  • Pustular psoriatic erythroderma. Language covered a touch of rounded forms grayish-white color.
  • Addisonicescom crisis. For this disease characterized by white deposits and brown.
  • Severe kidney disease, namely chronic or acute renal failure. The language is quite densely furred with grey-whitish tinge.
  • Dehydration is accompanied by a dry white coating on the tongue.
  • Chronic or acute radiation sickness.
  • Alcoholism, Smoking.

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